by David Sandstrom 

May 11, 2022

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Today's Guest...

  • Dr Terry Harmon

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 2:52 The Bible and Naturopathy
  • 6:14 - Correct what is off
  • 10:12 - God's intentions toward us
  • 11:09 - Get healthy to lose weight
  • 16:54 - Prayers for healing going unanswered
  • 21:14 - Jesus will give us rest
  • 24:05 - CAMP
  • 30:40 - Oura ring
  • 33:28 - Improve the ANS
  • 38:32 - Get in touch with Dr. Terry


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Dr Terry Harmon 0:00
If we can help people and we've done this with 1000s of clients; if we can help people go from sympathetic dominance to parasympathetic activation and a high heart rate variability, then every aspect of their health goes up like you alluded to, their gut is going to work better, you're going to digest your food better your hormones are going to become optimize your immune system is going to function better.

David Sandstrom 0:23
Welcome to the Natural Health Matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential, so you can look and feel your best at any age. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, Naturopathic Doctor and Biblical Health Coach, and this is episode number 76. Today we have in the show Dr. Terry Harmon. Dr. Harmon has advanced training and certifications in nutrition, detoxification, strength training, spinal correction and pediatrics. He served on the United States Wellness Advisory Council and peak performance team for USA wrestling, judo, weightlifting and martial arts. He's also a frequent speaker at the truth about cancer symposiums, Dr. Harmon enjoys helping his patients experience health the way the Bible teaches that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Dr. Harmon, Welcome to Natural Health Matters.

Dr Terry Harmon 1:12
Thanks for having me. It's an honor to be here.

David Sandstrom 1:14
All right. Well, I want you to know that I really enjoyed meeting you the other day, a couple of weeks ago at The Truth About Cancer Symposium, and I enjoyed your talk so much, I was like, I really want to meet this guy. And I'd love to get him on the show. So here you are. So I really appreciate your time. So I want you to speak a little bit about the consistency between the natural approach to health and wellness, and what the Bible teaches about how we're supposed to live our lives. Could you just say a few words to that?

Dr Terry Harmon 1:40
Yeah, it's, you know, I'll keep this short. I was a chiropractor before I was a Christian. And I was helping people with their health before I ever really studied the Bible. And so I learned my initial entry into natural health care was simply chiropractic and nervous system. And then nutrition. And it worked. And it was amazing that I was able to do this thing that I've had been created to do. And I love chiropractic and nutrition. And I was seeing, you know, just really amazing results happen in people's lives. And then, and then I got introduced to the Bible I got born again, have incorruptible seed as the Bible talks about. And then as I read the Bible, I said, Oh, my gosh, you know, it's all in here. Everything in here for life, and godliness is in the Bible. And that's the journey I've been on now. For 21 years. I've been practicing for 23. But I've been a born again believer for 21. And as I read the Bible, it's all right there in, in my opinion.

David Sandstrom 2:52
Yeah. I couldn't agree more. And I had the flip flop of that I was a Bible believing Christian before I started studying naturopathy. And I've been a Christian for about, well, 29 years. And I've been a naturopath for about 15 years. And when I started learning about naturopathy, we they were talking about the the tenants to nature of the some of the primary tenants that we always use as a guidepost. And the first was do no harm. And I said, Well, the Bible teaches that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore sacred and holy, and we should do anything to harm them. The Bible is very consistent with that. Another one is the healing power of nature. And a lot of naturopaths call that vitalism where our bodies know how to heal, our default setting is health. We don't have to teach our cells how to do their jobs. So I was like, Well, the Bible teaches that as well. Another is doctor is teacher. And the Bible is completely consistent with us learning from teachers, experts. Another one is treat the whole person. And I said, Well, the Bible teaches that as well. First Thessalonians 5:23 "May your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved complete". So I see a lot an awful lot unity between what the Bible teaches about how we're supposed to live. And the naturopathic approach to health now, you're a chiropractor, right? So tell me a little bit about how you approach wellness. Someone comes into your clinic. What how do you bring that bring that person back to wholeness? Just talk a little talk to me a little bit about or talk to the natural nation, the audience about how that works?

Dr Terry Harmon 4:27
Yeah, foundationally it's fun because everybody who walks in my office, I know that they're fearfully and wonderfully made Psalms 139 I know that they are, that makes, if you will, my job really easy. And I know that the God who made them loves them. They may not know that and they may not have an intimate relationship with God, but I know that God loves them. I know they got us for them. And I know that they're fearfully and wonderfully made. So what in my practice what we do is you know, we have this system called CAMP courage. your autonomic nervous system, mitochondria and purposes. So we teach that. And foundationally we just teach people that a healthy autonomic nervous system and healthy mitochondria is the foundation for, for health, for healing, for vitality for energy. And then within our system, we do functional medicine, testing, and chiropractic assessments that the body is designed to line up a certain way. The nervous system is intended to be adaptable. And so within our clinic, we're going to be assessing the spine for alignment and mobility. And then we're going to be using functional medicine testing, to look for deficiencies, toxicities, infections, inflammation, microbiome status, mitochondria status. So it's, you know, it's simple, if you will, in that when someone comes in, that's what we're that's what we're assessing for. And, and that's what we chip away at with our clients, not only through testing, but then through education as well.

Dr Terry Harmon 6:03
Excellent. One of the quotes I have that you said is you don't treat disease, but you help people build health. So could you speak to that just a little bit as opposed to the medical model?

Dr Terry Harmon 6:14
Yeah, you know, DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic said that, you know, this disease is a disturbed condition and alteration of design. The reality is, when I have a patient in the practice, they they have a heartbeat, their lungs are breathing, their blood is circulating. And so we know that they have the ability to heal and function, we know that. So when we're looking at our clients, we know that there's just simply an alteration, that's all there is, is that something is disturbed. And so we're looking for that disturbance, and removing it, helping them to remove that disturbance so that their body will heal. And I see it, we see it every single day. And that's the good news about time. Right and experience and, and lessons, you know, I would be the first to say, I would say every week we're learning more things within our system. The good news is, we don't ever really have to backtrack a whole lot because it is hey, they're fearfully and wonderfully made. Let's just figure out what is off, address what is off, and the body will heal.

David Sandstrom 7:23
Well, that brings up another quote that I had that I'd like you to touch on is everything either supports our design, or hurts it. So could you say a few words to that?

Dr Terry Harmon 7:32
Oh, my goodness gracious? Well, we could let's use nutrition as an example, when I just created a new nutrition webinar, new nutrition e-guide. And the latest thing that's really kind of come forward with the research is that a majority of non-God created foods are loaded not only with toxins, but specifically phalates. microplastics, right. So when we eat, everything we eat is either supporting design, or it's harming design, it's stressing design. Right? So every decision we make, that's why the Bible talks about choosing this day, choose this day life or death, a blessing or a curse, and that God gives us free will choice within our lives, based upon the word of God and based upon the Spirit of God, and not based upon perfection, but just based upon worship based upon desire based upon intimacy. That, you know, I know one of your scriptures, that's a part of what you do is John 10:10, right? That's right. You know, the thief. Now the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus says, but it says, Jesus says, I've come that you would have life and life more abundantly. So every choice we make, and then and that ties into renewing our mind. And that ties in to truth to digging into truth and that the challenge is that number one, from a healthcare perspective, and this is really important for people to contemplate, to dig into is the challenge has been censorship. Legitimate, intentional censoring of we'll say natural health care, truths, that legitimate centering of natural healthcare, nothing could be more evident than you know, maybe what people have witnessed in the last 18 to 20 months. You can say that again, you know, I don't want to be controversial if you will, this is your your format. But one of the things that hit me this morning is there's this fact checker thing, right, this fact checker thing that's taking place that's newer, and what the what the Spirit of God said said to me is, you know, you It's not about facts. It's about truth. It's about truth, right? The truth will set us free. And God is the source of all truth. And Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. That's right.

David Sandstrom 10:12
Excellent. So, you know, just to just to expand upon that a little bit. It's my contention that God loves us enough that when he tells us to do something, he gives us an admonition. It's for our benefit. And when he tells us to avoid something, it's for our protection. We've just got to trust in that and say, Okay, God, I can, I'm going to trust in your goodness, I may not understand it all right now, but I'm gonna do things your way. And my life experience. I'm 59 years old, my life experiences show me that when you do things God's way, you won't regret it. It's just that simple. And it will build health. Here's another quote that I'd like to talk to you about, you say, people don't get sick, because they're overweight. They're overweight, because they're sick. And a lot of people have that the other way around this, I'd like to lose a few pounds, you know, this is my new year's resolution, I want to get healthier and lose, I want to lose some weight in order to get healthy. But I don't know if that's really the right approach. Would you agree with me?

Dr Terry Harmon 11:09
Yeah, I took that quote from Dr. Robert Lustig in his latest book, meta metabolical. And it just hit me, you know, you know, it hit me, hit me hard, because that's what I see in clinic is that I'll see people who are really, really trying, if you will, to lose weight. And when they come in, I mean, and I mean, really trying, and yet they're stuck. And the reason is, what what we're found is, is that they haven't figured out exactly how to address that which is broken that which is off. And And then conversely, as well, you know, as sure if if we're just hanging out on the couch, and just eating a lot of junk and processed foods, we're going to gain weight. But for a lot of people, it's not quite like that. It's one toxin, one deficiency, one toxin, one deficiency stress in the autonomic nervous system, mitochondrial breakdown, and they start to gain weight and get overweight. And then they say, Gosh, dang it, I want to turn this around. And then it doesn't necessarily turn around when they implement that diet and or implement that exercise. And it's because the the malady the sickness hasn't been removed. And so then they can't lose that weight. And it's, it's, it's heart wrenching for me to watch somebody who has tried really, really, really hard to reverse something. It could be overweight, or obesity, it could be an autoimmune disorder, and then they just haven't gotten anywhere. And it's because they haven't really gotten all the keys in place to change things.

David Sandstrom 12:44
Yeah, agreed. So when would you say that the obesity or the excess weight is a symptom rather than the root Cause?

Dr Terry Harmon 12:53
Yeah, I really would. And I love sharing that. So I'm thankful that you asked that. Because there are a lot of people that that, you know, are trying hard, you know, they really are. And then they I think they just get fatigued on top of that, because they have tried hard and nothing's happened. And then they, if we really look, you know, deeper, they may say, you know, where are you God? Why aren't you helping me? Like I'm trying, I'm even praying. But the reality, I think, is that people need revelation, they need clarity. That's where I think God has called doctors, like ourselves to help give prophetic, clear, apostolic, if you will, messages content, so that people can grab onto that and make progress.

David Sandstrom 13:45
Right? Well, you know, one of the reasons why I got into natural health it to begin with was when you attend a Bible study, a lot of times, you know, a small group setting, they say, what do we have any prayer requests, and a lot of times we go around the room, half the requests are more are centered around health issues. And yes, I absolutely believe that God can and does perform miraculous healing. Yes. But in the meantime, I believe God has expects us to fulfill the role that he has for us, as you touched on earlier, we have free will we have choices to make. And I say that, you know, God could use a physical challenge, some kind of a health challenge to speak to somebody to to minister to them, help them grow in their spiritual maturity. Absolutely. But I think just as any other earthly father would prefer to spare their children from the trial, they would prefer to, for us to learn our lessons without the trial. The same is true of God, he would prefer that we experienced that maturity and learn those life lessons without the trial. So I say, Let's not let some of our poor choices create a challenge or a trial in our lives that God would have preferred to spare us from.

Dr Terry Harmon 14:55
Yeah, I couldn't agree more what the scripture says that I believe that the Lord is wanting to share with people is that in Isaiah 58, he talks about being that we can be the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in. So If we use America as an example 1970 don't quote I think its 1976? Right around 10% of the population was obese. Now, it's right around 40%, amazing, dramatic things have happened during I will say, a 45 year timeframe, a dramatic, we haven't gone from 10 to 20, we've gone from 10 to 40. A lot has happened, whereby we've really really gotten off track fallen off track in the in the way that we're doing things. So I think it's going to take a generation of consistency to really turn this thing around. But ultimately, it's going to start with individuals. And then it's going to extend if you will, into families and and groups and go from there. That it's it we're and ultimately the Bible talks about generational blessings, right? Generational blessings versus curses. And it is going to take some time because a lot of these revelations if if you were they're being kind of unearthed, and it's stuff from if you will past times, and then it's stuff where the Lord is I think really speaking, and saying you need to be aware of glyphosate, you need to be aware of these toxins, you need to, you know, you know, learn about chiropractors and naturopaths that can really, really be your health care will say your health care pastors or your health care leaders. Because as much as I love the church will say I love the church. The issue is, is that it's it's missed a lot of the mark when it comes to health and health care.

David Sandstrom 16:54
Yeah, I totally agree with that. You know, I was I'm friends with one of the leaders at our church. He's one of the elders on the elder board. And I asked him, Do you guys pray for people and anoint them with oil is the James chapter five says he said, Yes, we do. I said, How many times have you seen that bring about fruit? Have you seen a healing? He's he's kind of bowed his head? And he said, pretty rare. We don't we don't see that very much. And that said, that really is because the Bible says God is our healer. Yeah. And if we do things his way, it will, you know, there's no guarantees, right? We don't we're not in control God is, but we can help our bodies processes, because our bodies want to thrive. We can come alongside those natural processes and help things out. One of my favorite verses when it comes to this is Proverbs chapter four, verses 20 through 22, "My son, give attention to my words, incline your ear to my saying, do not let them depart from your sight, keep them in the midst of your heart for their life to those who find them and health to all their body." Amen. So in then, you know, yes, God's concerned with our spiritual growth, but he also is concerned with every detail of our lives, and that includes our physical vitality. He's about our energy, our mental clarity, our memory, our joy. You know, I mean, look at through to the spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self control, all of those things are health promoting. And I'm really surprised that you know, as I said, 29 years as a follower of Jesus Christ. I've heard very few sermons preached on this from the pulpit. You just don't hear it. I don't know why.

Dr Terry Harmon 18:28
Let me let me share something with you. That's really powerful. And James five, right, it says, If any sick among you right call, call them for the elders will pray the prayer of faith and anointing with oil. But it says, along with that, confess your trespasses or your sins, one to another, that you may be healed. So Jesus says this, Jesus says, Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. That was so that's the first commandment right? And the second is like it to love your neighbor as yourself. So they asked him, what's the greatest commandment he said, these are the greatest commandments, that word strength, Love the Lord downplay your heart, soul, mind and strength. That word strength is coos, and is coos means with your physical body and your financial resources. So He commands us to love Him with our physical body. So what we're seeing is if we don't have that revelation, if we don't have that one, if we don't have that revelation, then what happens is then we can't even come to a place of repentance or confession that says that you know, within the body of Christ, like we acknowledge drunkenness as a sin, we probably would acknowledge gluttony as a sin. But if we don't have the revelation that how we take care of our body can be sinful, then we're not likely to repent and that's why it says confess your sins one to another that you may be healed? Yes. So there's that powerful piece that I see that's again, in many cases missing from people's lives that I think totally is getting in the way of their healing. And we should anoint them with oil. And we should pray the prayer of faith, and they're there. And there is healing that takes place with that. But there's another piece there, which is loving the Lord with our body as he commands. And then the other thing is to that we would be a people who will confess our trespasses, one to another because there's immense power in that, and we know that, yes, you know, when I go to my brother and say, I have messed up, I've missed the mark. There is healing in that.

David Sandstrom 20:42
Absolutely. Oh, my gosh, the weight that gets lifted off your shoulders.

Dr Terry Harmon 20:46
Yes, yes. And that's why the Lord says that, He says, and so that's my passion, right? It's your passion is what my passion is healing and wholeness. And the fact that God is good, he's so good. He's so loving. His plan for us is so big. And yet, just like you alluded to, there are His ways and if you will, His commandments, right? And His commandments really are not burdensome, right? They're not burdensome, they are good.

David Sandstrom 21:14
Absolutely. We are so much on the same page. It's it's crazy. You know, you're into the autonomic nervous system and addressing that with your with your patients. And the Bible teaches that as well. And Matthew, chapter 11, Jesus has come to me all you who are weary and heavy lifting, I will give you rest. Take my Take my yoke upon me and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Yeah. And I say, Wow, right there. We know, you know, since we've been trained in anatomy, physiology, that we have an autonomic nervous system, there's a parasympathetic side, and the sympathetic side and sympathetic is the fight or flight and the parasympathetic is rest and digest. So Jesus says, if you follow my ways, and you do things, my way, you will find rest, you will find peace. That brings parasympathetic dominance. And that's what our bodies prefer to do the repair and healing and strengthening of our systems. So, you know, it just all fits together like a hand in a glove, doesn't it?

Dr Terry Harmon 22:19
It's all right there, my friend. It literally is all right there. That's why I love it. I love it so much. That's why I encourage people no matter where they're at, in their faith, you know, no matter where they're at, just dive into the Word of God, like dive into it than if you've been reading the Word of God for 50 years. It's awesome. But every day dive into it with newness of eyes, you know, ask the Lord to show you new things, right? And if you're watching this, and you're not a believer, you're listening to this and you're not a believer, I can promise you if you will just say, I want to know you, Lord, I want intimacy with you. I want to know the truth. I can just promise you that he will commune with you he will communicate with you and from from Genesis to Revelation. It's all about a love story. It's all about intimacy. It's all about wholeness and healing. It really is all the way through. Proverbs 14:30 says that a calm and tranquil heart is life and health to the body. Right. You mentioned proverbs four, Proverbs three, right, trusting the Lord with all your heart, lean, not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways. And it goes on to say it will be held to your flesh and strength to your bones.

David Sandstrom 23:41
Right, right. That's verses seven and eight. Let's see if I can remember it. It's fear the Lord depart from evil, it will be held to your body and strength to your bones. Amen. Amen. Willie, it says such an encouragement it really is. So I'd like to talk a little bit more a little bit more depth about your camp acronym. The first C stands for courage. So could you speak to that a little bit?

Dr Terry Harmon 24:05
Yeah, what when we look at the autonomic nervous system camp, it all fits together each each component fits together. And when we look at fight or flight, sympathetic or parasympathetic, rest and digest and I call it rest, digest, thrive, detox hormone optimization. What I've seen over the years and working with amazing, amazing people amazing patients, is that it's not uncommon that people get bound in fear and they get bound in timidity, and that the Lord has called us to live courageously right? He speaks to Joshua only being strong and of good courage, right? Meditate on my word day and night. So each of us have been created to fulfill certain things. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. Each of us has been created for unique things and we're not taking compare ourselves to one another. And just what I've witnessed and autonomic nervous system testing and heart rate variability is that and it just a big part of our message, you could be a really good person. But if you're living timidly if we're living fearfully it will impact our health, it will absolutely impact our health because we're not called to live in timidity or fear. So courage in that acronym, is simply front and center for anybody who's, you know, following our message or our system to say, Hey, are you living courageously? Or are you bound in fear? Or paralysis? Because if you are, it's going to hinder your health.

David Sandstrom 25:44
Yeah, if you're living in fear, you could switch to 100% organic diet tomorrow. And it's probably not going to help you any great because your body is struggling to cope with that intense emotion. And we don't call those toxic emotions for nothing, right? I mean, they they are detrimental to our health, a autonomic nervous system, you've, you've touched on that. But is there anything else you'd like to add to that?

Dr Terry Harmon 26:06
Testing, I encourage people to, you know, if they're into technology, if they use technology, I encourage them to either use Heart Math or get an Aura ring. And we have that information in our free Heart Rate Variability guide. So that thanks, can you talk about the ordering a little bit, I'm so so it's so fascinating. When I when I really when the Lord really led me down this path, we started using all kinds of technology to test people's nervous system, because it's one thing to talk about. And it's another thing to test it. And to actually see where patients are at that, through all of the research that we've done. And all the research that has been done when somebody is in parasympathetic mode, it's proven that their health will get better and better and better. It's just previous, right. So I said, Great, I love it. It's amazing. But I just prayed, and the Lord led us to several different technologies, the one I love the most is the aura ring, Oh, you are a Because on a daily basis, you're able to look at your heart rate variability, which is an indicator of your autonomic nervous system health. And if we can help people, and we've done this with 1000s of clients, if we can help people go from sympathetic dominance, to parasympathetic activation and a high heart rate variability, then every aspect of their health goes up, like you alluded to, their gut is going to work better, you're going to digest your food better your hormones are going to become optimize, your immune system is going to function better. So the autonomic nervous system portion is not only kind of the understanding of it, but it's hot ways to improve it. And then lastly, is to use testing to really show you what puts you into that parasympathetic mode and what unfortunately, tugs you and or keeps you in that sympathetic mode.

David Sandstrom 28:01
Right? Right, which can be a lot of things, right? A lot of different things. It can be physical, it can be some type of hidden infection may be parasitic infection, viral, bacterial, or fungal. Those will cause stress, ultimately, it'll cause stress, but it can be social, it can be spiritual. So yeah, there's a lot of, you know, detective work to do, if you will, to figure out what's causing that. You mentioned Heart Rate Variability now, is, is that a measure of how our how well our bodies are moving in and out of stress? Or, or is that something else?

Dr Terry Harmon 28:36
Yeah, heart rate variability is the variability between beats of our heart and milliseconds, which is how healthcare science medicine, whatever term we want to use, is able to analyze autonomic nervous system health. If we have a low heart rate variability that indicates we're in sympathetic mode, if we have a high heart rate variability, that indicates we're getting a lot of parasympathetic activation, that we have a strong, resilient, adaptable, nervous system. And so by looking at that number, I always tell people stress is not a feeling, but stress is a number. That and I've seen this somebody, I could talk to somebody, and I'll say, How are you doing today? And they say, Oh, my gosh, I'm doing great. You know, it's just the best day ever. It's sunny outside, I just walk the dog or what have you, which is great. But then we test their autonomic nervous system, and they have a low heart rate variability. They've gotten used to living in a sympathetic state. And they could have been that way since they were age 10 or age 12, since they had a major trauma, right, a major mental emotional trauma. And or, you know, maybe they did something really bad and then that's stuck them in sympathetic mode and they have unforgiveness towards yourself or towards others. Or it could be a toxin exposure and or an infection that's just pulling their body into that. sympathetic mode, that really isn't a feeling. And I know this because we've truly tested 1000s of people that were stressed, but had a healthy heart rate variability, which means that in their, you know, in their frontal lobe, they felt stressed to golly, it's, there's a lot of stuff going on in this world. And it's a bad situation and I, you know, gotten a fight with my spouse, but they actually may be in parasympathetic mode. So I'm just trying to teach the world if you will, that you can test this stuff. And you want to test this stuff, because it is foundational to our health.

David Sandstrom 30:40
Yeah, yeah, that's real good. I love the way you incorporate the testing in with your philosophy is just awesome. I really intrigued with the Auro ring, I think I'm gonna have to get one. I went to the website, and they only had pre orders on there. Are they in the trends, some kind of a transition right now?

David Sandstrom 30:54
They're transitioning from gen two, technology to Gen three, the technology has been out for maybe seven or eight years. I've had the gen two now for two and a half years. And I absolutely am blessed by it. I mean, just absolutely. And blessed by it. You know, I get questions on it. What about EMF, what about the there's next to no EMF, there's no blue lights. I say if you live in the woods and have zero technology in your life, don't get one. But if you're watching or listening to this, you're using technology. So use it, use it to your advantage is I really encourage people because the things that we've seen in our clients are amazing. And then part of the research that's close to our heart with cancer is that the some of the latest research shows that regardless of cancer stage, and this one study, it was stage four cancer that they were looking at that it was the nervous system that determined outcome. So and so this is medical research on PubMed, it's in our HRV guide, if you want to, you know if somebody wants to look it up. And it's just exciting that when we can click into parasympathetic mode, and we can improve our autonomic nervous system, that healing occurs. And it's just that scripture you said about Jesus, where he basically says, My peace I give to you, if we can, if we can migrate towards a relaxed nervous system, if we can do that, then we're going to be migrating towards health and healing. Yes, and God is the center of nervous system healing, and His ways are the center of that. And I love it. I'm passionate about it.

David Sandstrom 32:37
Yeah. Well, you know, it's my contention that it all starts with the spirit spirit is the highest and most noble part of our being. Here it is connected to God in a proper way. It will animate our minds in healthy ways. It because our minds are in submission to the Spirit. And it's our minds that run our bodies. I mean, sorry, minds run the brain and the brain runs the body. Right? So there's a connectedness there and what affects one part of our being will by necessity impact the others for good or bad. So it starts in the Spirit, we experience that supernatural peace, then we experience physical peace as a result, and that brings healing. It's just, it's just amazing. The way the way God made us is just really, really amazing. So So couldn't agree more. Yeah. All right, thanks. So M mitochondria. Can you speak to that for just a moment?

Dr Terry Harmon 33:28
Yeah, when you know, all of this is came about through prayer and through really patients we had with cancer, as we were blessed to to help a lot of people with cancer first of all, through autonomic nervous system, you know, that was our initial foundation for what we did with our clients is just work with them on autonomic nervous system well being. And then these other pieces came about to include mitochondria, that our mitochondria is something that we can build up and we can improve, or over time due to toxins and stress and poor nutrition. We can have mitochondrial breakdown, and then as we dug into more and more and more if he on cancer and neuro degeneration, mitochondria kept coming up and coming up and coming up that and basically the revelation was teach people that, you know, there is this thing in their body called mitochondria, mitochondria manufactures. The summary is manufactures, ATP or energy. And that energy is used for two things. It's used as a currency of healing. And then it's used for energy for us to have, you know, vitality and energy and spunk. And yet, what we found is that most people never heard of it. They didn't know how to steward their mitochondria. And so that's where it came in. You know, the Lord said, you know, your system, the system that I've created you to share with the world is C-A-M-P and when we work with people just from a, if you will, from a purely physical like communication standpoint. That's what we teach them, we say, hey, if we can, if we can work together and teach you how to improve your ans, your autonomic nervous your mitochondria, you're gonna get healthier. And then it's so great because God said C and P courage and purposes. And the purpose is just as that is, that is that other piece of the puzzle that to share with people that everybody is unique, and everybody is special, and God created us all for, for certain things, you know, to be a representation of who he is. And that's purposes. Because when I would work with clients, I was, as we had the dialogue, they would usually say, Well, I'm just here to be a mom. And I love that and and I couldn't agree more. But there's more to a human being than a mom, or I'm a doctor, or I'm a husband. We're here five minutes that will last for a period of time. Yeah, who we are. Yeah, no, we're here to express who he is. You know, Genesis says, we're created in the likeness and image of God and, and God is a creator. So that's we're creators, and we should express his his things, right, his uniqueness. So the purpose is, is just that other component. As I worked with clients, where I just saw people, they hadn't had that teaching or that revelation, and it was hindering their walk, it was hindering their health. And then Romans 8:28 says, now all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. His purpose is, right. I love that scripture. But oftentimes that last component gets gets left out that, you know, if I love the Lord, but I choose to just do things according to what I feel like are my purpose is not his purposes, well, then that kind of promise goes away that it's not all things work together for good at that point. Right? And because we know that scripture to be true, that's why I guess that's why the Lord plugged in purposes purposes there that, Hey, folks, all things work together for good. Even if you're here in my office, and you have cancer, you have a malady even if the Bible promises us that all things will work together for good. So that's where that has come into play, and just really encouraging people to know that God has a great plan for their life. Right? He has a great plan for their life, but it's a unique one.

David Sandstrom 37:31
Yes, that's right. So do you find yourself working with a lot of cancer patients?

Dr Terry Harmon 37:36
Yeah, we we work with clients from from all over North America, when we work with people will say remotely. It's through our testing and to our teaching. So it's, it's amazing every single day in my clinic, we're working with people with cancer, and we'll say, illnesses that no one has been able to assist them and going away neurodegeneration, autoimmunity. And it's amazing. It's an honor. Oh, it's an honor. And it's obviously as we know, it's a it's a malady or disease that really can be super unfriendly to people. Right? Right. It's very scary. Very scary for people. Yes.

David Sandstrom 38:17
Yeah. So we've we've touched on a lot. But can we wrap things up Dr. Harvin by talking about? Can you offer the natural nation or your audience, some low hanging fruit that they could implement into their lives and get some quick wins?

Dr Terry Harmon 38:31
Yeah, the first thing would be to take advantage of our of our ebook or our E guide. That's the first thing they can go to our site., Chirho spelled C H I R H O and then it'll under Resources, it'll be ebooks. So I think the first thing is grab that because we created that resource for people to, you know, to peruse through the the next thing would be to know to really know that God is for you. He really, uh, no matter what your past experiences have been that he's for you. I invite people towards, you know, investing an hour of their day, ideally, first thing in the morning, it doesn't necessarily have to be of Scripture reading, taking notes, prayer, and, you know, kind of journaling out your day in your life. Right. I I look at that, like a date with the bridegroom, right? Yeah, that we're invited to be this pure and spotless bride and we get to have this date time. I just feel like that is the most incredible component to life and health. Is that and if you're doing that already, just keep doing it. Right. Like those would be the two resources that I feel like come to mind. And then we have There's a mantra this this this hashtag that we've created called habit, your health, that just one habit at a time. In the book, The One Thing by Keller says it takes about 60 days to establish a habit. I think that's important. We've heard 7, 21 days what have you, but once something is a habit, it we're going to reap the fruit of our habits, whether they're positive or negative, we're truly going to read that fruit, right? So I encourage people over time, don't don't be overwhelmed by anything you hear or learn, but just begin to work on having it. Because you know, again, our life will exude our habits.

David Sandstrom 40:39
Excellent. That's really good. And all that is for free. You can't you know, to spend any money on any Amen. That's fantastic. Dr. Harmon. I've really enjoyed our time together. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Dr Terry Harmon 40:51
Hey, thanks for having me. It's an honor. I love what you're doing. Just keep it up. And I know you will.

David Sandstrom 40:57
All right, you too. Take care. Take care. For more, go to the show notes page at You can find links to all the resources that we mentioned in the episode as well as full transcripts that are downloadable. And I always include some type of a content upgrade that you can download for free. That's all for now. I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed

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