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by David Sandstrom 

December 29, 2023

This image represents the Natural Health Matters podcast episode #130 depicting the host David Sandstrom and guest Cory Rosenke

Discover why material possessions, status, relationships, and even personal health can never fully satisfy these innate spiritual cravings - and how connecting your soul back to God is the only way to find true peace and lasting fulfillment. Learn to recognize your own unidentified longings and finally understand the inner emptiness you've been experiencing.

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Pastor Cory Rosenke

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 01:02 Spiritual health and connection with God for better well-being.
  • 07:08 The importance of connecting with God as a three-part being.
  • 11:51 Surrendering to God for abundant life.
  • 16:41 The fall of humanity and the pursuit of peace through faith.
  • 22:23 The Five Cravings of the Soul and Their Impact on Peace and Happiness.
  • 26:46 Truth, significance, and sanctification in Christianity.
  • 33:31 God's healing and spiritual growth.
  • 35:58 Understanding people's true nature and finding peace.
  • 40:59 Identity, marketing, and soul cravings.

Short on time? Read a 4-minute summary of our conversation below.


David Sandstrom welcomes Cory Rosenke, author of "The Magnetic Heart of God: Understanding the Five Cravings of Your Soul," to discuss how our deepest longings stem from our soul's innate spiritual cravings rather than physical or emotional needs.

Cory shares that he was inspired to write his book while preparing an Easter sermon to showcase Christ's relevance amidst people's diverse faith backgrounds. He seeks to address the soul's hunger that drives human ambition and behavior. Even Christians often pursue things of this world expecting God to aid that pursuit, revealing a "faith skin deep."

The conversation explores how Adam and Eve's perfect relationship with God in Eden fully satisfied the soul's cravings for security, identity, independence, significance and innocence. The serpent convinced them to seek satisfaction outside God, a pattern humanity continues today. We try reconstituting Eden's blessings through earthly means like relationships, status, or wealth. However, only connecting the soul back to God brings deep, lasting fulfillment.

Cory and David discuss how surrendering to God's loving lordship benefits us, though no guarantees exist. As we align more fully with God's desires for us, we gain peace and better health. God cares more about our sanctification than comfort, preferring the "long miracle" of transformation rather than instant solutions. Setting our minds on virtues ushers in God's peace.

A key insight is recognizing the people around us as eternal souls in mortal bodies, rather than disagreeable creatures. This grants empathy, patience and compassion to become better neighbors, parents and friends. It also reveals why societal divisions run so deep currently.

In closing, Cory emphasizes that we are more than a mind or body - we are everlasting souls designed for relationship with our Creator. Aligning this core identity back to Him is key to satisfying our deepest cravings and finding the meaning, freedom and joy we desperately seek.

This conversation offers a compass to navigate the complex longings of the soul and realign them with the God who promises to fully complete us. Discovering the origins of our inner cries brings hope of finally filling that void within.

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