by David Sandstrom 

May 4, 2022

In this short episode, I explain the upgrades I've made to the show. Moving forward, there's going to be a video version of each episode, as well as a social media presence.

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Hello, Natural Nation. It's me David Sandstrom. I know I've been under the radar for a little while you haven't heard from me much. But that doesn't mean I have been hard at work. I've been working behind the scenes, upgrading the show to natural health matters 2.0. And it's almost ready. It's still in the oven. But in a couple of weeks, we're going to be going live with the first new video podcast. And I'm really excited about it, I want to tell you a few of the highlights about what I've been working on. So in Episode 42, last year, I changed the name of the show from Holistic Health Matters to Natural Health Matters. And that was a significant upgrade because I started to refine the message a little better. But this is much more than that. I've got a totally new design website, and new branding going on. I've got a new logo, and I've got a new tagline. The new tagline goes like this, I help you maximize your health potential, so that you can look and feel your best at any age. And of course, if you've been listening to the show, you know that we maximize our health potential by aligning our lives more fully with God's natural designed for spirit, mind and body. So last fall, I finished right I wrapped up the podcast with an 18 part series on the spiritual component of health. And most of those episodes were solo I had a couple of guests on, but it was mostly solo episodes. Moving forward, I'm going to be focusing on guests, that doesn't mean that I won't do a solo episode now and then I will, but I'm going to be more focused on getting quality guests on the show. Now I've already recorded 15 Video guest interviews. And there's some great conversations coming up. And I'm really excited to bring that to you in audio, but also in video format. So you're going to be able to listen to the the audio form like you always have. But now moving forward, you're going to be able to watch the podcast on On the show notes page. I'll have a video posted there. As well as YouTube and Rumble you'll have the full length episodes there. Now you're still going to be able to listen on all the your favorite podcast listening platforms is of course going to be on Apple podcast, Stitcher, Radio, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon music, Google Play Podbeam, Overcast and it's even going to be on Facebook. Now, learning how to do video was a pretty steep learning curve for me. You know a lot of people that do it well, they make it look easy. But creating a good video podcast is a lot more than just picking up your phone and start talking. There's equipment to buy this software to learn and there is editing to to do. It's far more complex and audio alone. But I really enjoyed this process. And I'm looking at the quality of some of these episodes. And I think you really got to love it. It's really good quality. It's professional level. I've got a new studio. Here it is. I hope you enjoy it. I think it looks pretty good. I've as I mentioned got some new gear, I've got a 4k camera that I'm using now I've got some studio lighting. I've really invested quite a bit of time and effort into this and I hope that you really enjoy the listening and learning experience better. Now another big upgrade to natural health matters. 2.0 is I'm going to have a social media presence. I'm going to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iTk, Tok, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Now YouTube is a special platform because they of course have long form video, and I'll be posting the full episodes there on Wednesday mornings. And they also have medium form video. So I'll be answering questions on five to 15 minute postings on YouTube. And I'll also be using YouTube shorts where I'll be posting one minute podcast clips there. And that's what I'll be posting on social media as well. So I encourage you to pick your social media channel that you like, find me there, follow me, like watch the videos like them comment, and if you'd leave me a comment, I definitely will respond. And if you'd like a certain video, please share it with your network, I would appreciate that. So if you want to find me on social media, my handle is David Sandstrom Health on all channels, except for Twitter that David Sandstrom health was too long for Twitter. So for Twitter, I just used Sandstrom Health. Sandstrom is spelled SANDSTROM. On Twitter, it's Sandstrom health, and everywhere else, it's David Sandstrom Health. And by the way, David Sandstrom health is good way to get a hold of me if you Google David Sandstrom health, right now, the top 10 results will be me, either one of my pages on my website, one of my previous episodes, or it perhaps it's an interview I did on another show, but the top 10 results on David Sandstrom Health on on a Google search is me. So if you use that you'll find me. My plan is to post one video per week as I used to, but I used to post on Monday mornings. Now I'm going to be posting on Wednesday mornings. So at 5am that's when I'll post the new full length podcast episode and then Monday through Friday, I'll be posting social media posts with highlight clips of that video as well as some of the other content that I've created over the last couple of years. Now the posts that I'm creating social media, their video and they're really good, I think you're really going to enjoy those. I encourage you to check them out. The first full length video I'm going to post is going to go live on May 11. I interviewed Dr. Terry Harmon. Dr. Harmon is a chiropractor and a functional medicine practitioner. And we talked about how he incorporates his faith and biblical wisdom into his healthcare practice. And it was an incredible discussion. I think it's one of the best interviews ever did, he really brought it he was a great guest and man did he bring some great information. Now the video quality is not top notch because I wasn't using Riverside just yet. But it's still good. And the content is just off the charts good. So I encourage you to check out that episode on May 11. With Dr. Terry Harmon, it's going to be episode number 76. So if you want to get a hold of me, the best way to get a hold of me is email You can always go to the website You can use the contact form there. And of course you can always DM me on social media now that I'm there. So I appreciate your patience. I appreciate you waiting all winter long for the for the podcasts that come out again. I'm excited. I hope that you enjoyed the new format. And I'll talk with you next week. Take care and be blessed.

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