Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age

by David Sandstrom 

May 25, 2022

In this episode, I talk with Athleticism Performance Coach and EMF expert Justin Frandson about how to recognize the symptoms of EMF poisoning. We don't stop there; we share some of the low-hanging fruit we can all easily implement to protect ourselves from this serious health blocking factor.

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Today's Guests...

  • Justin Frandson

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 4:10 Symptoms of EMF sensitivity
  • 8:24 Mitigation strategies
  • 11:50 Get grounded
  • 24:00 Low-hanging fruit
  • 25:55 Smart meters in your house


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David Sandstrom 0:00
And of course, when we're talking about these EMFs, his natural design is of course, you know, we can be exposed to emf in nature. But when we have these man-made frequencies, they're going to be not in resonance. They're not going to be consistent with our natural design. Would you agree with that?

Justin Frandson 0:15
Quite definitely. When we sleep, David, we're in a delta theta brainwave state, that's one or below one to eight waves per second, or Hertz. That's our brainwave state when we're in a restorative sleep. 5g is 60 to 90 billion waves per second oh my goodness. Your router is 2.4-5 billion waves for a second same with your phone. Same with your smartwatch, same of the ear buds. So yes, it's a big difference, then how we're designed to coexist with the universe.

David Sandstrom 0:46
oWelcome to the Natural Health Matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential, so that you can look and feel your best at any age. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, Naturopathic Doctor, and Biblical Health Coach. And this is episode number 78. Today, we have n the show, Justin Frandson. Justin is an athleticism performance coach, his clientless consists of many of the highest ranked professional athletes in the US just is one of the only athletic performance coaches in the country that is doing hands on nerve treatment for performance. He's known for getting sports concussions back faster than ever. And he's an expert in EMF or electromagnetic frequencies. And that's what we're going to talk about today. Justin, Welcome to Natural Health Matters.

Justin Frandson 1:31
David, thank you so much for having me on your show.

David Sandstrom 1:33
All right. It's, it's great to be here with you. So this is going to be the first interview I've done from a car. I'm not in the car but Justin is.

Justin Frandson 1:41
I apologize, everyone I got caught on the road. But we got connection. We got grounding bags, we have lots information for you.

David Sandstrom 1:50
Excellent, excellent. Thank God for technology, you know, it's all working. So let's, let's hope it stays that way. So Justin, for the for the Natural Nation. For those that don't know, what is what are EMFs

Justin Frandson 2:03
EMFs are frequencies, they're having an electromagnetic resonance to it. And they can be anything from a cosmic EMF just because the universe is electric. And so are we, or it could be a man made electricity generation. Now, the big difference that we want to understand is that the universe is has a certain polarity and wave form to it that we are one with and we accept with. So for instance, the sun has unpolarized waves, they distribute equally in every direction, more like scalar waves where if the sun were a one directional wave form, we wouldn't be here today. But the man made our one directional wave forms. So it's polar opposite, then how we're revved, how the universe revs, and it causes lots of chaos for our body. So that's what we're going to talk about today.

David Sandstrom 3:00
Excellent. Well, for your listeners, it's my contention that we maximize our health potential when we align our lives more fully with God's natural design for spirit, mind and body. And of course, when we're talking about these EMFs, his natural design is of course, you know, we can be exposed to emf in nature. But when we have these manmade frequencies, they're going to be not in resonance, they're not going to be consistent with our natural design. Would you agree with that?

Justin Frandson 3:25
Quite definitely. And remember, it's the polar opposite charge. They're one directional waveforms, which caused lots of chaos and vibration or a body. And then the proximity with these are 10 zeros faster than how we sleep rather than optimize. So when we sleep, David, we're in a delta theta brainwave state, that's one or below one to eight waves per second, or Hertz. That's our brain state when we're in a restorative sleep. 5g is 60 to 90 billion waves per second. Oh, my goodness, your routers 2.45 billion waves per second same with your phone. Same with your smartwatch. Same with the ear buds. So yes, it's a big difference, then how we're designed to coexist with the universe.

David Sandstrom 4:10
So you just you just mentioned a few things, cell phones, wifi's antennas, antenna towers. So we're bombarded with these things all over the place. Right. So can you speak to what if you are experiencing I'm sure it's people's ability to adapt to these harmful energies varies from person to person, but what kind of symptoms could somebody be experiencing? If EMF is a problem for them?

Justin Frandson 4:37
Definitely. Well start with the adaptation process and and the absorption ratings. So there's a SARS ratings that, you know, people absorb this EMF and their bodies were made of water and electricity. We're a conductor. There's people that are more of a compromise to this when you're younger or older. Obviously fetus doesn't have blood brain barrier so that they don't have any skull, or their skulls aren't fully developed. And so older, younger people that are sick, they get discharged from it. So when you get discharged, it's really challenging to heal. So our grounding bag can actually recharged you through a tapping protocol, which is super fun. But the the EMFs have this innate healing property of the Earth, which is that negative ionic charge that we're pulling from, and that's what the Earth does best. So we look to mother nature to solve that challenge.

David Sandstrom 5:33
Yeah. So if if I'm, let's say, I'm an airline pilot for the last 30 years, and we get bombarded with EMF up there in the air in the cockpit, especially, all the wiring in the airplane is routed through the cockpit because we need it, we need to have access to all the switches, the circuit breakers, relays and all that is up there. And I have a guas meter and I brought it into the cockpit with me in a number of times. And it's almost useless because when you turn the thing on, it just pegs out. In most areas of the cockpit is just full pegged. It's off the chart how high it is, especially when you get near the windshields because we have to have those heated windshield heated not only for ice formation, but if we run into a bird, a cold windshield will crack and shatter much more easily. So the windshield is always heated even on a warm day for strength. So we are we have a lot of EMF and I can tell you what are the symptoms I experienced when I had a long day flying is fatigue. You know, you have exhaustion at the end of a long day, unlike you have in an office environment where you might have some EMF from the Wi Fi and your phone and your computer and that kind of thing. But it doesn't compare to what we experienced up there. 35,000 feet. So for me, fatigue is a big deal, but what other symptoms by people experience?

Justin Frandson 6:48
Right so now that we understand the absorption portion and that everyone's hit differently, there are actual quantifiable symptoms that people will feel fatigue is definitely one of them. Dr. Martin Paul at a Washington State University uncovered that the voltage gated calcium channels open up and let positive calcium into a negative cell so that excess calcium causes tremendous DNA and cells damage. So when that happens, the first symptoms like I call them level one. They're going to be all cognitive. So fatigue, anxiety, stress, r inging in the ears, there's gonna be sleepless nights. So brain fog, all the cognitive stuff. And your behavior will change again, just to get a lot more aggressive, per se. Yeah, level two, let's let's go over level two, so we have more severe symptoms. So you're gonna see more ringing in the years more bloody noses, muscle twitching, massive migraines, nausea, I think the Havana cohort that was on 60 minutes a couple years ago, the first attack of US Embassy workers on foreign soil in Cuba and China with microwave radiation showcased those types of symptoms and they were hospitalized for six months or more each person. So then the level three would be the bigs cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, suicide, cardiovascular challenges, and then the biggest right now we're seeing David as fertility challenges.

David Sandstrom 8:24
Wow. Okay. All right. So that's how it can manifest. So what can we do about it? What what are some of the things we can do to help mitigate this, this stressor in our lives?

Justin Frandson 8:36
Well, really, how I'm storytelling in this podcast is to understand the universe, understand that were made with it, identify what electricity stressors are, and it's basically all electricity. So you have to identify those, and its electricity or your outlets in your home, anything that's electric, and then you have dirty electricity would be the other meter that we can measure it from. It's a little faster wavelength measurement that we quantified in with the meters. And then we have acoustic meters that measure all the wireless signals. So you want to know what the different stressors are, and then develop proximity awareness protocols to them. So avoid wearing Apple watches, do not buy electric cars, shut your routers off at night. Do you not get solar on your home because that causes excess dirty electricity and do not put your laptop on your lap without anything protecting it going directly to your private area. So there's super simple things do not put your phone next year ahead and have it away. There's that SARS reading that. They don't account for people having that phone next to their head. It's not meant to be glued into your head. So you have to think about if it's an ear, but you have an airway canal directly to your brain, there's not a skull there. So you have 2.45 billion waves per second of a positive waveform localized in your inner ear, actually directly in your brain that's going to cause acoustic nerve challenges. The California Department of Public Health did a study on it, they published it, and they had it up on the website for a short minute when they were sued to put it up. And now of course, they've taken it down because they don't really care about our health. But it talks about all the challenges with the answer and, and having a phone next to your ear. So once you have the awareness of the stressors, you can meter them, um, and quantify these levels and bioinitiative.org is a great way to say, Hey, these are some safe levels that we have, and these ones are not safe. And so anything one milligauss and below for electricity is good. The GSC and it's we use a Stetzer electric meter, it's amps, two volts, and that's, that's your STETZERelectric.com, you can buy one, they're like 100, and some dollars to get it really important investment for everyone. Because you can see, when you have din switches, just attempting to keep the level of your lighting at the level that you want, it will cause static and sparking in line and turn increase dirty electricity. And then you have the acoustic meters. So radio frequency third, you know, the one directional waveform millimeter wave wireless signals that you can measure on that. So yeah, these meters will meter out, which is crazy, because we can't even test even on a cell phone. Most acoustic meters will meet her out, it's too strong. So definitely there's no meter to meter 5g, so we don't know when they're cheering on or when they're not cheering on. The other part of protecting yourself is to get outside in nature and get grounded by nature. Remember, we have this positive charge coming from above. So our bodies act like a battery. And we rev so so well with the universe. We're one with the universe. So we have this positive charge coming from above. But it's, it's it's unpolarized thing. And then now with the satellites coming in beaming 5g phased array down on us. That's a polarizing waveform. And then we have a negative ionic charge coming from below. So we pull the electrons from it. And that's what charges our battery in our body. So Clint Ober wrote and wrote a book on earthing, and he talks about not having any pain, called their earthing. And the book was called Earthing, and he wrote it on everything, but you don't have pain when you're grounded, and your earthy, and you're getting barefoot and you're getting out, pulling these electrons from below, recharging your body, going barefoot, touching trees, hugging trees, getting in the ocean, pulling those electrons from the ocean, from that saltwater. It's so so medicinal. So,

David Sandstrom 12:58
so rough, you're right there, just let me interrupt your teeth, she's just covered a lot, a lot of ground right there. So what you're saying is this from the sun's natural energy, we receive nonpolarized or positive electrons. And since we are electric beings, that electricity needs to flow somewhere in a flow of opposites attract, right so with flows to the negative ions in the earth is that is that what you're saying?

Justin Frandson 13:22
Essentially, I think Eileen McKusick explains it really well, where we get the negative and positive ionic charge. And we have all of our health, as Bruce Lipton will say, is in our energy field. So this is what charges our field, and the circuitry, she can dive into that how it flows the best in your body, it's really intricate. And she can clear it through turning tuning for where. So we just we pull both of them from above. And that's what keeps our charge. And it's this, this amazing flow within it. It's just like a battery, how actual battery would work. So we ended up getting more of a charge from a blow below and above the good when we do it right when we have the manmade stressors in us. As Dr. Mercola would say, We're EMFd, because you're getting one directional above, you're wearing shoes below and not getting grounded from the earth and pulling those electrons. So we're losing our charge. And so that's why these PMF devices are fantastic. We deploy grounding bags in your home to help you sleep better than ever. And so these are hand mined crystals that have this moisture magnetic property to to repel EMF. And there we sell them at doctor clinics all around the country. So there's so many different ways you can go ahead and get grounded by nature, versus a man made device attempting to keep up with manmade signals.

David Sandstrom 14:47
So what do you do with the grounding pad you put it like next to your bed or where do you place it?

Justin Frandson 14:52
Yeah, so our grounding bags, we put them on or on your bed at the head of the bed. You can do the same with a desk or a car seat, put em behind the bottom of your car seat, they would be fantastic in your cockpit in the airplane, because you're in it in a metal capsule with a lots of electricity. And the I have a quick story just to divert on that. Because you're a pilot. I had a client, they lived in a wealthy neighborhood and Newport Beach where I'm from, and they, their son got childhood diabetes at 12. And their home was super high, dirty electricity and milligauss. I said, you guys got to get out of here and fix us. They went on a trip to Fiji, the son just had his new diabetes tracker on and the moms got it on tracking. And they get in this plane. And when everyone turns on their Wifi, his his his blood sugar went up 200 points, and he got a bloody nose. And then yeah, and then and then have you know three fourths of the way through the flight, everyone falls asleep. And then some sort of wake up again is meter went up 100 points. And when people start to wake up again, and he was still sleeping, but he got a bloody nose while he's sleeping and his meter went up another 100 plus points. I mean, the moms just watching this whole thing going, This is crazy. So stay, we know that these bodies going to be affected. But the the grounding bags, yeah, the more protocols with these guys, as you put you put five together in your home on the floor, and they'll clear 2000 square feet area, you're gonna need seven together, if you have solar on your home, if you have an electric car driving a Tesla, we're seeing really high levels, it's just cooking people in an unhealthy way. So we're seeing the whole front dashboards milligauss, you're sitting on a battery, a massive, massive batteries that are dirty electricity and the whole thing self driving. So you need another half five or so behind the driver's seat, like really on the floor right behind the driver's seat to clear the the vibration and convert that waveform to something that healthy. So there's different protocols that we do with the grounding bags that are exceptional, we also do a tapping protocol, you can tap on the grounding bag with one hand, and then cover your eyes with the other your teeth, or your thymus, or your intestine area. And the tapping is like applied kinesiology technique that has those who have negative electrons in the bag and directs them directly to that area that's been decharged, and the eyes are so sensitive, the teeth will fracture, that's your gateway to health, your thymus is your electrical system for your whole body. Obviously, there's so much your immune system in your gut area. So those four areas are the most sensitive. So there's an incredible tapping protocol with a grounding bag that you can actually recharge your body with. So

David Sandstrom 17:50
these are areas where destructions in that when you sell the bags?

Justin Frandson 17:53
Oh yeah, I mean, people see this as a thing, you try and keep up like put a chip or sticker on your phone, it's not going to work for more than a minute. And we just this is what Mother Nature does is she's so medicinal. And when we're one with her, and we understand that these waveforms that she's kicking off for us are super healthy, we just will start to heal. And now we have something that we can coexist with all this manmade EMF without worrying about it. So now, you could essentially, you know, keep flying, but convert these forms. So it's healthy when you're flying and you you're more energized at the end of the day.

David Sandstrom 18:32
Well, I'm totally with you on the grounding aspect of the whole thing. But for somebody in the audience that saying, wait a minute, this guy is saying that I can take a bag of rocks, put it under my bed, and it's going to improve my health. Would you speak to the skeptic on and just explain in layman's terms, if you can, how that works and how it functions?

Justin Frandson 18:51
Definitely, the crystals have magnetic resonances in them. And so it's a very common, quantifiable level. So shung guide amethyst, Black Tourmaline well known ones that have magnetic properties. Ours also have moisture properties in them. So the combination between the moisture and magnetic properties is what really allows our grounding bags to be so effective. We hand mine them. We deploy them in a way where they amplify them and you have the most pure crystals from a pristine area that have those properties in them. And it's just like walking barefoot in a bag David, you're pulling those electrons from the bag and until the bag dries out which could be anywhere from two to 10 years. They still work they work super well. So you're going to have them for a long time. Obviously you use them more if you open them they'll dry out quicker. You got to keep them sealed use it as is and it is been such a blessing for So many because over 10% of the population is EMF sensitive and and I hedged about that. That's way more now with with all this stuff going on in our atmosphere and, and then in addition to the levels of electrification and the Internet of Things, and that's great that they're rolling out. Yeah.

David Sandstrom 20:20
So is it safe to say that the moisture in the bag and in the rocks because water is a good conductor of electricity? It enhances the effectiveness of them? Exactly. Yeah. Okay. Very good. And, you know, I want to say to the, to the Natural Nation, there's a reason why everyone loves a barefoot walk on the beach, right? Because God designed us to make barefoot connection with the earth on a regular basis. And we've lost that, as you said earlier. Dr. Mercola points to so is that we're wearing shoes. I see people walking on the beach and a beautiful day in tennis shoes.

Justin Frandson 20:53
Exactly. take my shoes off with earbuds in their phone. Yeah,

David Sandstrom 20:58
yeah, yeah. Yeah, we weren't designed to have earbuds stuck in our ears are real quick story. But before I really learned about the harmful effects of Bluetooth, I bought a headset that went into my ears, it kind of wrapped around the back of my head, it was comfortable. And you could hear people talk outside didn't block out all the noise. And I thought this is kind of cool. Well, I got jury duty. And I said, Well, there's a lot of sitting around in jury duty, I'm gonna bring my earbuds and I'm gonna listen to some podcasts. So I basically had these things in all day. Well, I came down with a head cold, like the next day, and it weakened my immune system. And I thought, well, that's kind of interesting. And I got jury duty. I don't know if was six months later, maybe actually was a year later, because you can't go more than once a year here in Atlanta. And it was the next year I did the same thing. The same thing happened to me, I got a cold. So from that point on, I said, No more bluetooth earbuds for David, I'm not doing it anymore. It's well,

Justin Frandson 21:55
if I can dive a little deeper and out of the allow your Natural Nation will allow me to do EMF, manmade EMF or environmental toxins. And when you said you got sick, that's exactly what's happening right now with our entire world. We're adapting to the electricfication of with manmade radiation levels that we haven't seen before this new 5g rollout, the proximity to this EMF stuff, our body picks up that resonance and the way the only way we know how and the way God made us is we produce a virus and adapt to the symptoms. So that's what we're seeing right now. And if you look at the book, the invisible rainbow, by Arthur Furstenberg, he categorizes all the pandemics in the history of the globe and directly correlates them to increased electrification in our electromagnetic blanket of an atmosphere, whether it's cosmic or manmade. So before 1918, there's lots of cosmic shifts, that throws off your REM patterns, so you don't sleep. But we're, we adapt and we get challenges from it. Well, 1918, we introduced radio waves, and that was the Spanish flu. Satellites in the Van Allen belt was the Hong Kong flu. World War Two we introduced radar. This book categorizes every single electrification event and even before that, wraped the whole world and then copper and a copper band god. Yeah, Tom Cowan MD talks about that in his book, The contagion myth. So just like dolphins would get sick in the ocean, if you polluted the water, we're getting sick, because we're polluting our environment, which is our air our plasma, and waves travel in this plasma and particles travel in it. And whether it's cosmic shift, or manmade, it's going to change your REM patterns, it's going to our bodies are going to do the best we can to adapt to these challenges.

David Sandstrom 24:00
Right? Right. We're always dealing with blocking factors to our health. And of course, some of this is going to be unavoidable, but we should take the steps that we can, I'd like to just review a couple of a couple of pointers that you gave earlier. You speakerphone instead of putting the phone up to your head, right when I mean it's gonna be hard to live without a cell phone these days. We get that but you speakerphone instead. Because when you move it up even a couple of inches away from your skull, the amount of EMF goes way down. Is that correct? A huge difference. Yeah. And stay away from electric cars. Yeah, that's a big thing. And they'll

Justin Frandson 24:36
we'll do well note on that real quick. I had a colleague that did blood tests work with the military 18% lower testosterone for Special Forces guys driving electric cars. Wow. Interesting. Now and then you add this shot to it. If people get the shot that everyone's getting Now, not everyone but some people are getting. They're trying to get everyone to get That's 20% lower testosterone. So you combine getting vaccine with driving electric car, you're gonna take your testosterone levels significantly down into dangerous zone, we're gonna have other challenges bone breasts, heart challenges, potentially prostate for guys.

David Sandstrom 25:18
Wow, that that's really huge. Another another piece of advice was put a timer on your Wifi at your house and at least turn it off at night. Right? You could go back to the old fashioned way and actually plug your computers into the to the internet, right. But if you don't do that, at least at least turn it off at night when you're sleeping. need it.

Justin Frandson 25:38
hardwire is faster, safer, security wise and more reliable. And there's minimal health challenges.

David Sandstrom 25:44
Right, right. Absolutely. So that's a little bit of low hanging fruit. But can you offer any other pieces of low hanging fruit that people can implement in their lives and it gets some quick wins.

Justin Frandson 25:55
Josh Del Sol did a documentary movie called Take Back Your Power. And he talked about he foresaw all the stuff that's going on right now in that documentary. It's unbelievable. But he talked about the smart meters, and how damaging they are for your house. So I would encourage everyone to watch that documentary movie, and then you'll opt out of your smart meter. So you call your gas and electric company and say I want to opt out of my smart meter. And most of the time, they allow you to do it for in California $75, one time fee and extra $10 a month, when you do that your home doesn't act like having a cell tower on it. So these smart meters are to a router, they ping into your house. And out back to the substation reading everything. So it's a huge privacy thing, because they know what you're doing every seven to 15 seconds, that's sporadic ping of, of the Smart Meter is also damaging to our body and way more chaotic than just a straight signal. So the smart meters and opting out of those. And making sure you're not even close to those, when you're sleeping is going to be a huge, huge part. We have Faraday bags. So I have one right here will show you this is our Faraday bag. It's a static bag and trying to get it so you can see it without the reflection. So I apologize again for me being in the car but but that that static bag, you can actually have the router on one side, lean the static baggage against it. So at least for the Smart Meter. So at least the direction of it. It's like one layer of protection, it's probably the most cost effective layer of protection that you can lean upagainst it.

David Sandstrom 27:44
So you would put the put your phone in the bag, or what do you do with the bag?

Justin Frandson 27:48
Well, the Faraday bags Yes, typically, I was I was saying you could also use them as a shielding property for a smart meter or a route or something but between you and smart meter, right between you uninspiring technically what they're used for is you put your phone in it, and it protects you from your phone because your phone's 2.45 billion waves per second. So it protects you from your phone, it protects your phone from data harvesting, which is the biggest thing going on right now your battery only lasts several hours or less. Because of the data harvesting. They're constantly listening to everything you're saying. And they're aggregating that information not only are they listening, they're tracking your all your markers, so they know your your fingerprints, your retina, scan your face frame, your how fast you drive, they know your gait, your behavior, how you sleep, your grades, your transcripts, the literally all your passwords, and all your banking information. This is what your bank, essentially if you had your your bank's app on your phone, that's what they would be tracking. So look at getting Android phones, wiping them clean. And you're not gonna be having as much as these tracking capabilities on a different platform than you would on an Apple phone.

David Sandstrom 29:07
Yeah, are there some resources that you know about to help people through that process of kind of privatizing their phone?

Justin Frandson 29:14
I do, but I can't share it online. So someone can reach out if they want some help. But the people that I work with are completely off the grid and invisible from what they're doing so and that's a way for our sovereignty quite honestly, the if you think about it, the CCP controls every single one of these devices that were driving if driving a foreign car. Yeah, even you know, in our voting, you know, platforms dominion, their parts of this are made in the CCP districts where they're tracking everything so it's a big you know, safety measure for future I'm one of the things that my wife will tell that I'm gifted at is foreseen. The next decade the next trend, what's going to happen out there, whether it's BOSU balls to kettlebells to breathwork to tai chi or or being gluten free, those are all things that I saw at least a decade or more before they came popular. This is just another one. The more we can put our phone in a Faraday bag when we're not using it, or get into an analog phone or Android phone, excuse me. That's a 4g level and doesn't have all the trackers on it. They're not going to be able to aggregate and change us to transhuman will still stay natural, Natural Nation.

David Sandstrom 30:36
Yeah, that's good advice. Excellent advice. So if people want to get ahold of you, what's the best way to do that?

Justin Frandson 30:42
EMF rocks.com e m f rocks.com is where you find all our products. athleticism.com. I'm athleticism performance coach. So athleticism.com is where you'll see a lot of our curated health and performance products as well. This is I'm in Southern California. So reach out. Let me know what you have any challenges with your proximity to these increased electrification and we'll give you some incredible credible solutions, whether it's our grounding bags to convert the waveform, or blocking opportunities with pain or 10, or even our simple Faraday bag. There's cost effective solutions. And, but no one does better than Mother Nature. So we're so grateful for her gifts.

David Sandstrom 31:31
Yeah. Excellent. That's really good stuff. Well, thank you, Justin, for sharing your wisdom with the Natural Nation.

Justin Frandson 31:36
Thank you, David. I appreciate you having me on.

David Sandstrom 31:39
For more, go to the show notes page at davidsandstrom.com/78. That's it for now. I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed

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