by David Sandstrom 

March 8, 2021

In this episode, I talk with 7-time best selling author and motivational speaker Shawn Anderson about conquering limiting beliefs and the health benefits to going the extra mile. Shawn rode his bike across America twice and has walked across 7 countries in Europe.

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Show Notes


Today's Guest...

  • Shawn Anderson 7-time best selling author and Motivational Speaker

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 1:38 - Introduction
  • 3:33 - Shawn starts his first bike ride across America
  • 11:03 - Limiting beliefs about ability and genetics
  • 13:42 - Doing good for others Benjamin Franklin quote
  • 17:23 - The Extra Mile Movement
  • 20:51 - Faith & Hope's bake sale
  • 29:55 - Shawn meets some interesting people on his bike ride
  • 34:37 - Shawn on goal setting
  • 38:52 - David on asking 3 crucial questions
  • 42:09 - It is more blessed to give than receive
  • 46:01- Conclusion


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David Sandstrom 0:00
Here's a sample of what you'll hear on this episode of holistic health matters.

Shawn Anderson 0:04
I challenge people so much that the quality of their life begins with what they're thinking and feeling about themselves. Because of those thoughts are negative, so is the direction you're going to walk. So what are the outcomes you're going to produce? My goal for me is to continue to live young, until I have no breath left in my lungs.

David Sandstrom 0:26
Welcome to the holistic health matters podcast where it's all about maximizing our health potential in spirit, mind and body so that we can pursue the abundant life more effectively. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, batcher, Pathak, doctor and biblical health coach, and this is episode number 36.

Shawn Anderson 0:51
This episode is brought to you by my book the Christians guide to holistic health. If you're frustrated with the New Age thought that permeates the natural and holistic health space, my book is a breath of fresh air. I've spent more than 20 years researching natural and holistic health. And what I discovered is that we maximize our health potential by aligning our lives more fully with God's design for the whole person, spirit, mind and by the information in my book can not only increase your physical vitality, but make you stronger mentally, emotionally, and draw you closer to God. If you'd like to cut through the noise, and get some biblically based information that you can implement right away, go to my website, David forward slash book and order your copy today.

David Sandstrom 1:38
Today we have in the show Sean Anderson. Sean is an amazing guy, and he's got a little bit of Forrest Gump inside of him as you're about to hear. He's an expert at inspiring and motivating people. And we're going to be talking about conquering limiting beliefs and the power of going the extra mile. I think you're going to enjoy hearing from him. So let's jump into my conversation with Sean Anderson. As a motivational speaker, Sean Anderson is the guy that walks the talk, a business success, a seven time best selling author, a world travel adventure, who has peddled the US on a bike twice, run a 100 mile race created adventures in close to 50 countries including having walked across England, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Sean has inspired, motivated and empowered 10s of 1000s of people. No one delivers the go the extra mile message more powerfully than the guy who has inspired world record holders, Big City Mayors, media outlets around the world. And everyone in between. Shawn, welcome to the show.

Shawn Anderson 2:46
David, it's my privilege to be on your show today.

David Sandstrom 2:48
Thank you so much for having me. Well, thank you for being here. Tell us a little bit about who Sean Anderson is how did you end up becoming a motivational writer and speaker?

Shawn Anderson 2:57
Well, you know, I've always built myself as a as an ordinary guy who just who believes in doing his best to live an extraordinary life. And you know, I wasn't born with any great privilege. But I was born with a great heart, a heart and an understanding that we can create the life we want, depending on the amount of effort we put into creating that life. And so ever since a young age, I've always understand the rules of cause and effect. And so I've made sure that I'm the person that's doing the causing and hopefully the effects turned out the way they haven't. I've been blessed to have lived a substantial life. And I sense that my best days are still coming.

David Sandstrom 3:33
Excellent. I'm curious, and I'm sure a lot of people that are listening to this show are curious as well. How long did it take you to ride a bike across America?

Shawn Anderson 3:43
The first time I did it as a non bicyclist and the story behind that one is, you know, I had become a vegetarian. And a lot of people said, Wow, man, you look so unhealthy. You're so thin, you lost so much weight and I and I have this thing about me that I love the challenge. And I said I'll show you how unhealthy I am. So on that Friday, I went to a store in California called Rei and I bought myself a bike. on that Monday I dipped the back tire of that bike is in the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco and, and 48 days later, I dip the front tire in the Atlantic Ocean at near Virginia Beach, Virginia. So you know, that was 83 miles a day average for a non bicyclist and that's how that's how all migrated ventures my long trekking adventures began was with that first tour.

David Sandstrom 4:33
It's kind of Forrest Gump-ish. What made you decide to do that? Why did you want to tackle that?

Shawn Anderson 4:39
Well, again, it was just the challenge at that particular time of people thinking that I wasn't healthy, but yet on the inside my vitality felt so strong. You know, like I said, I'd become a vegetarian and I just felt this new wave of energy come over me and I thought I could do that. Now. You know, people would say well, you're crazy to be a non bicyclist and think you can pedal across the country. It but yet i knew that i I had two things, I had strong legs because I was a jogger, and I had a strong heart, man, I, I don't know the word quit. And if you put me on a bike seat, and you show me and tell me where to go, I'm getting there. And so that's what it happened.

David Sandstrom 5:14
All right. Obviously, you're operating at a very high physical level, probably a level higher than I'll ever achieve and hard that most people can only dream of. And I know from my study and writing my book, and the research I did, that you can't operate at that kind of a physical level without having your mental emotional game down. And I'm a firm believer that there's three parts to a human being we are a spirit, we have a mind, and we live in a body. And without that mental emotional component that's going on in our mind being right, you're never going to achieve the kind of physical vitality and operate at the level that you're obviously operating at. So I'd like to jump into a little bit about your mental emotional game. Tell me what was going through your head when you started that bike ride?

Shawn Anderson 5:56
Well, first off, I appreciate that question. And and just to let people know, I'm not young and an age, I'm just young at heart, I'm 58 years old. So for people who think that they're over 50, or 55, or even 60, or 70, or whatever, man, you're only as old as you ever think you are.

David Sandstrom 6:09
I'm 58 as well.

Shawn Anderson 6:10
Yeah. So you know, we got it in us, we've got an illness if we just believe and start working towards that. Now, this is what's interesting. You've asked me what kind of mental strength do I have? What kind of emotional strength Do I have that allows me to succeed in doing these, the truth of it is, is I call these adventures, my axe sharpening adventures, I go do them to become stronger. I go do them to find my greater passion, my, my greater resolution, my greater intention, my more magnified purpose. Because once you complete something so enormous, that has pushed you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and you reach the other side, you can't help but become bigger and better and loaded with more intention. So again, I go to get sharper. I don't go because I'm sharp.

David Sandstrom 7:01
I get it. So you're about growth. You're about personal development.

Shawn Anderson 7:06
Yeah, I'm about not not dying while I'm here. Right. Yeah. I think I think a lot of people as they get older, you know, they think that retirement, it should be play fun, whatever it is, if that's what you want, it is, but it doesn't mean that we become less valuable. I believe that right now, I am more valuable than I've ever been ever. And every person of whatever ages, because Come on, as we get older, shouldn't we also get smarter? wiser? Shouldn't we also become more insightful? Should we also know what it takes to succeed and not succeed? So oftentimes, I feel that our society throws away age, when age is such a valuable component to success, to success, and however you want it. And so I, my goal for me, is to continue to live young, until I have no breath left in my lungs.

David Sandstrom 7:58
Absolutely. Amen. Brother. A lot of people say oh, well, duh, you know, you eat unhealthy you do and all that, that health stuff, but you know, you're not gonna live forever. Well, no, I'm not gonna live forever here in this earth. But it's not about adding years to my life, so much as it is about adding life to my ears. I want to be vibrant and active into my later years into retirement, you know, I want to be there for my grandkids, I want to be able to bend down and pick them up, when I'm 80 years old, and hang with them and do activities. It's about living a vibrant life well into the later years, which I believe we're designed to do. We're not supposed to be old and decrepit. The last, you know, 1520 years, spend the last three years of our lives in a nursing home. That's not that's not in our design.

Shawn Anderson 8:39
Right? I agree with that. And it's our greatest contribution should truly come at the end of our life. Because that's when we, as we when we become hardened with these lessons, these these every day that we've walked the scars that show on our skin, man, those are lessons that we've learned the scars that are in our, our hearts and our minds. And those are the lessons that we should be passing forward in making our greatest contribution, the contribution of those last couple years of our life.

David Sandstrom 9:07
I agree. And that's, that's when you've got your full of wisdom and you're full of things to share. And I know part of your message, Shawn is about focusing on others, as opposed to being self focused. But let's get into that a little bit later on. There's a couple of questions. I want to talk about this mindset that you've got. It's my contention that our mental emotional component has three primary focus areas. One is limiting beliefs. The other is the self talk or the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves as we go throughout our days. And emotional intelligence. I gotta believe there's somebody out there listening right now that says, Wow, this guy rode a bike across the United States. not once, but twice. I could never do that. He's just has something something special. What would you say to that person? What would you say to that limiting belief.

Shawn Anderson 9:51
Ah, to the person who can't? Who doesn't think that he can do something that person is absolutely right that person is absolutely right. Because whether we get off the starting line or not as a matter of if we think we can, if we get to the finish line or not is a matter if we think we can, because it doesn't even matter what's in the middle of that starting line, and that finish line, if you're not believing in you, and, and, and willing to overcome whatever is in between that beginning of that, and man, you got no chance. So, so I challenge people so much that the quality of their life begins with what they're thinking and feeling about themselves. Because of those thoughts are negative, so is the direction you're gonna walk. So what are the outcomes you're going to produce? We've only got a shot at getting through this as successfully as we want when we believe we're going to get through it successfully. That's the belief that I live with every single day, doesn't mean I succeed all the time. No, it doesn't mean that I succeed yet, but I never give up, I still keep going. And eventually, if you keep chipping away at a piece of wood, if you keep throwing that axe down upon it, it will split.

David Sandstrom 11:03
What would you say to somebody that probably more easy to understand how they're not going to match your physical vitality. But let's say it's something a little more mundane. everybody in my family has been overweight, or heart disease runs in my family, I'll probably die of a heart attack before 70. Those kinds of limiting beliefs can become self fulfilling prophecies. speak to that for a minute for the person who's interested in health. But has this kind of cloud hanging over their head about saying, well, I just it's I might not have the genetics for that. What would you say to that person?

Shawn Anderson 11:34
Well, I believe that, sure, we absolutely are born with a certain DNA, but we have the ability to flip the switch and change the direction I grew up in a two alcoholic parent family. But that doesn't mean that I have to be an alcoholic, that doesn't mean that I had to accept my destiny. You know, I think I think if you have that kind of background in a way you can look at as being empowering, because if you know you come from a background, a family with heart disease, that you should be doing everything you can to, to flip the switch and go a different direction, you've got that power in you. Now you can choose to roll over and give milk and go ahead and just say that's my destiny. But that's just not the sort of guy I am. And I deep down I believe it's not the sort of guy, a woman person that that any of us really want to be. I am a big believer in creating my own destiny, not in accepting that cards that I was dealt with at the beginning of life. And the more that we learn to trust in ourselves, the more that we learn to put forward positive action, we start to change the destiny that we might have been given. And so if you believe that you have this heart disease, or these troubled knees or whatever, and you can't exercise, I think that that's false thinking. I think it's absolutely false thinking because what you're doing is you're just setting yourself up for failure, you're setting yourself up for what you're going to get. And I say, Man, this is your chance. This is your time, this is your time to do what's right to change your path. So do it.

David Sandstrom 12:59
Yeah, I totally agree with that. Just because Uncle Joe died of a heart attack at 55. That doesn't mean it's your destiny. You know, we all have a set of genetics. But nurture is far more important than nature. When it comes to our health outcomes. The choices that we make on a day to day basis have a profound impact on our health, vitality, people gotta understand that.

Shawn Anderson 13:19
That's just what you choose to. It's what you choose to believe. What What do you choose to believe is your reality because that's what's going to become your reality.

David Sandstrom 13:29
When I was on your website, Sean, I saw a quote that you liked, it's from Benjamin Franklin. And he said this is you can do good for yourself by doing great for others. What does that mean to you?

Shawn Anderson 13:42
Well, I've always inspired myself by first looking to inspire other people. I mean, if you want to find if you want to find more value in yourself, you don't begin by looking to add value, you look to create value elsewhere. The more you give, the more you become, I become a more motivational guy, the more I seek to motivate other people, my life improves, the more I seek to improve other people's lives. It's it's, you know, I don't know where where that happened. I've always been a guy that tried to create Win Win situations, Zig Ziglar, planted that into me and are at an early stage. And maybe it's just evolved more, the more that we help other people when the more that we give other people, the more that's going to Boomerang back to us. And maybe the boomerang isn't in material possessions or things that you can reach out and say, Oh, look, I got that. But I'll tell you what, the one the one thing that I've learned as I've gotten older is it's my greatest rewards don't come back in the form of material things that I can point to. My greatest rewards have come back into things that I can feel and that I can think because and that's really the most valuable of all gifts because when we start changing how we feel, and we think we change everything else around us, and the more I give, the greater I affect those two things, my thinking, my thinking and my feelings.

David Sandstrom 14:57
Yeah, that's good stuff. I'm a fan of Zig Ziglar as well. I'm gonna tryTo get this quote, right, one of the things he was fond of saying was, you can have everything in life you want. If you just help enough other people get what they want.

Shawn Anderson 15:10
Yeah, man, I love Zig.

David Sandstrom 15:11
Yeah, yeah, he's awesome. He was awesome. The Bible teaches that as well. Jesus taught that it's more blessed to give than to receive. In book Matthew chapter five, it says, Whoever forces you to go one mile go with him to the background behind that is in back in those days, a Roman soldier could just assign you to carry his equipment for a mile. And you'd have to walk a mile with the soldier. So Jesus taught Well, if he asked you to walk a mile and do it to go the extra mile. And I know you've got a whole movement called the extra mile, right? I do. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 15:52
So you've decided to make some improvements to your health and well being, you're listening to shows like this, where you can get information that can help take your health to the next level. The trouble is, getting educated and implementing effective strategies is time consuming, and can be expensive. Not to mention, overwhelming. I want to help you with that. In my book, the Christians guide to holistic health. I've taken 20 years of research and experience as a natural and holistic health coach, and distilled it down to what you need to know. It's my contention, that we maximize our health potential. by aligning our lives more fully with God's design for spirit, mind and body. Christians guide to holistic health will put you on the fast track to the vibrant health and vitality you've been looking for. By the way, many of my recommendations won't cost you a nickel, they're free. Because a lot of my message is simply aligning our lives more fully with the Word of God. That doesn't cost you a thing. If you'd like to avoid, overwhelm, and implement some biblically, based holistic health advice, that's not sprinkled with New Age thought. Go to my website, David, forward slash book, and pick up a copy today. That's da v i, d, s, a n d, s t r o m as in, forward slash book. If that doesn't work, you can go directly to Amazon. It's available there in paperback, Kindle, and audible. Let's get back to the show.

David Sandstrom 17:23
And I know you've got a whole movement called the extra mile. Right? Tell us a little bit about that.

Shawn Anderson 17:27
Yeah, you know, it was in 2009. And the country was going through a real bad time. We had lost a lot of faith in ourselves. I think we were in a financial crisis, the auto industry, the housing industry, the banking industry, they were all tumbling and crumbling. And I felt a lot of people started thinking, wow, you know, is my situation going to get better? They started looking to the government and saying, what are you going to do to make sure my life's better? They looked at their boss, what are you going to do to make sure that not only we keep our company afloat, but that I keep my paycheck, they even would look at their partner, what are you doing to make our relationship better? Back then I felt that people lost the general belief that if you truly want to make your life better, you don't look at the government, your boss, you don't look at your spouse, your partner, your friend, your family, your neighbor, but you look at the man or the woman in the mirror, and you say, what are you going to do to make life better. So I wanted to use my small voice and remind people that if you truly want to make a difference in life, you've got to go the extra mile because because every time that we keep doing the same thing we keep doing if we go the same bar, we keep walking, we're not going to improve anything, so it's about going the extra mile. So in a Forrest Gump sort of way I got by again, I'd only pedal the bike once before that was across the country. So I get back on the bike again to go across the country. And in this time, that was as a symbol of going the extra mile. But But the real power of that tour was my staff created events in 2021 cities were with the mayors of those cities, I had the chance to interview over 200 people who had been identified as having gone the extra mile and life in either an either achieving an awesome dream, or and doing something beautiful for society. At the end of my tour, I wanted to continue to add to that extra mile message and so I gave away $10,000 in my own money to the stories most inspiring to me. So that's how the extra mile how Extra Mile America started. And ever since then, we've just been building on that.

David Sandstrom 19:25
Do do some of those cities have an extra mile day now?

Shawn Anderson 19:28
Well, this is the this is the funny thing. So I'm pedaling a bike across the state of Nevada Nevada is the only state that you can pedal across on a freeway with all the cars so the big trucks and the cars are passing me just feet away and there's one stretch about 65 miles where there's no rest stop and and I don't know if you've ever gone through the state of Nevada, but you know, at the time of the year we're going it was about 110 degrees, so no rest up 110 degrees. I'm in the middle of the extra mile America tour. I just left the town of Reno I'm on my way to Salt Lake City, and I'm trying to brainstorm How can we get more attention for extra mile How can we do this. So I had this idea of creating Extra Mile day. And I thought, Okay, well, what day? What day? Is it gonna be? And I just liked how the ones lined up 111. So I made it November 1 11. One, and then I go, what are we going to do what we're going to have the mayor's recognize those people in their community who are going the extra mile in volunteerism, and service and I go, Wow, that's so awesome. We're gonna do it. As soon as I got to a phone, I called my staff and said, let's work with some of these mayors. Let's have them. Let's have them recognize volunteer heroes in their community. November 1 2009. I couldn't believe that there were 23 crazy nutcase mayors that believed in what I was thinking 23 Well, last year, November 1 2020, there were 512. mayor's across the United States that declared Extra Mile day and recognize their volunteer heroes.

David Sandstrom 20:51
Wow, that is inspiring. That is a really cool story. Just I got to share the story. I have 12 year old twins. But when they were 10, they came to me and said, Dad, one of the counselors at school showed us a YouTube video. And it was a girl who was had a lemonade stand. And she was raising money for a slavery. She called slavery because she was a young girl, but it was for human trafficking. They took their lemonade stand her and her folks to Time Square. And they raised $100,000 in a week. And yeah, my daughter looks at me says Can we do something like that I'm like, well, we could do something like that. So we went down at City Hall, we got apartment, and we started doing our own bake sales. And we went out in front of a local shopping center. And it's taken us almost two years because COVID really put a monkey wrench in our schedule. But we just finished last week, we had our last bake sale, and we raised $7,600, to pay for a home for a truly needy family down in Haiti, two bedroom home, built out of concrete and steel and solar power, running water, it really was a great fun project. And I can tell you, we were so energized when we did those bake sales, and the people that stepped up to donate, you could see how they were really blessed themselves. By having this op, we were just giving them the opportunity to give, you know it truly is more blessed to give than to receive. And that's one of the things that falls under the heading of the spiritual component to health. But when you do something like that, for other people, something happens to you. And it's positive. It's a very good thing.

Shawn Anderson 22:29
Wow, that's so huge. David, do you mind sharing the first name of your two daughters,

David Sandstrom 22:34
Faith and Hope.

Shawn Anderson 22:36
Man, this message right now is for you faith and hope I got to tell you, you inspire me. Now you're 12 you started this when you were 10. You inspire me, thank you so much for the contribution that you gave to these people in Haiti. And I can tell you that I will take your lessons. And I will continue to do bigger things because of your example. So thank you.

David Sandstrom 23:00
All right, I'll make sure they hear that. Shawn, what would you say? going the extra mile? How can that make a difference in our lives?

Shawn Anderson 23:09
Fiddlesticks man, Dave, I'll tell you what, every area that you go the extra mile it makes a difference. If I do 10 more push ups today, I get stronger. If I send out one more inspiring email or message to another person, I make the world a little bit better. If I do one, that nice gesture to a friend or family member, I might help them overcome a tough day. If I do one more thing today for my own career, I might push a little bit further maybe financially or rise up in the company. Because it's a fact of life that each time we keep giving more, we open the door to more coming back at us. So every time you we give extra extra has a chance of coming back. So I'll tell you what, there's not a single area that you can't go the extra mile. And if you're somebody out there right now that feels that you're suffering or not as strong in an area that you want to be I tell you what you make a plan, you write it down about how you can do more. And every day you hold yourself a little bit accountable to doing more. You know, I just had wrote a newsletter recently called three times 365. And what three times 365 is every single day, do one thing more for your purpose. Every single day, do one thing more for another person. Every single day. Do one thing more for your health three times 365. I can assure you that if you go the extra mile and follow that sort of plan. When December 31 rolls around of this year, you're going to have live one of the best years you've ever lived.

David Sandstrom 24:40
That is awesome. There's so much truth packed into those words, Shawn, I got to share a quick story. When I started training to become a pilot when I was 18 years old, didn't have any money. I was working at Wendy's. I was paying for my flight lessons myself paying for my college and it was going slow because I didn't have the money and when I was about Probably 20 years old couple years into that journey, going to school and taking lessons, I felt stuck, I didn't feel like I was going to ever reach my goal of becoming an airline pilot. So you mentioned writing things down. And I pulled out a little piece of paper. And I wrote down i David Sandstrom commit this day to becoming a professional airline pilot every day, my actions will take me one step closer to reaching that goal. And I pulled that paper out every morning. And every time I felt a little discouraged, and I read that thing every day. And well, it took about another 10 years. But I found myself working for a major legacy carrier based out of Atlanta, Georgia, I've been a captain now for close to 20 years. And I really believe that that writing that down and having that that mentality of a little bit every day, I'm not going to do this in a day, I'm just going to keep moving closer and closer to that goal, day by day. And it worked. It absolutely works. It works, it can work for other people as well.

Shawn Anderson 25:56
Well, you know, one thing that I do each year now I'll pass it on to other people, as I've got what I call a dream box. And this dream box is a simple, old, wooden box from India. And every day, I write a simple wish, something that I wish on that day. And I believe that that action of of writing it down that wish at the end of the year, there'll be 365 wishes in this dream box. But what it does, it's the initial planting of seeds that that's something that I want, that's something that I intend to achieve. But if you don't take that very first action, and at least at least write it down your spirit inside you never takes that serious because you can sit there and wish for things in your brain all day long. But until you take that first physical action of showing the universe, that this is what I want, I don't believe it's going to ever happen for you. And in this particular case, you you you melted your purpose and your passion together when you wrote at age 18 that you're going to be a pilot, and you set that intention in stone and so there was no way that that was not going to happen for you than it did.

David Sandstrom 27:02
That's true. Yeah, yeah, I had I came came across a lot of people who sit out Don't you know, everybody wants to work for the big airlines. But don't you know, nobody gets there. Don't you know you'll never find the money for these flying lessons. Don't you know, don't you know, another pilot friend of mine, he we used to call him the don't you know people. We didn't listen to it. I had blinders on. And I made it happen. writing it down is super powerful. One of the things I want to mention is a quote that I love from Michael Hyatt. And he says thoughts disentangle themselves over the lips. And at the ends of pencil tips. Yeah, in this, there's something very powerful about that. No, you can have these thoughts in your head. But when you have to clarify it, you put it down in writing, there's something about taking the intangible thought and turning it into something tangible that you can see touch and feel. And it's powerful. It really is. And I think people can use that with their health building goals.

Shawn Anderson 27:54
Well, let's see if I could build on that thought. Because the first of every month what I do is I actually write down specific things. And I plant these notes all over my place with these wishes are the streams and so that I see them right there. Like I I'm staring at one that I just wrote, it's the number 1 million and it's the word Oprah. Now what those two things mean to me is that by the time that I do take my last breath, I'm going to have put 1 million books that are out there that people are going to have read the Oprah is that I just have this personal goal of meeting and connecting with Oprah and away. So but I have these messages all over and at the beginning of every month, I write them down and I tape them up, because I learned that there is so much power doing that. Not even not necessarily even my messages but messages to me. For example, in February of 2014, I started thinking about doing a speaking tour in Asia. So the Philippines was one of the first countries I wanted to go to. And so I contacted a leader there in the Philippines and they wrote me back this message that is now taped up on a wall. It says this, however, you must consider the culture here in the Philippines. No motivational speaker has gathered that number of crowd yet here in the country. events such as concerts, religious gatherings, even political gatherings can't even begin to sum up the number you want. A huge crowd here might gather for a concert or a band or an actor or a singer, but life coaches, psychologists, motivational people, they're not going to come. So man, I tape that up. And I didn't use that message to chase me away from the Philippines. I use that message to make me get bigger. I went there and I spoke to 20,000 people over 30 days. 20,000 so people who believe that that we can't do it, man, that makes me want to do it too just to prove to them that the reason you couldn't is because you didn't think you could.

David Sandstrom 29:55
Yeah, they impose their own glass ceiling Right. Yeah. I'll bet you ran across some really interesting people on your bike ride. And you probably heard some really cool Extra Mile stories. Can you pick one or two and share them with us? Yeah, absolutely.

Shawn Anderson 30:10
Let's see if I can come up with a couple that are pretty different for you. The first couple I met Brad and Libby Berkey. In Colorado. They had both quit their jobs and decided to open a restaurant. Well, we probably all know a lot of people that decided to open a restaurant, no big deal. But what made this restaurant different was that if you walked into the restaurant, you would, you would not see prices on the menu. At the end of your meal, you would not receive a bill you see at the same cafe s-a-m-e. So all may eat, you pay what you can afford to pay. And if you can't pay at al that doesn't mean you're still off the hook, you can pick up a broom and you can sweep or you can do the dishes or you can do something just to show that you earned your meal. And so for these people that have given up their careers, to put everything they had into opening up a restaurant that was that that was giving itself away for free. Totally was inspiring to me. Today, that restaurant the same cafe their model has become so significant that there are restaurants that have popped up all over the United States that are similar.

David Sandstrom 31:14
So let me make sure I heard you right. Their menu doesn't have prices on it they just say leave what you can?

Shawn Anderson 31:20
Yeah, each day the chef puts out a menu of what he's prepared that day and at the end there's no prices and you can receive no bill you lay on the table what you wish you could afford to pay

David Sandstrom 31:30
I love it iIlove that we were doing our bake sales the first bake sale we actually came up with a price you know we're gonna charge 50 cents for a cookie and a buck for a cupcake we had prices and the next bake sale we did I said you know what, let's just pray about it. Let's pray that God gives these people a spirit of generosity and let's just tell people we're taking donations whatever's on your heart and the the revenue per person went way up after that.

Shawn Anderson 31:57
eah, that's a great that's really great story/

David Sandstrom 32:00
People want to give they want to be the kind of person that contributes to others they really do that's that's built into our nature.

Shawn Anderson 32:11
You know and really that's what the extra mile themes about I mean you were you were going the extra mile by giving away your product basically for free you were just saying donation only somebody could have given you a nickel back you know and that happened yeah, yeah. And but yet yet because you went the extra mile it inspired someone else that gave them a chance to go the extra mile right back. Right. That's what it's all about. I think when we become spirits that go the extra mile. We're going to find it coming back at us more. Man and I gotta tell you, we live at a time that's really challenging. And we need we each need to be people that go the extra mile to help remind people that we have the power to make a difference and we have the power to add value. But it begins with us. begins with us putting it out there first. You know I you asked me about stories on the extra mile America tour I want to show one more because it's in line with what you what the shows about today additionally about you know health and belief and and what you think you can't do so this one woman it was in Ohio she after I was finished speaking that day she was escorted up to me on the arm of another person. She was introduced to me she said hello this is Sheila Holdsworth and Sheila then took over and said Hi, I'm Sheila. Well, Sheila was blind. So and Sheila but she hadn't always been blind at the age of 10. The orthodontic headgear that she was wearing to how they we straighten teeth in those days the rubber bands pop. And when the rubber bands pop it the gouged out both arise from the age of 10 she lost her eyesight. So now if you've got that kind of physical disability, you think that you can, you should forever live the life of a blind person. Well, she chose not to be that person. When Sheila Holdsworth was introduced to me, I think she was about 47 years of age. At that time, she had the world's downhill record from having ski as a blind person faster than any blind person to ever ski down a hill. She was a water skier a trick jump water skier not only when she grabbed the ropes and stay behind the boat and be told that she would do flips and, and things and she also rode a bike tandem across her state. You know, we we are limited by what we think and a person without eyes that does more than you and I are doing with their life. That's a huge wake up call to get your act together.

David Sandstrom 34:28
Yeah, it is. Well, that that's a great story. I got chills. That's a really great story. What else would you like to share? Shawn?

Shawn Anderson 34:37
You know, I'm a big believer in if something's important to me, you hold on to that as tightly as you can. I, I might modify how I'm getting to a place, but I never modify the place that I want to get to. And yeah, I might modify my strategy strategy to get there. You know, You were interested in that first bike ride that I took across the country with it, it taught me a huge lesson. As we go along the way and towards our goal, whatever it might be losing the way quitting smoking, you know, whatever your goal is, there's going to be a lots of hard times. So I had just pedaled my rear end off all the way to Salt Lake City, and I was in a truck stop when those huge truck stops are all those big, big huge monster trucks. And here's a here's a guy on a bicycle. And then there was all the truckers, you know, man, the big trucker guys and me. And there's a huge map of the United States there from coast to coast. And I thought, oh, wow, I'm gonna go see how far I pedal because this is so cool. I've done this on, I better be understand I'm wiped out. I'm mentally tired and physically tired. So I go, and I look and I, I put my finger right there on the Pacific Ocean where I can see near San Francisco. And then I see where Salt Lake City is. And then I look where I gotta go, man, there was so far to go. Oftentimes, if we keep looking at the destination of where we've got to go to, we're going to become so overwhelmed, we're not going to want to get on the bike and continue to pedaling. Don't do that to yourself on your goal, man, just just pedal as far as you can today, just do as much as you can this hour, don't worry about the next hour, the next day, the next month, just do what you can today, when I left that that truck stop, I knew right then that I could never look at another full map on that particular ride again, because it would just discourage me, all I learned to look at was the next day's ride. That's it. And we can always handle the next day's ride. So today, on your big goal, do not get overwhelmed that you have maybe not done what you want to do, or you're not achieving, it's becoming too overwhelmed. Don't change that goal. That goal was important enough for you to make it. So let that go be important enough that you stick to it, just break it into baby steps, man, to get to the letter Z, you can't go and maybe immediately from A to Z, you got to go through those 24 letters in between the same thing with your goal, set up the 24 steps in between and then you got you can get there.

David Sandstrom 37:08
That's great. That's really awesome. We experienced the same thing. When we're in the flight simulator training every nine months, pilots have to go back and do training and we practice all kinds of emergencies and the pressure is on because we can literally lose our license lose our job, if we don't perform satisfactory on these check rides. Yeah, and you can get overwhelmed by thinking about Okay, after the break, we're going to have the fire and we're going to have the rapid decompression. And you know, I gotta remember to get my mask on fast enough and, but but that's all gonna distract you from doing the task at hand. You've got to think about Okay, I just had an engine failure on takeoff. The first thing I got to do is keep my heading straight. Next thing I got to do is maintain my airspeed. Alright, the next thing we're going to do is climb to 1000 feet, when I get to 1000 feet, I'm going to select the speed I need it you think in those small chunks, and you'll get the job done. But if you start thinking in the in the overall the big picture kind of thing, you will get overwhelmed. It just doesn't work that way. Right, man I so get that I get that

David Sandstrom 38:11
The baby steps work. They really, really do.

Shawn Anderson 38:14
Yeah. You know, it's it's. And here's something to that, by the way, the first the first, I write all my steps down to get to where I want to go, okay, and my steps might change along the way. But again, as I shared the last one does it. But the first one never changes either. And this goes back to what we said my first step, David is the same for every single goal, I write it down number one, if I can do this, that's always my first step. I can do this. So my first step never changes. And my last step, it never changes of that goal. So but all the other steps that continue to to evolve or transform, depending on the success of the previous steps, those steps can change.

David Sandstrom 38:52
Excellent. I'm going to share one thing that saw along those same lines, Shawn is just three crucial beliefs that everyone, especially someone dealing with a serious health challenge, but everyone should ask themselves these three questions and that one, the first one is, do I want to be well, and that sounds a little silly. But there are actually reasons why people may not want to get well maybe they've got a disability check coming from the government. Maybe they're finally getting the sympathy that they craved as a child but never got from their parents. We all ought to do a little reflecting and say, do I really want to be well, another one is, do I believe I can be? Well, the classic example is you know, you get a cancer diagnosis. And the doctor says, Well, nobody recovers from this, you know, I give you six months to live, go home, get your affairs in order. Well, that can absolutely be a self fulfilling prophecy. You've got to believe that recovery is possible if it's going to happen. Mm hmm. beleiving that it's going to happen might not make it happen. There are no guarantees, but it sure makes it a lot more likely. If you believe it can happen. That's that's a huge belief that. We all get a look at another one is the third question is, do I deserve to be? Well? You know, maybe maybe someone thinks somehow God is punishing them for all their bad deeds, or this is karma coming back to get or something along those lines. So we've got to just sift out those kinds of thoughts and just stop them in their tracks and say, No, I'm not going to have any part of that kind of thinking, I absolutely deserve to be well, vibrant and healthy.

Shawn Anderson 40:27
Yeah, that's exactly right. You know, but the thing I've found out is life is a challenge in life continues to throw things at our day, every day that knock us off course and, and our thoughts and start to drag because life starts to knock us down unless we've created a system to keep ourselves playing in our a game inspired. Life eventually takes its toll. And as long as your line of those three questions, I'd like to share something that maybe maybe one or two of the listeners might really, it might, it might really resonate with them about how I hold myself accountable every single day, because I also have three questions that I wake up with every single day. And this is, this is how I begin my mindset every single day none. For all my days, the first question I asked myself is what am I looking forward to today? Because I believe that you can find something to look forward to today, you're changing your positive energy from the very beginning of your day. It's not about what what do I have to do today? It's about what am I looking forward to today's question number two is Who can I serve today? Who can I help? Who can I empower? What person out there my thinking about that? I'm going to make a difference for today. So number one, what am I looking forward to today? Number two, who can I serve? And number three, what am I grateful for today? Because of you. I believe that I have found with myself that if you start your day with these three morning questions, you've you've decided to take control of your thoughts. You're thinking you're feeling and you're just you're directing your day from beginning. What am I looking forward to today? Who can I serve today? What am I grateful for today? Those are the three questions that I use every day that hold me accountable to living how I live.

David Sandstrom 42:09
I love it. That's really good stuff. There's a lot of truth there, Shawn, and the Bible addresses this stuff too. And I I kind of feel like when you're a follower of Jesus Christ as I am, all truth is God's truth. So when someone has a truth, it should align with what we see from the Holy Scriptures. And one of the things that were taught in there is that we are in control of our thoughts. We are volitional creatures we have freewill in the Bible instructs us to exercise that freewill. In Second Corinthians chapter 10, verse five, it says, We are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. And then over in the book of Philippians, it tells us to dwell on whatever is true, whatever is lovely, honorable, noble, praiseworthy think on these things. In Romans 12, two were told to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. And then we find in the book of Proverbs chapter 23, verse seven, as a man thinks within himself, so is he. So if we have control of our thought lives, and we do, we need to consider what thoughts we're going to allow in what thoughts we're going to reject. And the thoughts that we choose to ruminate on throughout our days, because they will have a powerful impact on our physical health and vitality.

Shawn Anderson 43:25
You know, one of my favorite words in life is that it's changed my life more than anything is this word, gratitude. Gratitude, I have found that I can change my energy when I start changing the number of times I say thank you, I can start changing my energy and my thoughts, the number of times I start saying thank you to the things that are bothering me irritating me, or if I can't do anything about I learned this lesson when I was walking across Spain, it was one particular day and I thought I was going to beat the rain. And I, I got caught in a valley between two mountains with nowhere to stop and it came down so hard, I felt like there were 1000 water hoses coming straight down on me. Now that was that was bad enough walking in the cold in the rain, but I was walking on this one clay road that ended up soaking up the water so fast that the road started to sink. And every step eventually I started to sink past past my ankle, my shin and, and each step I would look I would have to lift my foot out and my foot kept getting heavier and heavier because because of this mud that was on it in the rain was coming in, it was cold, and I was stuck and my feet couldn't move. And I started saying this really sucks. And I started thinking all these bad things. Then all of a sudden, I heard this thought in my head. Hey, Shawn, you've never done this before. You've never done this before. And you know what you're gonna make it through. You're gonna make it so be grateful. And so I started saying, Man, I'm thankful for this opportunity. I'm thankful because I've never done this before. And so I I started almost laughing at the experience. I was having because I turned my heart from bad attitude to positive gratitude. And I've learned that that's the way that we turn things around that happened to us. Turn your heart from bad attitude to positive gratitude. And and you start to change your life and how you see it and how, how bad things that happened to you can make you bigger and better.

David Sandstrom 45:22
I totally agree with that, Shawn, you know, and we cannot separate the mental emotional component from our physical components. So when you have the right attitude that you're talking about, you just so eloquently put into words just now, when you have the right thoughts in your mind, because of the mind body connection, that will translate into positive outcomes in your physical vitality. So I think that's a great place to wrap it up. Sean, thank you so much for being here today. I really appreciate you sharing your wisdom with the double h m community.

Shawn Anderson 45:53
All right Captain David was my privilege to be on board with you today. Thank you so much for getting us up in there. And get, getting us back home safely today. I appreciate it.

David Sandstrom 46:01
You got it. Thanks again. I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Sean Anderson. He is such a pleasure to be around. He has such a positive energy about him that it's really contagious. If you'd like to learn more about Shawn or hire him to speak at your event or check out some of his books. His website is And he spells his name s h a w n a n d e r s o He's a seven time best selling author. His latest book is Amicus 101 the story about the pursuit of purpose and overcoming life's chaos. He also has two Facebook groups, extra mile America and extra mile world. Don't forget this episode is brought to you by my book, the Christians guide to holistic health. In those pages I give you detailed instructions on how to maximize your health potential by aligning your life more fully with God's design for spirit, mind and body. If this biblically based message is resonating with you, what are you waiting for? Go to my website, forward slash book and order to copy today. For more, go to David in the show notes for each episode, you'll find links to all the resources that were mentioned, as well as a full transcript with timestamps that you can download for free. In addition, I always include a content upgrade with each show, which is a free download that is designed to help you go deeper with that subject. Once again, thank you for listening, and I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed

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