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by David Sandstrom 

April 17, 2024

  • Going vegan or vegetarian to improve your health? You need to hear this first. Discover the alarming new findings that reveal how plant-based diets high in vegetables, grains and plant oils may actually be increasing your risk of heart disease and other chronic illness.
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    Show Notes


    Today's Guests...

    • I'm flying solo on this episode

    Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

    • 4:17 Plant toxins and their impact on nutrient absorption
    • 10:12 Plant-based diets and their potential health effects
    • 15:28 Why some people seem to turn their health around by going plant-based
    • 20:33 Saturated fats, cholesterol, and heart health
    • 29:12 Best dietary choices for heart health and nutrition
    • 34:23 Seafood safety and mercury content
    • 44:39 Healthy eating habits and having fun

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    This episode is part 2 of David's response to a listener's question about what's the best diet for heart health

    Could eating a "healthy" diet rich in plants and plant-based foods secretly be putting you at risk? Conventional nutrition advice says load up on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and plant oils for optimum wellbeing. But as this episode reveals, that guidance may be steering you down a path of unintended harm.

    You'll discover the alarming new research exposing the dark side of plant-based diets. From the anti-nutrient compounds found in many plant foods that can prevent you from properly absorbing essential minerals, to the lectin and phytic acid content that can damage gut integrity and trigger autoimmunity - this episode pulls back the curtain on what may truly be sabotaging your health.

    Even so-called healthy vegetable oils are put under the microscope. You'll learn how their excess omega-6 fatty acid levels can trigger body-wide inflammation, a precursor to most chronic diseases. And the problems with high-carb whole grains and legumes in creating glycemic swings and potential insulin resistance are also explored.

    But it's not all doom and gloom for plant consumption. You'll get practical tips on which plant foods may be safer to consume, proper preparation techniques to reduce anti-nutrients, and how to build a balanced, anti-inflammatory diet with plenty of nutrient-dense animal products as the foundation.

    If you've been dutifully following the plant-based diet advice but are still struggling with chronic symptoms and ill health, this episode could have the answers you've been searching for. Be prepared to have your beliefs about "healthy" eating challenged!

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