Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age

by David Sandstrom 

January 24, 2024

Everyone falls off track with their fitness routine now and then. Life does throw us curveballs. Maybe it's an illness or a job change or something as positive as getting married; these events can knock us off our fitness regimen. Fitness Trainer Chad Austin shares how the key to showing up as the best version of ourselves is to make fitness a priority and practice a "Fitness Reset" now and then. 

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Fitness Trainer Chad Austin

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 6:06 Fitness and wellness impacting daily life.
  • 13:15 Fitness goals and resetting for long-term success.
  • 21:59 Fitness priorities and self-care.
  • 26:30 Exercise for aging gracefully
  • 30:56 Fitness prioritization and balance for improved quality of life.

Short on time? Read a 4-minute summary of our conversation below.


Personal trainer and fitness expert Chad Austin joins host David Sandstrom to discuss strategies for making fitness an enduring priority and aging gracefully. Drawing from his specialty of helping busy professionals cultivate "consistency muscle," Chad shares insights on overcoming obstacles and staying motivated across the lifelong fitness journey.

Getting Unstuck After Life's Curveballs

A key lesson from Chad is that everyone inevitably faces unexpected "curveballs" that can derail fitness efforts. However, your long-term success hinges not on being perfect, but on how quickly you can "reset" and get back on track after setbacks or changes in season of life. To aid in this process, he designed an app-based "Fitness Reset" mini-course helping people reevaluate how fitness best fits with shifting demands.

Chad notes that missed workouts after landing a promotion or an injury shouldn't be seen as failures destroying all progress, but temporary diversions requiring realistic adaptations. The essential first question: "How does fitness fit in my life right now?" From there you can tailor activity types, duration, intensity and scheduling without losing consistency.

Long-Term Thinking for True Lifestyle Change

Both Chad and David emphasize fitness as a lifelong endeavor for quality of life, not a quick fix for short-term goals like wedding season. Regular "resets" prevent the rollercoaster of fitness fads, whereas asking deeper “Why?” questions fuels motivation through challenges. For example, wanting ongoing vitality to travel the world in later years versus simply smaller pants for a reunion. Chad also dispels accusations of selfishness, arguing fitness allows greater service of loved ones.

Customizing Fitness Approaches As You Age

Chad confirms resistance and high intensity interval training remain highly effective for mobility, strength and longevity into older age ranges. However, personalized guidance helps create smart modifications that work within limitations while progressively expanding possibilities. He suggests starting slowly and finding pockets of time through scheduling changes. Small manageable steps turn into huge benefits over decades. The adage bears repeating: “you don’t stop working out, you get older when you stop working out.”

Recap, Chad Austin and David Sandstrom deliver an inspirational game plan for breaking from short-term fitness mentalities and embracing health-promoting movement as an integral piece of your identity at any age. Chad'sFitness Pivot app provides ongoing support.

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