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by David Sandstrom 

June 19, 2024

Join me as I discuss biblical truths that hold the key to radiant longevity and abundant living. In this episode, I give you a clear picture of what the rebrand really means and I explain what kind of content you can expect moving forward with the show.

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • I'm flying solo on this episode

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 3:47 Health and wellness, emphasizing the impact of lifestyle choices.
  • 9:18 Natural approach to health, reducing total body load, and maximizing health potential
  • 13:24 Aging gracefully and vitality through a healthy lifestyle.
  • 20:26 Jesus' teachings on abundant life through knowing God and serving others.
  • 24:43 God's design for vibrant health and fulfilling purpose.

Short on time? Read a 2-minute summary this episode below.

The Vision of Christian Healthy Lifestyle

The rebranding from "Natural Health Matters" to "Christian Healthy Lifestyle" represents a shift in focus for this podcast. As the new name suggests, the core mission is to help Christians embrace a holistic approach to wellness rooted in biblical principles. By unpacking the meaning behind the title and tagline, listeners gain clarity on what they can expect.

Defining a Christian Healthy Lifestyle

A Christian healthy lifestyle stems from the foundation that human beings are created in the image of the Triune God - spirit, mind and body. Scripture reinforces God's concern for the health of all three areas (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Pursuing a "healthy lifestyle" involves making choices that reduce disease risks, which are 75-90% rooted in lifestyle factors like diet, exercise and stress management. The "total body load" concept provides a model for building health by reducing obstacles and increasing health-promoting practices to create a favorable imbalance.

Aging Gracefully for Abundant Living

One key principle is the pursuit of aging gracefully in order to live abundantly. The biblical model points to expectations of vitality lasting over 100 years (Genesis 6:3). Rather than fading like a dimming flashlight, our vitality should burn bright like a candle until the end, as modeled by Caleb's vigor at age 85 (Joshua 14:10-12). True abundant living flows from knowing God and experiencing His selfless love (John 17:3, 1 John 4:16), which equips us to use our gifts purposefully in service to others.

Equipped for Good Works

Ultimately, the Christian healthy lifestyle positions us to be "thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We are God's masterpieces, created for good works that advance His kingdom (Ephesians 2:10). While Scripture equips us, vibrant health enables us to walk out our calling effectively. The biblical approach is not about outsmarting God through "biohacking," but rather cooperating with His intentional design for integrated spirit, mind and body wellness.

This holistic perspective on health from a biblical worldview is the driving force behind the Christian Healthy Lifestyle podcast. With practical guidance for all areas of wellness, listeners are equipped to maximize their God-given potential for graceful aging and abundant living.

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