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by David Sandstrom 

January 10, 2024

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Gut Health Guru Josh Dech shares how his faith in Jesus Christ led him to a process of resolving what the medical community considers "incurable" gut health challenges. 

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Holistic Nutritionist Josh Dech

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 4:13 Body's ability to heal itself, modern lifestyle's impact on health.
  • 9:06 Health, wellness, and the use of modern Western medicine.
  • 14:43 Rapid increase in inflammatory bowel disease cases.
  • 18:20 Natural remedies and pharmaceutical industry influence.
  • 25:13 The complexity of the human body and its connection to the earth.
  • 30:29 Gut health and autoimmune diseases.
  • 35:20 Gut health and disease diagnosis.
  • 40:15 Gut health and autoimmune diseases with a functional medicine practitioner.
  • 44:32 Gut health and natural remedies with Josh.

Short on time? Read a 4-minute summary of our conversation below.


In this episode, host David Sandstrom interviews Josh Dech, an ex-paramedic turned gut health expert who now educates doctors on reversing complex digestive issues.

Josh explains how he transitioned from working as a paramedic where he saw patients cyclically returning for the same unresolved health issues, to becoming a nutritionist and gut health specialist helping people permanently heal. He shares the story of his first client Lynn, an overweight 57-year old on 17 medications who he helped transform. Within 2 years she was off all medications, her eyesight improved, and she broke weightlifting records at age 59. Witnessing the body’s incredible capacity for self-healing inspired Josh’s current work.

He discusses the epidemic of inflammatory gut disorders, highlighting alarming rises of 700-1000% over recent decades of conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Josh argues flaws in conventional views blaming genetics alone, when factors like modern stressful lifestyles and degradation of our food supply contrast greatly with hunter-gatherer societies largely devoid of modern diseases.

Josh explains the divine design of the human body as trifold beings with interrelating physical, spiritual and mental/emotional dimensions. He describes how our bodies innately self-regulate given the proper environmental inputs, but symptoms arise signaling dysfunction when key aspects of our design are ignored. They discuss biblical principles of stewarding our health, renewing our minds, and how health impacts our purpose.

Regarding gut health, Josh outlines his specialized lab testing, starting with comprehensive history questionnaires tracking health back to birth for clues. He uses advanced stool and urine samples to map gut bacterial balance and analyze byproducts signaling dysfunction at the cellular level missed by mainstream bloodwork. Josh then describes his proven process helping people heal by pinpointing individual root causes often involving lifestyle insult, infection, toxicity or food sensitivity rather than one-size-fits all approaches.

In conclusion, Josh and David discuss misconceptions that chronic diagnoses like colitis are permanent life sentences, reminding us to consider complementary opinions when mainstream medicine fails us. Josh offers free gut healing resources and one-on-one consultations to those seeking natural solutions.

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