Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age

by David Sandstrom 

June 28, 2021

Stacee Lynn on Holistic Health Matters Podcast

Holistic Health Coach Stacee Lynn talks about recovering from mononucleosis using natural and holistic methods. She also talks about the powerful impact of being connected to the earth, a process called earthing.

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Show Notes


Today's Guest...

  • Holistic Health Coach Stacee Lynn

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 1:52 - Stacee discovers naturopathy
  • 5:22 - I explain what allopathic medicine is
  • 10:07 - Stacee talks about having hope
  • 13:33 - I talk about taking ownership
  • 18:54 - Stacee explains what earthing is and what it can do for our health
  • 23:10 - A patient beats cancer by hugging a tree
  • 29:36 - Conclusion, how to get in touch with Stacee


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David Sandstrom 0:00
Here's a sample of what you'll hear on this episode of natural health matters.

Stacee Lynn 0:04
And I just realized that the body does have an ability to really heal itself if we do the right things to support it. And that changed everything. For me. I went to go see a naturopath for the first time ever, I didn't even know what one was up to that point. So you know, I just kind of read as much as I could and have been learning ever since and I was able to heal my my body within about a year to a year and a half and get back to normal rather than the five years they told me it could take and and I've just relied on that kind of those type of modalities ever since basically, and it served me really well.

David Sandstrom 0:37
Welcome to the Natural Health Matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential so that you can pursue the abundant life more effectively. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, naturopathic doctor and biblical health coach, and this is episode number 52.

David Sandstrom 0:59
Well, if you've been listening to the podcast, you know that I published one episode a week, and this is episode number 52. Which means you guessed it, we have one year's worth of Natural Health Matters podcast. So it's a real milestone, I'm really celebrating this. I hope you have enjoyed listening to the show. And I hope to bring you many more shows in the years to come. Today we have in the show, Stacy Lynn. Stacy is a holistic health and wellness advocate who's dedicated to helping women figure out how to feel their absolute best right now, while also creating long term wellness. It's our belief that this journey really begins the moment we embrace the healing and health promoting power of nature. Stacey, welcome to natural health matters.

Stacey Lynn 1:40
Thank you so much. I'm happy to be here.

David Sandstrom 1:43
All right. Well, I appreciate you taking the time. So I've got a question. I'd like to ask all the guests. And that is, what's your origin story? What got you into natural and holistic health?

Stacee Lynn 1:52
Yeah, well, in a nutshell, around the age of 30, which was over 20 years ago, for me now, I had come across Well, I experienced a pretty major health crisis. And it was basically it took the doctors, I visited many doctors, regular medical doctors, and they were not able to figure out what was going on with me. And finally, I went to an internist that was able to say, you know, you have, you've recently had mono and now your body, your immune system is pretty much kind of destroyed, temporarily. And it's going to take maybe for up to five years to rebuild itself. It could really you just trade need to, you know, take care of yourself. And that's about all we can tell you to do right now.

David Sandstrom 2:30
So go home, take two aspirin and call me in six months, right?

Stacee Lynn 2:33
Yes, exactly. And of course, I was, you know, I was around 30 years old, and that was not gonna suffice. I was like, I've got a life to live, I've got a kid to raise I, I need to get better faster than that. So I went home, and I kind of thought there has to be a way, you know, I don't know what it is. I didn't know anything about natural medicine or natural healing or anything. But I took myself to the bookstore, Barnes and Noble, I think at the time that SEO before Amazon and all these things online. And and I just went over to the natural health section, and I found a book that, you know, kind of changed my life really, it was called spontaneous healing by Dr. Weil. And it was something that I just devoured. And I just realized that the body does have an ability to really heal itself if we do the right things to support it. And that changed everything. For me. I went to go see a naturopath for the first time ever, I didn't even know what one was up to that point. And comment, by the way, yeah, yes. And so you know, I just kind of read as much as I could and, and have been learning every since and I was able to heal my bat my body within about a year to a year and a half and get back to normal rather than the five years. They told me it could take and I've just relied on that kind of those type of modalities ever since spacing, basically and it served me really well.

David Sandstrom 3:53
So I know that you focus on natural and holistic a lot in your podcast, which I've listened to, by the way, it's a great it's a great podcast, it's called thrive sister thrive if anybody's listening. That's it's a great podcast to subscribe to and listen. And I know that you You are a holistic person. So if you could for the for the natural-nation audience, could you please explain the difference between traditional allopathic medical care? And the natural holistic one, which I would refer to as naturopathy?

Stacee Lynn 4:22
Sure, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I obviously I can't give a textbook definition. sure if I'm not a medical professional, but I can certainly tell you how I view it anyways. For me, natural medicine is more about figuring out what the underlying cause is not just treating symptoms. And then once you figure out what the underlying causes, then it's about how can we support the body to better let it heal itself? Where when I think of more traditional or Western medicine or what, what did you call it allopathic?

David Sandstrom 4:52
Yeah, allopathic. I can define that if you want.

Stacee Lynn 4:55
Okay, great. And when I think about that, I think more of in terms of The doctors oftentimes are treating the symptoms, they're more likely to use things like surgery or, you know, medication and that sort of thing. And where, when you work with naturopaths, and whatnot, not to say they don't ever recommend those things or or do those things, but it's it's, it's not the first line of defense usually, can you can you give me the definition? Because I never use that word before.

David Sandstrom 5:22
Be happy to. And I don't even know if I've ever defined that on my own show. But the A in allopathic medicine stands for opposed to. So if you are asymptomatic, you have no symptoms, right? If you're an atheist, you are opposed to the study of theology or the Bible. So the a an allopathic means opposed to your symptoms, or your disease. So the way they're trained, which is way, MDs are trained and deos. And most of the practice is they want to go after your disease, they want to relieve your symptoms by obliterating your disease. Yeah. And I've shared this before in the podcast, but it's worth repeating. They, they want to name it, blame it, and tame it. So you go in, you talk to the doctor for five minutes, you tell him what's going on. And he takes your collection of symptoms that you're presenting, and he gives it a name. And then they blame your symptoms on that Latin name that they have for the disease. Yes. And then they want to tame it with drugs and surgery. That's their approach. Yeah, perfectly appropriate for emergencies and acute conditions. But as in your case, with these long term health challenges, you're better served with the natural and holistic methods. So tell me what methods did you use? And what did you do to get over your mono?

Stacee Lynn 6:37
Well, it was mononucleosis. Yeah. Which, which was very surprising to me. But they the internist. Basically, he finally tested some blood. And he said, Well, there's no question you've recently had this. I mean, it's, you know, I must have had a real high level antibodies and so on and so forth going on. And he said, I said, well, do I still have it? And he says, Well, I doubt you still isn't, you know, you still have it, like you're kind of over the hump. And I said, Well, why do I still feel miserable, I still feel exhausted and weak and all these things. And he said, because it is sometimes he said, there's there are some people that get mono that basically it just kind of obliterates the immune system and and then everything else obviously hinges on that, you know, and and so, my whole goal was to once I read this book, and I kind of started understanding a little bit more about it all I went to I contacted, we have an Bastyr University, here near where I live outside of Seattle, which is a well known University, for those that want to study. naturopathic medicine.

David Sandstrom 7:35
Yes. Excellent school, very good reputation.

Stacee Lynn 7:37
Yes, indeed. And so I was I, they had a clinic in Seattle, where their fifth year students, I believe it was or fourth or fifth year, students would practice alongside actual naturopathic doctors, and they would, you know, you could go in and they did everything there, they did, you know, they have the Chinese herbal medicine and the active acupuncture and all the things you know, and so I decided that I was going to go see them, and I didn't know what they were going to do. Because, you know, I thought, Well, clearly, they're going to help me somehow, but I don't know, I haven't a clue. Basically, what we started with is the whole idea was we need to rebuild the immune system, as you know, strong and as fast as we can. And so they started with, they prescribed just initially for just a little while, like some Chinese herbal medicine, like the teas, you know, that you make, which are not good. And you know, they don't taste good at all. They don't smell good, but they are powerful. But they work. They work and then cars getting on some of the right supplements and, and things at the time to help support that. And just obviously, realizing that even though I was 30, and I thought up until that point, I was invincible, that I had to get enough sleep, and I had to, you know, eat healthier foods, and I had to do all the things that I had not been doing. Just trying to, you know, reel it in a little bit. And so I really focused just a lot on getting some regular exercise course, I had to start slow because I didn't have a lot of energy and stuff for months and months and months. And so and of course, because I was still working through all of this, which was crazy, full time. I mean, I was dragging myself in every day, thank goodness, it was a desk job. Alright, at the same time, then I come home and I had a young daughter too. So I it's not like I had a lot of extra time to just rest. And I probably could have recovered a lot faster if I wasn't trying to drag myself through all that stuff every day. And I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that.

David Sandstrom 9:32
Yeah, yeah. You can't just put your life on pause.

Stacey Lynn 9:35
Yes, that's right. Yeah. And it's very difficult is a very, very difficult thing. But But yeah, that's what I did is I kind of turned to I kept it simple in the beginning with the Chinese herbal medicine just for a little while, maybe a couple months, and then it was primarily getting the right trying to figure out the right supplements and things as well as just eating better and sleeping more and just trying to you know, kind of like I said, reel it in.

David Sandstrom 10:00
If you could put your finger on one thing, what what would you say? Is that the aspect that helped you the most?

Stacey Lynn 10:07
You know, I think the answer to that I think the thing that helped me the most initially was just I, when I read that book, it gave me hope it made me believe that there was that it was possible for me to feel normal again, I had felt so terrible for months, and nobody could give me any answers. And it was very scary. I mean, it's so scary. I said, in fact, on one of my episodes its, its crazy. And I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this. But when you're when you're really unwell for an extended period of time, and nobody can tell you what's wrong with you, when you finally get a diagnosis, even if it's a what would be considered a terrible diagnosis, there's some relief in that, because it helps you feel like okay, now I have a place to start and try to figure out how to fix this thing. You know, yeah. And, and so for me, I think just feeling hopeful was initially that is so powerful, you know, to just have some belief and some hope that something that you can find your way or that something's going to come to you that's going to help you.

David Sandstrom 11:10
That's really good stuff. You know, one of the aspects to Holistic Health is the mental emotional component. And you've got to be able to believe that you can be well 100%. And it sounds like that book gave you the inspiration, saying, Yeah, there's hope here is, so that book gave you hope, which is a huge component to the mental emotional Mind Body connection all day, which I want to get into in a minute. That sounds like it was it was huge for you.

Stacey Lynn 11:35
It was huge. For me, it was huge for me, and then just and then just being able to, you know, work with this team of medical professionals that it was such a different experience at Bastyr, than it was, you know, any other doctor I've ever been to even since. And just, I mean, they didn't treat me like, Oh, this, you know, we've got like, this is just a lost cause. You know, I mean, they they made me feel like, Yeah, we got this.

David Sandstrom 12:00
So it wasn't like this girl's crazy. Give her a prescription for some antidepressants and send her away,

Stacey Lynn 12:05
right? Yeah, go deal with it. No, it was like, we got this, we just need to, you know, we just need to figure out what your body needs and give it what it needs. And so I really think the, you know, also at that point, just because I was I didn't eat like I do now. And so just getting on like, not that you want to take handfuls of supplements, because obviously, it's better to get your vitamins and minerals and things from food as my real food. But then, you know, just because I like I said I was eating better, but I wasn't probably eating great by my standards now for sure. So just finding some supplements made me feel a little more confident to that, like, Okay, I'm giving my immune system a little bit of support right now. You know, and that that made me feel physically better, too. But just I think, again, like you said, is that mental thing, you got to just feel like you're kind of doing some things that are going to actually move the needle for you.

David Sandstrom 13:00
Right, as opposed to the hopelessness of not knowing any answers. That's right. Yeah. So Jesus said, then you will know the truth and truth will set you free, which is, I believe the ancient version of knowledge is power. Yeah, yeah, that's it is you've got to have you got to have the knowledge to act on in order to act

Stacey Lynn 13:17
is so true. Yeah. So true. And we have to we have to take that on ourselves. We can't explain it. We have to, like, be real invested in our own in finding our own way through these health, you know, through our when it comes to our health, I think, you know, be empowered to be heard. And it's it's something Yeah,

David Sandstrom 13:33
Fully invested. That's a that's an important concept as well as taking ownership right saying, I'm the one responsible for my own health. It's not the doctor is not the naturopath it's not the nutritionist, or the physical, the trainer at the gym. It's me, those people are all there to support me. But I'm the one that's ultimately responsible. And then we partner my estimation, we partner with God, and God works with us because he's created us and what we we maximize our health potential when we align our lives more fully, with God's natural design for spirit, mind and body. And we lean on those principles to embrace whole person health. Yes, so So tell me, what does Holistic Health mean to you, Stacy, if you could put that into words for the for the natural nation?

Stacey Lynn 14:22
Sure. Well, for me, it means basically, you know, looking at yourself as a more than just a body or a brain right now or spiritually you're recognizing all the different parts of yourself and that they all you know, you can feed all of them and you can, you know, in different ways and support all of them in different ways. And I think when you're, you know, looking at things holistically you're not just saying well, I just want to get physically in shape and then I'm I'm fine with that I'll everything else will be fine. That's not true. You know, or I'm just going to work on my my mental game and neglect my physical you know, The rest of my body, I mean, obviously the brain is part of the body, but you know, and then, or I'm just gonna, you know, only work on my spiritual, whatever that means to an individual and, and, and neglect my health I you can't, if you if you don't sort of support all those different parts of your being, you're just not going to feel as good or be able to do as much, you know, as you would if you're kind of supporting, supporting the whole self. Yeah, and so that to me is just, you know, body, mind and soul, kind of, like you said it, you know, it's, it's working, it's supporting yourself, physically and mentally, you know, emotionally and just spiritually, and whether that is religion, or somebody that considers themselves spiritual, or they, they find the things in life that light them up and make them feel, you know, just feel joy and, and feel connected to, you know, the greater, right, the greater good in the world, you know, whatever that is for that person. I think that that is so important and powerful to make you just feel like a whole human. Really,

David Sandstrom 16:04
Absolutely. You know, for me, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. And for me, the higher power is God in His Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. And but for someone who's not of that persuasion, you, most people would acknowledge that there is something that exists outside of ourselves, there is a higher power, some people call it the universe, you know, maybe it's an energetic vibration. But if you believe in that, which most people do, it's important to cooperate with that design and that power and tap into that energy in order to achieve all the health we can. Yeah, so as opposed to working against it, which is really what drugs and surgery does, you know, I mean, it could be life saving, you know, I mean, if you're, if you're having a heart attack or a stroke, make go to the emergency room, it's huge and save your life. But at the same time, you know, a lot of drugs that we take, they have side effects, and they're they're powerful, potentized and oftentimes toxic substances that work against our body's natural processes. Yeah, they turn off or otherwise inhibit our body's natural processes. Just look at the names and the classifications, anti histamines, antidepressants, SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, beta blockers, so they block or inhibit our natural function useful at times great for acute conditions and emergencies. But when the emergency is over, we're better served with natural and holistic methods. Yes, I agree. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So tell me about some of the more interesting guests you've had on your show.

Stacey Lynn 17:43
You know what I am just getting ready to start inviting guests on my show so I dozen episodes so far. It's a pretty new pretty new podcast, but I've done a dozen episodes. So they're all these are all solo episodes. me just talking about a variety of different product subjects.

David Sandstrom 17:57
Well, I'd be happy to be your first guest.

Stacey Lynn 17:59
Yeah, well, you're coming on coming on. I think I already know what I want to have you talk about because I've listened to some of your episodes. But yeah, so I'm I'm so excited to start bringing guests on I just kind of wanted to get some some episodes up and share some of my thoughts so you know, listeners can kind of get a feel for who I am and and, um, you know, kind of what I'm when I'm sharing and exploring along with them and and then I want and also you know, if people are going to come on, they might want to have a feel for what the show is gonna be about. So I now i'm gonna i'm excited. I'm really excited to bring guests

David Sandstrom 18:33
I think that's a great place to start. Stacey. I did the exact same thing that I've done a lot of about. I'm about a year into the podcast. Now I've done a lot of guesting, but I want to start getting back into more solo episodes, which I'm going to be doing shortly. I know one of the things you've talked about recently on your show is earthing. Yeah. So could you tell the audience what earthing is and what it can do for you?

Stacey Lynn 18:54
Oh, my goodness, I'm so excited about earthing or otherwise called grounding, it's referred to both ways. And yeah, you know what it is basically it is is such an easy, natural concept that people think that it can't possibly do anything for you.

David Sandstrom 19:09
Sounds too simple. Right? So it sounds good it probably is.

Stacey Lynn 19:12
Yeah, exactly. Right. Yeah, exactly. Right. So I learned about it not too long ago, actually. It's something that we all know instinctually but it's you know, there's so many things we know instinctually that we kind of throw right out the window oftentimes, and but it's, it came onto my radar probably about four months ago, maybe I was listening to a podcast and they were interviewing a gentleman named Clint Ober, who's sort of the gentleman who's kind of figured this out in modern day this is something that's been around forever and obviously but but we've gotten so far away from it in our modern world, and he kind of started making this connection and and for the last 20 years has been trying to get the word out and teach people about earthing and grounding, but it's really such an easy concept is basically, you know, going outside and taking your shoes and socks off. And putting your bare feet directly onto the earth, whether that's the the, you know, the grass, or the soil, or sand or rocks that are sitting directly on the earth, concrete even as usually sitting directly on the earth and is made of, you know, the earth essentially. But certainly like the blacktop roads and things are not, because those have all kinds of other things in them. Chemicals in there. Right. So when you're connected to the earth, the Earth is just an abundance of negative electrons. And what happens is when we, we oftentimes in our body, we have a lot of positively charged electrons from just part of the like, sort of the fallout from our immune systems and things like that. And oftentimes, they kind of can sort of create, they will, they definitely create inflammation, when they're just kind of floating around and attaching the tissues in there and stuff before our body can kind of get rid of them. Right, and they have a lot to do with with with chronic inflammation, all of that. So when we stand on the earth, basically, it's just science that the the negative, our body is going to sort of pull up the the negative electrons from the earth and and they sort of kind of attach to these positively charged electrons in our body, and they kind of neutralize each other, which means they cannot attach and cause chaos for us inside our tissues. So they it's really helpful with inflammation, it's helpful with blood flow, it's helpful for the nervous system. It's so calming, and I think all of us that's what I would said, when I said it's instinctual as all of us when we go outside and we sit on the ground. And we're at a picnic blanket or we're at the beach and we actually are have our body like actually touching the earth without you know, rubber soled shoes and things in between the two. It is we feel better, we always feel good. People always know that they feel good when they've been at the park sitting on a park blanket or at the beach walking around, right? We just don't put it like why do we feel so good. There's actually a scientific reason even why it's not just, it's also, it's also just, you know, it's so good for the soul to be in touch with nature like that. Just

David Sandstrom 22:04
Just visualizing the beauty of the surf in the sand in the south is is also health enhancing, but right now we're talking about that, that connection with the earth. Right. And it's so huge. I like to tell people this that now I have a huge fan of earthing products myself and use them for years. Oh, good. And I tell people, you know, there's a reason why everyone loves a barefoot walking the beach. Yeah, you know, it's not just the scenery. It's it's the connection with the earth. And as you say, quite well, we get grounded to the earth, and it's very, very beneficial has all kinds of massive health implications.

Stacey Lynn 22:39
Yes, it does. It does. And it's just so innately you know, anybody can do it, even if, even if you can't walk or whatever, if you can, you know, get outside, we'll outside whatever you got to do. And just, you know, take your shoes off and sit there in a chair and put your feet on the earth for 10-15 minutes, even 15 minutes, it will just do tremendous things. If you can do that every day. It changes your life. You know, it really does. And it's it is so primal, you know, and just so natural, and there's something about it, that just feels amazing.

David Sandstrom 23:10
I'm gonna share this story, and it's a little bit some people consider this a little bit out there. But there's an MD that I I know. And I took some of his training seminars, and he shared a story about how he had a guy with stage four cancer, and the doctors had written him off. And he said, go home and get your affairs in order. So he comes to this natural guy. He's an MD, but he's also very holistic as well. And, and he said, You know, I think that you're loaded up with really all kinds of bad energies from you know, cell towers, cell phones, or radio TVs, towers, all kinds of electromagnetic frequencies that are bouncing around out there. So he identified that that was a problem for this guy. So he told him I think this is even before the earthing products were around, but he said I want you to go outside barefoot, find a smooth bark tree, touch the tree with the palms of your hands, touch your feet on the ground barefoot, and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. And I want you to do that a couple times a day for about 10 minutes a day, a 10 minutes a session. And the guy did that and he started feeling better almost immediately. Yeah, and a couple months after that. The tree died and he the patient recovered.

Stacey Lynn 24:26
Wow. Wow. I believe that the stories I have heard and the personal experience I've had just with Not that I've had that kind of an illness you know since I've begun everything and hopefully never will but but just the you there is just something really you can feel it there's something that you can just feel it and you know that something good is happening in your body you know and it just for your spirit in general and I I Clint Ober well in what happens is when you do that according to Clint Ober and all the science they've done in stuff behind it is that when when we when somebody does have a lot of emf, you know, energies all over their body like an excessive amount, you know, which is very possible in today's world with electromagnetic fields everywhere Yeah, then when you when you do grounding it discharge it, that's the first thing that happens he says is it discharges that that electro or that static that static off your body and discharges that first and then of course you start to all the other good things start to have and you know happen the blood flow increases and you know, the inflammation starts, you know, calming down and the nerve it just your nervous system in general starts calming down and right. So that's probably why he told him to do that. That is fantastic.

David Sandstrom 25:42
Isn't that a cool story. Yeah, yeah, it really is. Well, you know, I bought I bought their grounding sheets, many years ago, I would say is 101-2 years ago. Yeah, and I was sleeping on them for years, you know, as an airline pilot, I know that I get bombarded with all kinds of radiation up there. And from gamma radiation from friction of the air over the surface of the of the airplane, especially concentrated in the nose where I sit, all the all the electrical power from the aircraft systems are concentrated in the front of the airplane, to we have all the circuit breakers, we have access to that up there. So all the wires in the airplane are focused on the front of the airplane. So we have, it's almost the ideal way to get, you know, just totally intoxicated with all kinds of harmful electromagnetic frequencies. So I knew that if I could find a way to ground myself after a long day at work, that it would be useful. So I bought their their grounding sheets quite a few years ago, use them very, very successfully for a long time. But it seemed to me like you know, I wasn't getting the same benefit. I didn't feel quite as refreshed, sleeping on the sheets versus not. And I decided to order their tester. And I tested my sheets and they were no longer working.

Stacey Lynn 26:53
Yeah, they don't last forever, do they?

David Sandstrom 26:55
Yeah, so what I did is I ordered their new mattress pad. Yeah. I sleep on that now. And I gotta tell you it, I sleep I fall asleep faster. I sleep more deeply. Yes. And I wake up less. And I wake up more refreshed when I do wake up in the morning. 100%

Stacey Lynn 27:12
I couldn't agree more.

David Sandstrom 27:14
It is incredible. The difference? I mean, if if somebody would ask me like I asked you a moment ago, what was the big thing? You know, if you can only do one thing to improve your health? This would probably be near the top of the list is

Stacey Lynn 27:26
100%. Yeah. My top three for sure. Yeah, so so right. I will never ever be without some grounding products in my life. Because they are powerful. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah,

David Sandstrom 27:38
they really are. And for those that don't know they have they have grounding pads for the floor. You can put them on the floor under your desk. You What are you working, just take your shoes off and get grounded that way. There's this what do they call those pads that stick on on on your skin when they do like an EKG? Yeah.

Stacey Lynn 27:56
Right for like, if you have a sore shoulder or something, yeah, get a direct

David Sandstrom 27:59
hit injury or something and you want to just nail that spot. They've got those. I mean, it's good stuff. And it's based on solid science. And when you order their products, they send you the copy of their book. And there's all kinds of studies and trials and you know, that prove that this is not this is not placebo medicine here. There's some real good science behind

Stacey Lynn 28:18
it's real good science. Yeah. And it's that it's confusing, because there's other there's other companies that are doing knockoff type products and stuff. So you want to be sure you get the one right from earthing.com if you're going to get like that, because that's clean overs. Yeah, products that he's fine. And he's he's a really smart guy. He really has his heart and head in the right place.

Stacey Lynn 28:37
Absolutely. And I've got a link on my on my website, if you listen and go to davidsandstrom.com/resources and click on the earthing logo there on my site, you'll be taken to the right website. And you know, and I'll get a small affiliate commission if you do that. So I appreciate you supporting the show. Good. Great, but anyway, yeah,Tthey're fantastic. You would not be disappointed.

David Sandstrom 28:59
Absolutely nice unsolicited testimonial right there. Thank you, Clint. That's right. It's a cool story and how he how he figured that out as well.

Stacey Lynn 29:08
Yeah, and they have that in the book and then they even have the movie on YouTube now that the documentary that came out like a year ago or something

David Sandstrom 29:15
I think I haven't watched it yet. I'm gonna have to watch like good is quite good.

Stacey Lynn 29:19
Yeah, I think the book is better but yeah, yeah.

David Sandstrom 29:21
Yeah. All right. Well, Stacy, is there anything else you'd like to share with the with the natural nation audience?

Stacey Lynn 29:26
Well, not that I can think of right now but I just you know, I'm so glad that I could come on and chat with you is so fun.

David Sandstrom 29:32
I really enjoyed it. So how can how can people get ahold of you?

Stacey Lynn 29:36
Well, probably the easiest way is if you'd like to hang out on Instagram that's that's kind of my social place of choice than that I'm at thrive sister thrive over there. And then of course, you can check out the podcast if you want pretty much anywhere you listen to audio but or you can just go to thrivesisterthrive.com forward slash podcast and learn about some things I'm doing over there. I have a couple of really cool free wellness guides over there that people might find helpful. too, so you can grab those if you want. And those are the best places.

David Sandstrom 30:04
All right, Stacy. Well, thank you for being on the show. I enjoyed this.

Stacey Lynn 30:07
Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

David Sandstrom 30:10
More, go to DavidSandstrom.com. in the show notes for each episode, you'll find links to all the resources that were mentioned, as well as a full transcript with timestamps that you can download for free. In addition, I always include a content upgrade with each show, which is a free download that is designed to help you go deeper with that subject. Once again, thank you for listening, and I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed

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