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by David Sandstrom 

May 24, 2021

This episode is part 2 of a 2-part series where I talk with Udo Erasmus, founder of Udo's Oil and author of "Fats that Health Fats that Kill". We go over Udo's Total Sexy Health program and in this episode we about the holistic nature to health.

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Today's Guest...

  • Udo Erasmus

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 2:33 - Introduction
  • 4:25 - David learns what holistic health actually is
  • 9:26 - Udo on life energy
  • 11:15 - Udo reads the book of John
  • 13:47 - Jesus came to not to condemn but to save that world
  • 14:35 - God's circuit of love
  • 17:57 - Earthing promo
  • 20:34 - Why Udo calls it Total Sexy Health
  • 24:06 - We must live in the present
  • 31:13 - Living consistent with our natural design
  • 35:33 - What The Bible says about eating animal products
  • 38:33 - Conclusion


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David Sandstrom 0:00
Here's a sample of what you'll hear on this episode of natural health matters.

Udo Erasmus 0:05
And then I started you know, expanding and I started looking at Okay, well what else affects health? Oh yeah, well water effects health. So I got into that. And then breathing different kinds of breathing and then nature and and then I started saying, well, actually, everything affects health. So if you really want to be really healthy, and live the best possible life that is possible for you, you have to give everything it's do.

David Sandstrom 0:35
Welcome to the Natural Health Matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential, so that you can pursue the abundant life more effectively. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, naturopathic doctor and biblical health coach, and this is episode number 47.

David Sandstrom 0:56
This episode is brought to you by earthing grounding products. There's a reason why everyone loves a barefoot walk on the beach. God designed our bodies to make barefoot contact with the earth on a regular basis. We weren't designed to wear rubber soled shoes all the time, you can enjoy the health benefits of being grounded with the earth indoors by using earthing products. Go to my website, forward slash resources, and click on the earthing logo and see what a difference getting grounded can make in your health and vitality.

David Sandstrom 1:29
This episode is part two of a two part series of my conversation with Udo Erasmus. So if you haven't listened to part one, go back and listen to episode number 46. Now, it would probably be a better lead in than just jumping into this one. We're talking about his total sexy health program. And Udo's approach to health is a lot like my own. And that is that we consider people more than just a body, we have to address our mental emotional and our spiritual component if we really want to address our health effectively, if you listen to this show on a regular basis, you know, it's my contention, that we maximize our health potential by aligning our lives more fully with God's natural design for spirit, mind and body. And Udos, total sexy health program does just that, in this conversation, who do when I talk about health from a different angle than most people would consider. When we surrender to or cooperate with our natural design at all levels, it brings more peace and peace is health promoting. I think you're gonna enjoy this conversation. So let's jump right in.

David Sandstrom 2:33
You have a program that you call total sexy health. Yeah, and there's eight steps in it. And I'm not familiar with it. Maybe you could break it down for us. And let's talk about those eight steps and what it's all about.

Udo Erasmus 2:43
Okay, so the book on total sexy health, the eight key parts designed by nature, that's that's what the title of the book is. Okay, that came out of, you know, we talked about realizing that information is important. But inspiration is just as important. And I got into oils, because they were the most confusing area at least well understood, most damage, most disease causing area. And I thought, wow, I could make a difference. If we could bring the omega threes back there too low in 99% of the population, and make them with health in mind. So they're not damaged, we could help so many people, and I just got so inspired. I was like, Oh my god, I have a mission. I actually have a mission that I think is worth being on. Yeah. And so and then and then but then I got into okay, but you also got to inspire people, because information without inspiration is not going to be acted on. Right. And then I got into digestion, digestive enzymes, probiotics, fiber, because that's the next most neglected area where they're the most problems. And then I started, you know, expanding, and I started looking at Okay, well, what else affects health? Oh, yeah. Well, water effects health. So I got into that. And then breathing different kinds of breathing and then nature and, and then I started saying, Well, actually, everything affects health. So if you really want to be really healthy, and live the best possible life that is possible for you, you have to give everything it's do. And so then I said, Okay, well, let me break it down.

David Sandstrom 4:25
Can I interrupt you right there? No, I just I just need to share the story is that so your inspiration for learning what you could about health started with your own health challenge with the poisoning and intoxication you had? Yep. So I had a similar experience. I was a naturopath and I certified nutritional counselor and I had an office and I called myself holistic at the time. But the problem is I was doing the same thing that a lot of practitioners do. And I was focusing almost entirely on the physical in all but ignoring the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect to human being. And people made progress that I'm not saying it wasn't new. wasn't some use to that all that there is plenty. But when I had my own health challenge I in 2012, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. And I was in denial at first I didn't want believe it. But after I, I got an accurate blood test, and sure enough, I, I had chronic Lyme disease and I had fatigue, I had migrating joint pain, I had headaches, I had brain fog, it was it was pretty tough. It was it was a rough experience. So I knew that the traditional treatment was high dose antibiotics for a year or more. And I knew that was going to rip my gut apart. And I would probably introduce more problems than I then I solved. So I said, I'm gonna I'm gonna learn more about the mind body connection, the mental emotional component to health, and the spiritual components of health. And I did that took me a couple years, and I implemented those principles. And I beat Lyme disease without any medical intervention, no antibiotics, that's behind me now. And that's why I wrote my book, the Christians guide to holistic health, because you're right. Real health involves every area of life, not just the physical.

Udo Erasmus 6:03
That's beautiful. Yeah. So So awareness is the core. And by the way, that's beyond life and beyond death, said beyond illness and beyond health. So that's what I call it beyond health, then there's life energy, that's also beyond health and illness. Because you energy can't be created or destroyed. In those two areas, you will always be perfectly healthy. You cannot, you know, if you have trauma and drama and and, and, and problems, never in that area, never in those two areas. inspiration, also can never can never break down, you can lose your inspiration, if your awareness wanders off if your focus wanders off, but those three are internal, are more used than you are, and are beyond all of our worldly problems. Because worldly problems are mostly mental and physical, and social environment. Yeah, so those are the three that are that are not physical. Then there's the body. Mostly we talk about health, we talk about food and fitness, and then then maybe water, maybe air, and then exercise and then rest, then recovery. And detox

David Sandstrom 7:24
All about all about the physical

Udo Erasmus 7:25
and detox because it's all physical, right? Yes. And the next one is survival smarts. That's the survival part of mind. Inspiration is the thrival part of mind. In so survival smarts, depends on skills, anticipation, but also on calmness, which is internally again, then social social group, you know that people affect your health. In fact, when we were kids on playing soccer, and, you know, we got on each other's nerves, people wouldn't yell each other. Right, so we knew, yes, it's that other people's connection there. Yeah, you make me sick. Yeah. And then the next one is, is the environment. So that's number seven. And number eight, is the big picture of being okay with the fact that the body is a terminal condition, in an infinite universe, and being okay with that, and not be Oh my God, oh, my God, I'm gonna die and we're gonna die. You know, this is like, being okay with that, and living fully. And then the cherished state is to be fully present in all of your being and your surroundings, and not lost in thoughts in your head. Okay, and then, and then it's easy to respond and to flow into move in, in, in a changing environment, because it's always changing. But you have stability inside. And your focus of stability is not your mother or your government or something outside of you, but your stability you carry with you because it's within you all the time. But it's not helpful if you don't know that. It's not helpful if you're not experiencing it that way.

David Sandstrom 9:11
Yeah. Well, you know, I'd like to point this out is that you're you're kind of referring to that inner energy. And there's a Bible verse, it says, it is Christ working in and through you. And I believe that inner energy is the inspiration of Christ to working in and through us.

Udo Erasmus 9:26
Yeah, life energy has many synonyms, life energy, could be solar energy. Could be Christ could be Buddha, the enlightened one, right. The lit up enlightened. Yeah, right. So they have we had and we have had in in, you know, over time in, we've had masters on the outside that were in human form. But that lived present to the energy that they are. And each one of us has that master within us. It is omnipresent present everywhere in the body, omnipotent all power in this body. Omniscient all knowing in this body weighs nothing runs the entire show is indestructible. Never get sick, never goes on strike. unconditionally loving. Yeah, that's our the, our essential nature, our individually essential nature

David Sandstrom 10:24
is that although you could have been standing up in a Christian church and preaching from a pulpit right there.

Udo Erasmus 10:30
Why in some probably in some churches, not in all churches? Not at all. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Because some people memorize the words. And I think that's not enough. You know, good words. But if you memorize you want me personally, I want to always go from the words. And they say, okay, where in me? Is that coming from? Where in him? Where's that coming from? I want to have that experience.

David Sandstrom 10:58
Well, yeah, memorizing words and information is great. But But here's the problem. No knowledge and failure to act on knowledge have the same result.

Udo Erasmus 11:09
Ha, ha, ha, Right, right.

David Sandstrom 11:12
Right. It's, it's true. You've got to act on it.

Udo Erasmus 11:15
But then acting on it requires a feeling inspiration. Yeah. Because when when I read the book of John, you know, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Yeah, it goes on. And it's and word became flesh and dwelt amongst us full of wisdom and truth. The hair goes up in the back of my head every time I say that. Yeah. And I got to a point where I said, I, I want to have the experience that he had that inspired that poetry, because you can't write that if you have no experience. Yeah, then pretty soon I would say, you know what, actually, I want to have the experience Jesus that that inspired him to say, whatever he said in the sermon of the mountain that made him able to heal, and you know, all of that. And I've had some very profound experiences, just because I asked the questions, negative from the church, positive in terms of my own experience of life.

David Sandstrom 12:10
Yeah. Well, if, if you had a bad experience at church, I'm sorry for that. There's a shame.

Udo Erasmus 12:16
It's not your fault.

David Sandstrom 12:18
And if someone mistreated you, I would I was suggested there, they weren't acting in a Christ like fashion, they might have called themselves a Christian. But they weren't really living it.

Udo Erasmus 12:28
Oh, I understand. But I'm really grateful. It was the worst experience I had in my life. But I am grateful for it. Because that led me to the best experience I had in my life. So I had a meeting with this being of light. While I was super desperate, and I really wanted to know. And of course, when you get really desperate, you become really sincere right? Often, right. So I really wanted to know, and I'd been trying to

David Sandstrom 12:53
They say there's no atheists, and there's no atheists in a foxhole.

Udo Erasmus 12:57
Yeah, kinda like that. Yeah. And so I had this experience where this being came. And I wanted to know, what was the message of the master? What is the message of the master? And there was this being embodied a message, didn't say it, no label on his forehead, who is this message was, I am come not to judge but to love.

David Sandstrom 13:19

Udo Erasmus 13:20
And just from that, just from that experience happened in the middle of the night, in in the middle of nature, where I went to clear my head from this really nasty experience. Yeah. And all of my confusion and the anxiety and the fear and everything. Gone. I've never had a question, what was the essence of Christ's message? I am come not to judge but to love.

David Sandstrom 13:47
Wow, that's really awesome. You know, most people are familiar with john 3:16. Right? It's God's love the world that he gave his only begotten Son who have whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. What's lesser known is the verse that comes after that, and it says, Christ did not come into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Which is almost word for word, what you just said.

Udo Erasmus 14:10
Yeah. And that is also the nature of life energy. unconditionally loving, right? Which is why, which is why it's not hard to become a giver. When you feel it, and you feel its love for your body. Yeah. Then to be an instrument that is not that hard. That's as an experience, not as a belief. Yeah, and that's, that's important difference.

David Sandstrom 14:35
Well, you know, I've got a chapter in my book called The power of love. And And Jesus said, This Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. And I believe that that understanding wrapping our minds around the kind of love God has for us is is a pretty important thing. And I get a dedicated chapter in my book to it. And you know, there's, there's a verse I don't remember exactly where it is right now, but it says, oh, that you would know the height and The depth, the width of the love of God. And, and I getting back to the idea that we talked about I'm looking to nature to learn something about God's invisible attributes that's in Romans chapter one. I learned this from a book I read called the god shaped brain by Dr. Timothy Jennings. And I think he's an inspired author of really intelligent guy, MD. And he talks about God's circle of love. And in my book, I call it the God's circuit of love. And he gave us examples, he's painted pictures for us, to help us understand some of the more important things and one of them is The love of God. And what jenning says is, God's love goes out to the world, we receive it in its unconditional, as you said, unending unrelenting. And we are to reflect that love back to him and us in a never ending circle, kind of like a waiting band. And we see this circle or circuit everywhere we look in nature, you know, the, the the planets revolve around the sun, the moon revolves around the Earth, there's an electrical circuit, so electricity can't go anywhere, until it's grounded, and it returns back to the earth. So electricity comes from lightning in the clouds in the foot in the negative charges, the positive charge from the lightning goes, goes down, the opposite track comes down to the ground track to the negative ions, and then we can produce electricity, but that electricity does us no good and won't flow until it's given away. And it goes back to ground. You know, we have the water cycle, we have water evaporating, going into the atmosphere, that it rains back down, lands on the land masses, forms, rivers and lakes and heads back to the ocean and starts the process all over again. So we see this never ending circuit or cycle. And I would suggest that God, it's almost like God is saying, Hey, this is really important. Guys, I want you to I don't want you to miss this. Alright, my love is unrelenting. My love is endless. And I want you to reflect that love to a lost and dying world. You know, Jesus said, when you've fed the hungry and visited the prisoner in jail, you've done it to me. So that's why we're here is to share that love with other human beings.

Udo Erasmus 17:19
Yeah, what you have done to one of the least of these that you have done to me, I don't know how to understand that unless I am in everyone. Yes, and everyone.

David Sandstrom 17:29
Yeah. That

Udo Erasmus 17:31
you know, whether they're in jail, or whether they're sick, or whether they're mentally ill, or whatever, it's going on. Life Energy. Anybody who's alive, I am in every one of them. Yeah, so you can't say you can't say well, these are the good guys. And these are the bad guys. That's not the message of Christ.

David Sandstrom 17:47
Yeah, I would agree with that

Udo Erasmus 17:48
The message of Christ is unconditional love.

David Sandstrom 17:51
Every human being has immeasurable worth every human being.

Udo Erasmus 17:56

David Sandstrom 17:57
So what's, what's the sexy part of this? Our bodies build up electrical energy. Everyone's seen how on a cold day, if you rub your feet on a carpet and then lightly touch someone on a skin, there'll be an electrical discharge from your fingertip to their body. The same thing happens on a much larger scale during a thunderstorm. Our bodies energy is very subtle. And the trouble is, much of the energy that builds up in our bodies throughout the day is harmful to our health. We need to ground our bodies with the earth to help us reset our subtle energy rhythms. As an airline captain, I'm keenly aware of this phenomenon. spending hours in a pressurized tube at 500 miles per hour is a highly efficient way to absorb harmful electromagnetic frequencies. EMFs are a big part of what causes jetlag. After a long day in the air, my body is full of harmful energies that need to be neutralized. Want to know how I fight back. I sleep on an earthing mattress pad, and I get grounded all night long. I find I sleep better, and I wake up more refreshed. These days, everyone's bombarded with EMFs from cell phones, Wi Fi, even electrical current from our home appliances is harmful. When we make contact with the earth, we naturally discharge or neutralize these harmful energies. That's why a barefoot walk in the beach is universally adored by everyone. to a lesser degree. We can do the same thing by walking barefoot on the grass, especially if it's wet. It will just take longer. The trouble is in this world we live in. It's just not practical to go barefoot most of the time, and who has the time anyway. The folks over at earthing have solved this dilemma for us. They've got all kinds of products that make it easy to get grounded when we're indoors. If you'd like to start fighting back against this serious threat to your health. Go to my website, DavidSandstromcom forward slash resources. That's d A v i d, s a n d s t r o forward slash resources, use my affiliate link and click on the earthing logo and see what a difference getting grounded with the earth can make in the way you feel. Now let's get back to the show.

David Sandstrom 20:31
So, what's what's the sexy part of this?

Udo Erasmus 20:34
Oh, so so the I so the ideas, if you think of it, we use sex to sell everything. Why is that? Because sex is the power word. Why is that the power word? Because it makes you feel something. Yeah. And a lot of people if you're really in your head, you know, sex will still make you feel something.

David Sandstrom 20:55
Yeah, it triggers an emotional response. And we make we make purchase decisions based on emotions.

Udo Erasmus 21:01
Yeah, you may not feel anything in your heart. Because that's more difficult than feeling something sexually. So sex is the power word. And we say we use that word to sell everything. And I thought, gee, wouldn't it be nice if somebody used that word, to sell people on themselves on the on the magnificence of their, of their being. And to actually embrace that you have to give each one of those eight parts it's due. Because each one has a different nature and a different function. Each one needs a different attention on a regular basis. And each one goes off in a different ways and responds to a different kind of intervention. Yeah, so so it is my honor to be able to use the sexy to sell people on themselves. But there's another reason is when you talk about sexy like on the street. Anything that is attention getting, that is full on. That is present. That is vital. That is amazing. That is cool. is called sexy, including architecture, sexy architecture, sexy poetry, sexy lines in art, sexy technology, right. So the word sexy is a power word, but is also has a very wide application. So when you are fully present in all of your being, and your surroundings. So in other words, aware of awareness, aware of life, energy, aware of inspiration, aware of the body, and all of that aware of your surroundings, aware of the people aware of nature, when you're fully present in all of that, that is the most present you're going to be. And that's going to be your most sexy, because people like that are super attractive. That's why people love the masters. Because they were present in all of their being. Right? Yeah. And then and then the model is that when you get out of line with one or more of these eight parts, then you lose part of your sexy, because each one of those eight confers part of your sexy part of your presence to you. And when you get realigned with it, you get your sexy back.

David Sandstrom 23:27
I get it

Udo Erasmus 23:28
So sexy and healthy. Could be synonyms. Yeah, I'd use.

David Sandstrom 23:33
Yeah, I would agree with that. Yeah, you know, I want to go back to a point you just made about about living in the present. And and in the Bible says that Jesus taught Who of you by wearing can can add one inch to his height, or in another passage Do not worry about tomorrow for today is enough trouble of its own. So, you know, we have the past that we can look to and learn from. And we can plan for our future. But we certainly don't know it. We only have the present. We live in the present moment. And

Udo Erasmus 24:04
there's choices.

David Sandstrom 24:06
Yeah, if we're living in the past, we're likely to be bothered by some hurt, or some woundedness that would be affecting our present. That's not a good place to live. And if we're living in dwelling in the future, that can be very, very fear producing because it's so uncertain anxiety,

Udo Erasmus 24:24
if you're worried about the future and depression if you're thinking about the past,

David Sandstrom 24:28
Right. So we live in the present and to focus on the present, will will bring a great deal of peace and peace brings health.

Udo Erasmus 24:38

David Sandstrom 24:39
Yeah, we I think you and I are in total agreement there.

Udo Erasmus 24:42
Yeah. And I came to a very different my parents were not religious. Yeah, they they went through the First World War. Then after that the Bolshevik Revolution after that the depression and after that the second world war that was their life in Europe. Yeah, they were in Latvia, then in Poland, and in Germany. Yeah, a day. Basically, their religion was nature. Nature's pace is good. And, you know, nobody bothers you. And people don't like try to impose all of their crazy ideas on you. So they were like that when we asked the questions, they said, Well, you got to figure it out for yourself. And what happened to me is when I was in my 20s, I decided, I, it occurred to me one day that my grandfather, who I never knew, hadn't been dead for 50 years, and nobody remembered him. I don't even know what his name was. Well, but there was this guy called Jesus, and they're still talking about him. 2000 years later, yeah, what's the difference? And so then I took a gutter RED LETTER edition, where everything Jesus said was in red, and everything else was in black writing. Yeah, right. And I started putting little things he said to the test, like some of the things he said about faith, don't worry about what's going to happen. Yeah, you know, just and I literally took risks, put myself in risks that if what he said wasn't true, I would have not ended up in a good place. And what did you find? and incredible things happened just like, unbelievable things happened. And then the combination of it was that experience that I told you about after the Christians told me that I was from the devil and the and the Antichrist, and I should get the hell out of there. It was intense because I'm on the on the sidewalk. And I wonder in the dark on the sidewalk, and I'm thinking, Okay, well, I haven't seen God. So maybe I'm asking the wrong question. But then why am I asking the wrong question? Because Elijah saw him, Elisha saya, Moses saw him, Jesus saw him why, why would it be you know, we were told this kid, if you see God, you die. And I said, how's it how's how's that fair? Yeah, you live in a world, you're abandoned by the guy you most need. I know, my thing is that, so it's like, you know that? That can't be true. That can't be true.

David Sandstrom 27:01
Well, you know, I have I have a lot to say on that. Again, I'm sorry, you were treated that way by those people that call themselves Christians. I would certainly never say that to you.

Udo Erasmus 27:12
But remember, but remember that that led to the best, the most powerful experience I had in my life?

David Sandstrom 27:17
Well, that's cool. I'm glad you turn that negative into a positive.

Udo Erasmus 27:20
Yeah, it wasn't it wasn't it didn't feel positive at the time.

David Sandstrom 27:25
Well, here I wanted to say a couple things. One is the Bible is often descriptive, not prescriptive. So in other words, we can't see a story that happened to someone and say, well, that's the way you need to do it. Well, maybe not. Right, maybe it's just describing the actual events that took place. And you know, we can learn some lessons, some application from it, but not necessarily. It's not necessarily universal prescription for how we should behave. And for instance, is back in Jesus day, the pace was a lot slower. You mentioned pace a moment ago. And Jesus, when he wanted to go somewhere, he either walked, rode horseback, or maybe took a boat. But either way, it was

Udo Erasmus 28:08
Dont forget the donkey.

David Sandstrom 28:09
Oh, the donkey? Yes, that's true, too. So. So the pace was a lot slower. Alright, news traveled a lot slower. And the world we live in is absolutely crazy. We were never designed to have instant access to the kind of information we have today. You have in your pocket, most of us, the Internet, and you have access to the world's problems, you know, the hurricane in the islands, the earthquake in Haiti, that can bring on a great deal of stress. And a book that I read recently that really spoke to me was get your life back by John Eldridge. And he talks about unplugging from the matrix once in a while. And he has a companion app that goes with the book, and it's free. It's called the pause app. And you can set the time of the day that you'd like to be reminded, and the says, Hey, time for a pause. And it gives you some relaxing music, you see a nice picture on the screen. And you hear John Eldridge, leading you through this moment of meditation. And he gives you the opportunity to turn everything over to God, say, I turned everything and everyone over to you God. And I'll tell you that that app for the last year has given me a great deal of peace, you have 2020 was full of turmoil. But I found a great deal of peace by taking that one or three minute pause and just unplugging from the matrix, if you will, for a couple of minutes. And and I think that's a super important habit that we all should learn whether you use the app or not, whether you read the book or not taking some time to get quiet and still, that is a really radical concept today, but very health promoting.

Udo Erasmus 29:47
I 100%. Agree and I make a point of doing that every day. Excellent. I usually do it before I get out of bed. I joke about it to say see Well, before I get out of bed I want to check in to see if I'm still there. Because if I'm not there anymore, there's no point in getting out of bed. But that's just a joke. I do it because I do it because I want to, you know, when I'm sleeping, you know, my mind wanders and I have dreams and all of that. Yeah, when I, when I wake up, I want to, I want to become fully present. And then I want to drag that presence that I get to in stillness. I want to drag that out into the world with me. Yeah, because you can, you can do the stillness, and then forget about it when you go out. But I'd like to live out of that stillness into the world. Because when I'm in a still place, I see the world and create the world very differently than if I'm in anger. Or I'm in in fear. Yeah. And if I'm in fear, I see danger everywhere. And then I'd be looking for the danger. And then I looking to hide. You know, if I'm angry, I see enemies, then I'm trying to figure out how to beat the enemies. Yeah, but I'm in stillness. I Oh, my God. Peace has always been everywhere. Yeah.

Udo Erasmus 31:05
That's so incredible.

David Sandstrom 31:07
You'll see what you're looking for. Right? Yeah,

Udo Erasmus 31:09
exactly. Yeah, stillness is nice. stillness is really nice.

David Sandstrom 31:13
Let me ask you this Udo. It's my contention that we maximize our health potential when we align our lives more fully with God's design for spirit, mind and body. And I know you talk about being in touch with in harmony with nature in our, within our internal being. So could you speak to that for just a minute?

Udo Erasmus 31:31
Sure. We, when we, when we originally came out of the garden, you know, what were what we were eating in the garden. I think we were eating fruits, off trees, fruits of it. And there wasn't, I don't didn't see anything about fire there. Or stoves, or frying pans. So were we eating raw food. And if you think about it, nature's mandate, nature being the child of God, right. Nature's mandate for every creature that eats food was fresh, whole, raw, organic, and probably mostly plant based for humans, because we couldn't run as fast as the animals. And when we only had rocks to hunt with, we probably didn't come home with a lot of meat. So fresh, whole organic is is a is a standard. Just like nature standard, God's standard for food. And the more you eat fresh, whole, raw, organic, once you get used to it, the better you the longer you're going to live and the better health you're going to have. And we also ran around naked, so we were never vitamin D deficient. And vitamin D deficiency is why we get colds, flus, and that other thing that's going around, because 80% of the population is vitamin D deficient. And that affects lung function and effects and effects, respiratory illnesses, as well as many other things in the body.

David Sandstrom 33:03
Absolutely. And we know that now with the whole with the whole COVID thing. We're talking about vitamin D levels to be optimized

Udo Erasmus 33:09
82% of the black population 75% of the Hispanic population. 60% of the white population is vitamin D deficient. And just about anybody living in an old age care home, hardly ever gets to see the sun and they don't get vitamin D supplements. And that's why they do so poorly on COVID, right?

David Sandstrom 33:31
The darker your skin, the less efficient your skin is at converting sunlight to vote because he says

Udo Erasmus 33:37
it came from the tropics and they got so much sun they had to get get some protection from

David Sandstrom 33:41
Less less of it. Yeah, going back to the designer, the designer design things well, I just want to say one thing about eating raw and eating, eating natural foods. My my rule my number one rule for healthy eating is eat food as close to its God given natural form as possible. Yeah. So in a way, yeah, the way nature God designed it, and we find the way we find it in nature. So obviously the most healthiest food we're going to be the single ingredient foods, you know, anything at the grocery store in a box or a package is suspect. Yeah, because the more peep man gets his hands on our food supply, the less healthy it becomes they start putting stuff in there, you know, adulterants, like chemical coloring, chemical flavoring texture agent, because even hearing engineer weWe

Udo Erasmus 34:25
Pretend that we're smarter than God. Right, we can improve that we can improve on his in imperfect design, right? That's pretty

David Sandstrom 34:34
We don't turn to technology for our food. We look back to the nature in the natural way of things and that's, that's the most important thing. I just want to say one thing about eating vegetables, and that is yes, we ate fruits and vegetables in a garden where that's clear. But in Genesis chapter nine, a few pages to the right. We see Noah and his family emerging from the ark and a great shift took place and God tells them that there will be You're on the animals because you will have dominion over them, and they will be food for you. So that some kind of a shift took place. It was a, it was a seismic shift because up to that point the Bible talks about people living for 7-8-9 100 years.

Udo Erasmus 35:16

David Sandstrom 35:16
And and after the fact

Udo Erasmus 35:18
They were also running around naked in the garden, a lot of shifts, things shifted when we got booted out. That's like saying, you know, a lot of things take place in the in the womb. And then when we get kicked out, when things change, you end up in a very different world.

David Sandstrom 35:33
Yes, yeah, absolutely. So, so it's my recommendation. I just want everybody to know, yes, we can eat animal products, but you need to eat them that are raised in a natural fashion. You know, a chicken is an omnivore. They should be free range and they should be organic, and they should be eating a combination of you know, nuts and seeds and worms and insects that that's a chicken's natural diet. A cow should be grazing on grass and short green stuff growing out of the ground, not corn. A cow would never eat corn and this is a whole podcast in itself. But his God given natural form of fish should be wild caught. It shouldn't be farm raised fit an unnatural diet. Most people don't even know this but if you buy farm raised salmon, look at the ingredients you probably gonna see red dye number 40 in there because they had to add dye to that gray pale looking ah flesh to make it look appetizing

Udo Erasmus 36:26
salmon meat is grey it's not it's not it's not pink

David Sandstrom 36:28
not pink. Right so that's so that that one rule eat food is close to its God given natural form possible what will really take care of you in a lot of circumstances

Udo Erasmus 36:37
and and sometimes people say, well, it's I can't eat raw food. No that's because you're not used to it. So you have to go slowly, get your get your body used to eating it, because your body will adapt. But it takes time. Yes. You know, because we're being if you grew up on cooked food, and being cooked food all your life, then all of a sudden you go 100% raw Yeah, your your guts gonna say what do you doing? What do you know?

David Sandstrom 37:01
What are you doing to me?

Udo Erasmus 37:01
Right? So you have to, you have to just like you have to exercise for a long time to build bigger muscles. You have to take time with raw food and bring them in slowly more and more and more. Yeah, give your digestive system a chance to get used to eating raw foods.

David Sandstrom 37:19
Absolutely. And the same is true of eating into your time restricted eating or intermittent fasting is start off slow. You know, if you've been eating three, four or five meals a day for 40 years, you know your system is going to freak out if you go 24 hours without you know without food. So take it slow. It's a very healthy thing to do. I'm a firm believer in time restricted eating if you can limit your eating to six or eight hour window that's that's awesome. But do it slowly just you know increment at a time don't just try to do it all overnight. Your body's gonna go to rebel.

Udo Erasmus 37:51
Maybe it may rebel. Yeah.

David Sandstrom 37:53
Yeah. Yeah. a pretty good chance. But so anyway, Udo How can people get a hold of you if they'd like to get learn more about you.

Udo Erasmus 38:00
I have to two addresses. One is U D O S That's where I talked about the oil and the enzymes and probiotics and stuff like that products. And then the other one is called theudo T H E U D And we have some courses.

David Sandstrom 38:20
Yeah, and I will definitely put a link to the total sexy health program in the show notes page to this episode. Thanks for being here. Who do I appreciate your time.

Udo Erasmus 38:30
Thank you. It's been a blast. All right.

David Sandstrom 38:33
Please don't forget, this episode was brought to you by Earrthing grounding products. If you'd like to start cooperating more fully with God's design for your body and start enjoying all the health benefits of being grounded with the earth on a regular basis, go to my website, forward slash resources, and click on the earthing logo and see what a difference getting grounded with the earth can make in your vitality. For more, go to in the show notes for each episode, you'll find links to all the resources that were mentioned, as well as a full transcript with timestamps that you can download for free. In addition, I always include a content upgrade with each show, which is a free download that is designed to help you go deeper with that subject. Once again, thank you for listening, and I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed

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