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December 27, 2023

Don't let another year slip by and fail to reach your New Year's resolutions. Army Veteran, Life Coach and mental toughness expert Derick Johnson shares battle-tested insider secrets on goal setting and following through on our commitments in order to reach our goals. 

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Army Veteran and Life Coach Derick Johnson

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 02:58 Turning childhood trauma into discernment and perspective
  • 07:14 Being your own MVP with self-awareness and self-control
  • 13:44 - Identifying and eliminating distractions and unhealthy patterns
  • 24:10 Blocking time monthly to check progress and stay on track
  • 26:42 - Gaining confidence from the growth process itself
  • 32:21 Visualizing desired outcomes and reverse-engineering the steps
  • 39:21 Surrounding yourself with people who fan your flames, not extinguish them
  • 44:10 Approaching conversations strategically to inspire change

Short on time? Read a 4-minute summary of our conversation below.


When Derick Johnson was 11 years old, his previously stable home life began unraveling as his successful yet unhealed parents numbed their childhood traumas with alcohol abuse. Feeling the sting of their drunken words and bearing the brunt of bullying at his new Florida school, Derick vowed not to let external forces control his reactions or self-image anymore. He dove into fitness to transform his scrawny, shy presence into an athlete's confident build. He also deepened his Christian faith as an anchor. Derick realized that his parents' harshness towards him was simply misdirected hurt from their pasts—he saw through their eyes to the underlying pain. This discernment became his gift for reading people and situations accurately.

Derick stresses becoming your own "MVP" or Most Valuable Player through self-awareness, self-control, and owning your reactions. Take captive every negative thought by identifying unhealthy patterns, eliminating unnecessary distractions that steal your focus, and replacing unproductive mindsets with uplifting truths. Don't let your thinking languish on autopilot or get derailed by notifications; instead, consciously pause, breathe, and make aligned choices.

When setting goals, deeply visualize the end result across all senses before reverse-engineering the incremental steps backwards. Break intimidating goals into monthly milestones. Use phone calendar notifications to block reflection time every 15th on what you expected to have achieved by now ("By now I should be..."). This mid-month check-in prompts course correcting rather than year-end scrambling. No matter where you net out during the check-in, the very act of self-accountability builds confidence and personal pride.

Audit your relationship circle for positive ripple effects as well as deadweight. Reduce non-reciprocal fluff in favor of meaning. Kindly inspire change in neutrals and negatives by acknowledging their past support, observing their current growth-blocking behaviors, and requesting specific help. Even privately assessing if each relationship adds to or diminishes your commitment to your values. Surround yourself with champions who fan your flames, not flood them.

The journey itself increases self-belief as small gains stack the wins. Don't compare yourself to others or diminish your goals in the face of naysayers. Stay the course with consistency and courage. Applying Derick's battle-tested mental toughness tips helps you master your mindset, makeover your environment, and mechanize your objectives this year. Progress flows from self-trust.

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