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by David Sandstrom 

March 20, 2024

Dr. Ben Rall is the host of the Designed to Heal podcast, a follower of Jesus Christ, and a tenacious pursuer of truth in the health and wellness space. In this interview we talk about vitalism - the idea that our bodies have a God-given capacity for self healing. We also talk about why Federal agencies such as the FDA, CDC, USDA etc. can no longer be trusted for unbiased health information.

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Dr. Ben Rall

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 1:11 Dr. Ben's "red-pill" moment
  • 7:37 Vitalism and the body's innate intelligence.
  • 12:45 Where to turn when faced with a health challenge.
  • 17:01 Why God wants us healthy.
  • 25:51 Discerning truth from error
  • 30:26 Healing principles from scripture
  • 39:00 FDA corruption and pharmaceutical industry influence.
  • 47:24 The most important part of health (It's not what you think).

Short on time? Read a 2-minute summary of our conversation below.


This episode constitutes a thoughtful faith-based discussion of medicine versus God’s healing power.


Dr. Ben Rall joins the show to discuss the concept of vitalism. Which is the idea that our bodies demonstrate wondrous, God-designed capacity for self-healing if given the proper conditions. He traces his journey as an elite boxer who developed major digestive issues that drugs failed to heal over years. After a handful of chiropractic adjustment improved his nerve flow, Rall recovered completely in weeks. This revealed to him the miraculous inner workings of the human body and that pure divine design surpasses medical assumptions.  

Seeking mechanical solutions over spiritual ones

Rall believes too many Christians rarely reason from Scripture for health advice, but simply accept secular disease labels. Rall maintains that lifestyle stewardship combined with faith activation precedes miraculous healing. The pair explore the idea that doctors and hospitals serve a purpose in emergencies, chronic health conditions prove exceptionally resistant to conventional medicine, whereas the body knows how to self-heal when given the right environment. Shifting to critiques of the medical establishment, Drs. Rall and Sandstrom highlight financial corruption and conflicts of interest. Rall points out that agency takeover, makes government agencies such as the FDA and CDC untrustworthy sources of health information.

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