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by David Sandstrom 

March 6, 2024

This is an inspiring conversation between David and Christian Life Coach Larry Davis. Learn to renew your mindset using biblical principles that equip you to succeed God's way, transform your thinking, unlock potential, develop resilience, and live abundantly.

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Christian Life Coach Larry Davis

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 6:44 Renewing mindset for personal growth and success.
  • 10:59 Growth mindset and limiting beliefs.
  • 17:43 Defining success through a biblical perspective.
  • Finding purpose and identity through serving God and aligning with one's natural gifts and abilities.
  • 30:06 Finding purpose and renewing mind with God's Word.

Short on time? Read a 2-minute summary of our conversation below.


This faith-based episode with David and Christian Life Coach Larry Davis takes a deep dive into why renewing your mindset is crucial for achieving success God’s way. Larry shares his story of hitting rock bottom, depression and rediscovering purpose through reading scripture for hours daily. This transformation led him to realize our mindset shapes how we perceive ourselves and the world.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed

A key theme is developing a growth mindset versus a fixed one. Those with a fixed mindset believe qualities are set and can’t be improved. They give up easier in the face of challenges. Having a growth mindset means embracing failures as learning opportunities to persist towards goals. Mindsets impact how we handle adversity. By evaluating our responses, effort levels and comfort zones, we gain self-awareness to shift into more empowering mindsets aligned with God’s truth about our potential.

Defining Success

Additional keys David and Larry unpack include properly defining success, knowing your identity in Christ, taking thoughts captive that don’t reflect Kingdom principles and meditating on scripture to renew thinking. He emphasizes starting with small steps towards growth while trusting God to reveal purpose over time through serving wholeheartedly.


The episode delivers hope and equips listeners with practical biblical wisdom to transform mindsets, take thoughts captive, build resilience when facing obstacles and unlock the abundant life through renewing our minds.

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