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by David Sandstrom 

July 26, 2023

Want a simple way to upgrade your health and wellness? Make your body more resilient with this easy-to-implement process of upgrading your water with an Analeema wand by New Earth Technologies. Visionary Researcher Mario Brainovic has come up with a simple method of making your water coherent. Simply put, this process makes water do what water should do... only better.

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Show Notes


Today's Guests...

  • Visionary Researcher Mario Bainovic

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 5:52 The mother tincture
  • 13:30 The science of biophoton research
  • 18:07 The connection between the microbiome and human health
  • 24:14 Double-blind placebo-controlled study for Analeema water
  • 33:55 How to use the Analeema stick.
  • 41:45 What type of water to start with?
  • 46:24 Glycanage and the sun.
  • 52:39 How to get in touch with Mario

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Mario Brainovic 0:00
So we did double blind placebo controlled ATP study. So ATP is, is the primary currency of cells energy currency in the cells in the human body. So, we did a baseline test. And people were drinking an Analemma water for two months, not changing anything else in the world. So that the exercise regime stayed the same diet, everything stayed the same. And after two months, we realized that there was a significant rise in ATP levels just by drinking this water so entire cellular system had over 20 20% More energy just by drinking the water.

David Sandstrom 0:46
Welcome to the Natural Health Matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential, so that you can look and feel your best at any age. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, naturopathic doctor, and biblical health coach. This is episode number 118.

David Sandstrom 0:59
Today we have in the show, Mario, Brainovic. Mario is an entrepreneur, researcher, and a visionary in the field of health wellness, he's always been passionate about finding ways to heal, regenerate, and restore the delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. Mario is intrigued with the health benefits of water. Today, he runs New Earth Technologies, a company that offers structured or coherent Analemma water to the world. Today, we're going to talk about the health benefits of consuming this type of water. Mario, Welcome to Natural Health Matters.

Mario Brainovic 1:40
Thank you. Thank you so much for having me, David, and thank you for being the messenger of important things for health for people, because this is exactly what we need at this point in time.

David Sandstrom 1:51
Yes, absolutely. You know, we had a pre chat last week, and I really think this is going to be an exciting interview, you've got some amazing technology here. You know, there's a lot of devices out there under the field of energy medicine. And, you know, I made a promise to my audience than actual nation that we wouldn't be talking about any New Age stuff. And we're not going to do that today. But this is this is energetic, this the properties that this water exhibits, falls into the energetic category. And I just wanted to, to, to put people's concerns at bay right now that this is not going to be a new age discussion. This is a natural way of consuming water the way God intended in the natural environment. But our water supply today is so compromised between the pollution and the processing and, and heavy metals and all the stuff that's in our water today that compromises its state. So you've got a method of enhancing this water. And I'm excited to hear about it. So tell us a little bit about what's structured, or coherent water is Mario,

Mario Brainovic 2:56
You know, a lot of people, most people just think of kind of chemical composition of the water. But true power of water actually lies in its structure. That's where the true power of water is being unleashed. And maybe I can, from the get go kind of explain to people a little bit the whole concept. So for instance, if you have a light bulb, or five watts, it will give you some light. But if you have a five watt laser, which is a coherent form of light, you can burn a hole through the table. That's right. So that's the difference between regular water and coherent state of water. So basically, we tested all waters on the planet, then all of them exist in a chaotic state. What does that actually mean that h2o molecules crash into each other constantly, all of this happens on an atomic level. So we're completely unaware of that phenomenon, that chaos has a profound influence on our health. So to Dutch scientists dove something in Dr. Eric Clarker, or almost 15 years ago, they picked up a lab of this famous German scientist Fritz Bopp and they really kind of they were worried with the state of the planet than the health and how things are moving and they wanted to really find discovered the secret of life so to speak to see where where is a how to make our bodies healthy, what is the natural process underneath everything and we're very soon into the research the zero in water. The realized you know, a lot of people aren't aware that 99% of our molecules, water so we're 70% water and mass but 99 in molecules. So we're were basically very clever he throw when you look at it, and so that clearly shows you there is something extraordinarily important about water, but people never kind of paid too much attention to it. Yeah. So so I kind of connected with Dr. Eric Clarcer. And those wanting and we really kind of collaborated in doing the research, they've discovered coherent states of water. So when you take the Analemma water wand, people call it magic wand. When you swirl it through the water, what happens is that those same chaotic h2o molecules start forming a liquid crystalline structure, they start to behave harmonically. And through that unique process, water becomes empowered. It becomes harmonic and it can do so much more for our health and wellness, just like you mentioned. It's the way nature and God intended.

David Sandstrom 5:52
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You know, that sounds a little bit like homeopathy, where you have a mother tincture. Let me just give you adultery for just a minute, we're going to homeopathy Yes, most people are willing to embrace homeopathy, but they really don't understand what it is. And it is energy medicine. And just a quick explanation and helps people understand what homeopathy is all about. If you go out into the wild, and you find a leaf on on some type of a tree, and you eat this leaf, and it makes you it gives you a headache. Well, if you make a tincture out of that leaf, and you soak it in alcohol, let's say for a couple of weeks, and you extract the constituents, and that leads into the alcohol. Now you have what we call a mother tincture. So you remove the leaf, and then you take 10% mother tincture, and put nine parts, or 10 parts water or alcohol together with water, and now you have a 10 to one solution. And then you do then you shake it up like crazy, they call it a question, then you do that again. And you have 100 to one, and then you do it again, you have 1000 to one? Well, in homeopathy, we do that maybe 3040 or 50 times. And what's left is nothing of the physical substance anymore. But what's left is the physical, the sorry, the energetic imprint of that substance. And now when you take that remedy, it will relieve a headache instead of causing it. So the these homeopathy is a use of homeopathic remedies are FDA approved remedies that will can treat the approved to treat disease, but they do it on an energetic level. And so what you're talking about here is water that works on an energetic level. Am I right?

Mario Brainovic 7:39
Exactly. Let's go a little bit further since you know water is really magical thing. It's a broadband absorber receiver and transmitter of frequency. So water is always going to pick up whatever the dominant frequency around it is. Yes, that's where that's why our technology works. We've managed to develop the most positively dominant frequency water, which we call the mother water. And that water is inside the crystal vial. The Crystal just serves as a superconductor. Yes, so it transmits the frequency of the water which is inside. That's why when you swirl until the Analemma stick through the water, and the h2o molecule that comes into close proximity to it mimics its exact structure. So water is always going to pick up the most dominant frequency. That's why it's so it's so important to how we treat water, we're actually treating water in a very bad way, just like you mentioned, you know, chemical pollution and water wants to move in, in a natural way. The way we move water is is nothing but natural. So we filled the vitality, right? If we have water in the prime state, in this coherent state in the highest vitality state, most of the problem we have on the planet would be gone. We are actually is that's why but you know, I know that a lot of people kind of have How can this? How can this water stick change the state of the water? That's why we invested so much into the hardcore science behind it. Yeah. Let's see receive or control studies that definitively prove that something biologically remarkable happens when people drink this water and we tested it on plants with testing on humans we tested on animals and the results were always remarkable.

David Sandstrom 9:45
Yeah, let me share another point about water. Water has a property of absorbing what's around it just as you explain. Anybody who has a pool knows that you need to add calcium into the the water in your swimming pool. If you don't know The water will actually leach calcium out of the Marseille cement covering in the pool itself, because it needs to have that mineral balance. So there is a property here that we don't fully understand. But But water has the ability to transmit and absorb energy. The beyond what we can see. There's a great book out. I know you're familiar with his work. It's called the hidden messages in water. And there's some stunning photography work. Stunning photographs in there about crystals. This This researcher what what was his name? Mario?

Mario Brainovic 10:36
Dr. Massaro Emoto. That's right. It's a it's a gem. It's a Japanese scientist. He's one of the pioneers. And he's really an amazing and amazing guy who really kind of peered into the whole science of water.

David Sandstrom 10:51
Yeah, yeah. And he took water and put labels on them and made, you know, positive words such as love and goodness. And then other words, like I hate you, in the violent words, would produce crystals that were chaotic. They just looked ugly, and they weren't symmetrical. But the water that had these loving words and kind words on it had these perfectly symmetrical, beautiful crystals, it's stunning, it's really amazing. I would highly recommend anybody that's interested in this would pick up a copy of that book, those those photographs are really revealing.

Mario Brainovic 11:26
It actually gives a you know, picture is worth 1000 words. Yeah, when you see this, and you see how the crystal change. When you send energy to it. It's, it's extraordinary. One of I really love one of his experiments, which anybody can do. And it really proves how water works, how water absorbs energy and how it behaves. So what he did is he took some rice, put some water on it in a glass, and he actually came to, and also two glasses with rice and water. So two, one, he would come every single day. And he expressed love. And two other one, he expressed negative emotions, hatred, anything and what happens, you can actually do this yourself and do the photos. Because you know, internet is full of this of those photos. Because people did it. After a very short period of time, let's say about a week, 10 days, the one that was expressed love all the time, there's this beautiful fermented smell, and there is zero decomposition whatsoever. But the other one, at the same time, the one that was expressed negative emotions started to completely rot and have this bad smell. So we're talking about exactly the same rice, exactly the same water. The only difference was the intention. That's why I firmly believe that you know, uh, you know, in Christianity or basically any religion of prayer before you eat, yes, we are actually changing the food that we're eating. And this is also the reason why it explains the the importance of kindness. Since we are 99%. Water, whatever we send stays there. That's why it's so important that we treat both water food and each other with kindness, because we are having a very powerful influence.

David Sandstrom 13:29
Yeah, on all of that real quick story. I was having lunch with a guy, he's a he's a medical doctor, but he's into muscle testing. And he's a master at it. He's really a very high, high level it muscle testing uses energy, energetic imprints, and he got up to wash his hands before the meal. And then when he came back, he did a quick muscle test. And he realized that the food had not been prayed over. He said, nobody's prayed over the food yet, have they? He's like, how did you know that? Well, I just did a little quick muscle test. I could see I could fit since the energy was not there. So let's pray it out. It's amazing. But you know, it's it's it's real. You know, God thought all this up. Now, we're only discovering what was already here before we arrived. Right? It's all it's all been there all along?

Mario Brainovic 14:15
Most definitely, most definitely. That's why That's where this water has a profound connection there. It's the thing that absorbs it. So when you send the blessing, whether to a person or to food or whatever, and it will stay there and it will change its structure. So what what we did, maybe we can kind of go into the whole science because this is what allowed. There are several companies that did some sort of some form of structured water, but we really invested in hardcore science because we really wanted to prove to everybody if you use this water, you are going to have an amazing effect.

David Sandstrom 14:56
Yeah, so Mario Yeah, so you're standing on the shoulders of some giants. It's popped the guy, the bio photon research guy and and among many others, and you kind of refined that technology a little bit. And you've done some, some testing. So I'd love to hear something, some discussion about the testing that you've done on this water.

Mario Brainovic 15:15
So maybe we can kind of go first from the plants, because we did a lot of a lot of research. So sure, fascinating, fascinating thing. When we started, we grew our plants, with water, plants with regular water and with our water, and then we measured the effects of it. And we used Fritz Pop's technology by bio-photon research. So we measured so bio-photons Fritz Bach realized, and we actually developed and continued on his research, that every living thing exudes a light, every living thing exudes biophotons, but you need very, very delicate and highly sensitive equipment, to actually to be able to measure that light. And this device actually measures in can pick up every single bio photon. So we measured tomatoes, grown with regular water, and within a lemon water. And we realize that tomatoes grown within a lemon water exude 60% more light. Wow. So they had 60% more vitality. And just to make correlation, because we're all one and everything on the planet is connected, we actually wanted to see what's the correlation with humans. So we did double blind placebo controlled ATP study. So ATP is, is the primary currency of cells, energy currency in the cells in the human body. So we did baseline test, and people were drinking Analemma water for two months, not changing anything else in the world. So that the exercise regime stayed the same diet, everything stayed the same. And after two months, we realize that there is a significant rise in ATP levels just by drinking this water. So entire cellular system had over 20 20% More energy just by drinking the water.

David Sandstrom 17:18
Let me interrupt you this. This is profound. Okay. So ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. And it is a miniature power plant on our cells. And that's the way our cells make energy. So you've actually measured that all all someone did was drink water for how long? What was it? 20 days, months, two months, 60 days, and they had a 20% increase in in energy production? That is phenomenal.

Mario Brainovic 17:45
It is and the viewer, you are very you understand what does that mean? If you're, I firmly believe that our bodies have natural ability to repair itself. And this just assists that process in a powerful way. So water is just a natural assistant to helping our body repair itself.

David Sandstrom 18:07
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So you went from tomato plants? Yes. to human beings?

Mario Brainovic 18:14
Yeah, there are, you know, there are a lot of things in between. But we wanted this to find the correlation. And we every single time we saw the connection between the plants and the human humans. What's interesting also is that when I go back to the quality of the soil, within the soil study as well, were to completely depleted, destroyed soil of which was completely infertile, due to you know, the various chemicals and everything in one part of it and water, regular water. And one part we wanted with analemma water. And the part that we wanted with regular water, nothing changed. So everything basically stayed the same. But the part that we water within a lemon water, there was a huge explosion in the biodiversity of the microbiome of the soil. So much so that the bacteria in the soil started to suck co2 out of the atmosphere into the soil where it belongs. And not only that, the interesting fact is, is when when the rain falls, it washes out the minerals in the soil. But if you water the soil, we water the soil with an unlevel water and there was a huge retention of the minerals so they don't go out. And when you plant plants on it, any form all of those minerals end up in the fruit.

David Sandstrom 19:38
Yeah, well, again, this is this is so profound. If you talk with a farmer that knows something about biodiversity and in organic farming, they know that the you does soil the condition of the soil is super important to the life of the plant. And and what you're talking about is a way to dramatically enhance the soil, the biodiversity in the soil. Well to produce a healthier plant, and of course, healthier plants produce healthier animals and people eat plants and animals, they are healthier themselves.

Mario Brainovic 20:09
Exactly. And, you know, we are now investing a lot into various agriculture started because there is a whole agriculture aspect of it, because we want to change how people grow food. Food is extraordinarily important for our health. And we really want to play our part in helping that people will get it you're most probably aware of, but spinach 15 years ago had 80% more nutrients than spinach today, which is really kind of a bad thing. We want to definitely change that. But anyhow, to come back to the microbiome, then we wanted to see is there a correlation between the microbiome of the soil and human microbiome, and you again, employ double blind placebo controlled study where we measured what is called dysbiosis index of the microbiome dysbiosis index, measure the degree of deviation within the microbiome, taking into account all the different bacterial phyla and species and their weighing factor. And we had, it was three months study, and we had absolute improvement of 38%. In the quality of the microbiome, the science in the last couple of decades really found extraordinary correlation with basically between the quality of the microbiome and basically any area of human health. So we're not just talking about digestive health, we're talking about immune health, neurological health, metabolic health, cardiovascular health, so neurological, brain health, brain health. So when the quality of your microbiome increases, basically, any area of your health increases. So this was also a great correlation between the water and the quality of the microbiome. And the next study, which is really, really, really exciting. We're kind of picking what health test to do that will show to people there is something remarkable happening biologically, also long term when people drink this water. And we came up to like an age. So what I love about liking these, they're measuring biological age of people in countries to their chronological age, and a lot of people are much older, chronologically, biologically than their chronological age. But what I love about that test is it actually has two components, glycans in our body through the state of glycans, you can very accurately measure how healthy a person is, because it measures two elements. One is immune system, because glycans are directly they actually, they determine the function of T cells, T cells are a number one defense system of our body, they're actually destroying pathogens that invade our body. So if you state of glycans can show you how strong your immune system is. And the second part is inflammation. There is a balance between anti inflammatory and pulling from pro inflammatory glycans. So every, every person now knows that low grade inflammation is one of the key elements of any chronic disease on the planet. So anyhow, to put, they're actually measuring all of this into one. They, when they put everything together, they tell you, what's your biological age, but more than that, it's, it shows you how healthy you are. Yeah, so what we did, we did a baseline test. And people were drinking, just drinking the water, they didn't change anything. Again, in their life. They didn't change their exercise regime, they didn't change their diet. And after three months, we did another test. And people experienced almost every single person in this study between one and 12 years of biological age rejuvenation, so their entire system got regenerated on a cellular so

David Sandstrom 24:14
number, this was a double blind study

Mario Brainovic 24:17
this, we are actually now doing a double blind placebo controlled study. Okay, this was an early pilot study, but I'm telling you, the results were phenomenal. That's why we're now employing the double blind placebo controlled study, because the results were off the charts. So we're not talking about 5050 or something. We're talking about almost every single person in this study. That's what we're so excited about it.

David Sandstrom 24:38
Yeah. And how long until the double blind study is done?

Mario Brainovic 24:43
A couple of months. Yeah.

David Sandstrom 24:45
Okay. Yeah. So what we're talking about here is a single blind would be that the researchers know or, and or the subjects know what they're taking. Either they're going to be taking a structured water or standard water. And if you knew knew that you were taking the structured water, there could be a placebo effect, yes could be an idea that someone says, Wow, this, this stuff is going to improve my health. And therefore it does, which often happens, which I don't think we should dismiss the placebo effect, I think we should explore that effect. It's very powerful. But at the same time, if you're going to get some objective scientific data, you need to have double blind where the researcher doesn't know what they're giving, and the person doesn't know what they're taking. That's, that's

Mario Brainovic 25:26
how, yeah, that's why we did the ATP double I'm placebo control and microbiome double blind, placebo controlled. I just wanted to mention this, because it really is an incredible indication of the results. And we are definitely doing the study. So as soon as we have the final results, I'm going to definitely let you know. It's really, really exciting.

David Sandstrom 25:48
Yeah, that sounds really good. So can you talk a little bit more Mario about what happens to the water? You take the standard water? I don't know if you're starting off with tap water or what while you're starting with? And then what exactly is the process? What does it look like to enhance it?

Mario Brainovic 26:03
So as I mentioned, we have this Analemma actually is stainless steel holder with the crystal vial that is filled with what we call the mother water. So this is the it actually takes one full year to create the mother water for Wow, that's amazing. And then when it reaches this very particular state, we actually tried to push it out of the state of coherence in many ways, and we haven't actually have been able to do it, there were there are several companies that created some form of coherent water. But we realized that when these devices create some sort of coherence, the water goes back into chaos between couple of minutes and day and a half. That's the main difference between Analemma. And basically all other because we tested now five consecutive years after just one treatment of, of water, it actually stays for five years now. It never loses.

David Sandstrom 27:03
That's amazing. So in other words, the I've heard of structured water before, and I've even drank structured water, but there are a number of different ways to go about it. And what you're saying is your method is far more effective, because it last it doesn't last for just hours or days or weeks, it lasts for years for you which which puts it in a whole new level, a whole new class of

Mario Brainovic 27:26
techniques. And not only that, it's but it's interesting how the effects of it are progressive, this is what we actually found out also in plants, is when we grew tomatoes, and we took out the seeds, and we planted it back and we grew another tomato fruit. And then we did it for three generations. After three generations, you almost don't need any pesticides. Well, the plant becomes extraordinarily resilient. So it has this progressive effect. It has this stability, which makes any biological system very resilient.

David Sandstrom 28:04
Wow, that has such huge implications for for the human race. It's amazing. If, if what you're saying, Mario, if if half of it, if you can achieve half of what you're saying. It's amazing.

Mario Brainovic 28:18
But just so you know, because we had so many oh my god moments when we were researching this, we really don't feel like we are the owners of this water, we feel that we're stewards of it. Because we know it can actually have such a powerful impact on the world on people, plants and animals. So we just kind of want to do it justice, we were actually grateful that it came through us so to speak, we actually feel the Mother Earth is the hidden voice of this project. And our our mission statement, our company is to make all bodies of water on this planet coherent. Because everything would change, we already developed eco friendly technology that we can install in the wells of the biggest rivers because we know that all the life down the stream would change and then all this water will end up in oceans and oceans will become coherent. And then we will have something truly beautiful on the planet. Yeah,

David Sandstrom 29:21
well that's a lofty goal. I know

Mario Brainovic 29:23
shoot for the moon even miss it will still end among the stars. So this is exactly what we want this is we know that it can change the planet like you mentioned, like we have huge issues agricultural issues on the planet because companies cannot grow food quality food on depleted soil. With this, we can solve this problem. As I mentioned, bacteria in the soil start to suck co2 out of the atmosphere. So we can also treat the whole greenhouses greenhouse gases issue on the planet. And it's a very elegant way to deal with it. So it has both personal and kind of universal application. That's why I'm saying we kind of, we feel that we're serving this water,

David Sandstrom 30:14
not you know, there's been a lot of talk these days about methane gas from cows and contributing to the greenhouse effect. And climate change. But if, if you talk when there's a study done, it's done here in Georgia by yo white oak pastures. And they they study the, the impact the bio impact of their farm, and it actually has a negative carbon footprint. So when you soil part when you when you treat the soil properly, and you raise animals God's way, it's actually very, very beneficial to the planet. And we're talking about the same kind of idea here, it's just getting back to nature. Getting back to the way things were designed, the way God created things, which is which brings me to my mission statement for the podcast, we maximize our health potential when we align our lives more fully with God's natural design for spirit, mind and body. And just this technology fits right into that. That category of God has a desire for water.

Mario Brainovic 31:13
I definitely read you this is and I definitely believe that the that the greatest breakthroughs in the science of the 21st century is going to be exactly in the area of of water. But I have to when you mentioned, like this natural rhythms and how God intended everything, I really have to kind of mention this amazing study that we did early on. So we did a biophoton research on on seeds. So we took seeds and watered regular water. And then we mentioned the biophotons emissions. And then we word seeds with Analemma water and also measured sow seeds water to regular water. They're flatlined. So nothing nothing really happened there. But what we saw when we watered seeds with Analemma water, we started seeing this sinusoidal shape, we started to see peaks and valleys of biophoton emission and within the first we didn't realize what was it and then we researched and kind of tried to find the correlation and the correlation with tides. It moved with the tides. Wow. So it actually this water connects you to the natural rhythm of this planet where you start to move with it electromagnetically. And this really has profound implications. That's why we say that it really kind of when you drink this water, it opens pathways in you to be connected to the earth to nature. Yeah, this was one of the biggest, oh my god moments for us in the research.

David Sandstrom 32:52
That is so cool. Well, you know, when I was studying naturopathy, I learned that what you want to do is come alongside the body's natural processes and encourage the body to do what already knows how to do and that is to thrive. We don't have to teach our cells how to do their jobs, they already know that. It's our job as practitioners to get the obstacles out of the way and cooperate with that design. And let the body do what it already knows how to do in this falls again, right into that category of of letting water do what it can do, which is pretty amazing. Right?

Mario Brainovic 33:27
Most definitely. I agree with you 100% Our bodies were designed to repair itself in a perfect way. Yeah, water is just amazing, natural assistant. So that natural process, we just have to give it a chance to heal itself to repair itself and it will wants to do that.

David Sandstrom 33:51
It's the fuel that drives the healing engine. Yeah, that's that's so cool. Marie, do you have an Analemma stick that you can show us?

Mario Brainovic 34:05
Yeah, I have it somewhere in my house. It can I kind of pick it up. So you want me to show up? Then I have to leave first? Yeah,

David Sandstrom 34:13
go ahead and come on back. Okay, great.

Mario Brainovic 34:15
You're just a second. Okay. Just a second, okay. Back, okay. So, the way I use them is like this, because I just put them in the pitcher of water than I don't have to swirl. So I don't have the one with with the holder. So yeah, I don't know if that will do but you know, we'll have to cut edit this out. But this is this is the one that I'm using because he just put it in the in the pitcher and you just put the water in, then you don't have to swirl. Then you just leave it for a couple of minutes and we'll do the same.

David Sandstrom 34:54
Okay, so if you're listening on the audio version, Mario is holding what looks like a glass tube, and it has water inside of it. I don't see the crystal in there. But

Mario Brainovic 35:05
this is it doesn't have a crystal, the vial is created out of a quartz crystal glass. Okay. All right. That's the only thing and it serves as a superconductor. So we kind of realized that it transmits the frequency of mother water in the most efficient way. So when you swirl, the Analemma, through the water, any h2 molecule that comes into close proximity to it starts to mimic its exact structure.

David Sandstrom 35:31
And how long does that take Mario?

Mario Brainovic 35:34
Well, for, three deciliters of water, it's anywhere like to 15 to 30 seconds for one liter you can double that. And we're actually coming out now with a whole house in the limit system, which is also going to be very interesting for people because then you don't have to swirl. You just install it in the piping system of your house. And all of the water inside your house will be coherent. And this is people really asked us a lot about it. Because we actually just started recently a study, because skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs so much. We started doing studies with people just bathing in lemon water for just 20 minutes. And the results were phenomenal. So we're also going to come up when we have the study results and everything I'm definitely going to share.

David Sandstrom 36:25
That's excellent. So again, if you're listening to the audio version, you can always go to my website And you can find this episode and you can see that that demonstration, if you will. I don't know the exact episode number just yet says a few episodes have to be produced ahead of this. But anyway, thank you for that, Maria. That's very good. So if someone wanted to just get started in this, what should they do? And what might they expect when they start drinking this water?

Mario Brainovic 36:55
So we had really incredible reports from are a little bit bland and people who have, let's say, their health damage in some way or form, they usually have much faster results. But this is also I haven't actually mentioned one double line study that within the fast, the fastest way you actually can see the fastest result is in the brainwaves. So we actually did a double blind study with with identical twins, so they're genetically identical when we measured their brainwaves. So we gave one, one twin regular water and one twin Analemma water. And they didn't know which one was which and also Doctor administering the test didn't know which one was which. And as soon as the twin that drank regular water as soon as they take a sip of this water, there is almost instant change in the brainwaves, the left and the right hemisphere of the brain starts to communicate in much better way. And there is an instant cooling effect on the brainwaves. Which is extraordinary to observe since water is this is an electromagnetic phenomenon. And our brainwaves are electromagnetic. And a couple of weeks after that we did another test also double blind where we gave an alum of water to the other twin. And then we had the same happening with that twin as well. Wow. So this was something to just It's extraordinary to observe to see almost in real time. That happened. So this is the fastest

David Sandstrom 38:32
This is so interesting. So by using identical twins who have identical genetic makeup, and by the way, I know a little bit about this because my wife has an identical twin. And we have identical twins. So we have two twins in my family. So So you remove the idea that well it's it's the genetic makeup of someone that might be causing these results. Because you flip flop the study is you saw the identical results get flip flopped. Exactly those twins.

Mario Brainovic 39:01
That's what's what's so amazing. And this is like the fastest. That's where an order gives you the fastest results, the change in your brainwaves. And then we prove with all of the other studies, the long term effects of drinking the water, but people are going to people who are reasonably healthy. This is still water. It's the water that kind of God intended to be. But it's still water. So it's not like you're going to the people or people who are sensitive, energetically, core conscious of themselves, they can definitely assess the difference. But just so you know, if you're reasonably healthy, it's not like immediately you're going to start experiencing something but that's why we invest so much in these studies. So that people know when they drink their water. They are getting a long term health effects. But yeah, having said that, we've received so many reports from people that have various have various positive influences on their health. But you know, this is not meant to treat any disease or whatsoever, right? This is just a general health and wellness tool that really helps improve your health and wellness.

David Sandstrom 40:17
So how many years has this been in the making Mario? How long have you been working on this technology?

Mario Brainovic 40:22
Almost 15 years. That's how I came. Yeah, it really is. And it's so after so many years, we kind of, because we kind of didn't want to go out with it. Like, usually, some companies kind of develop something, and they just start claiming, we really wanted to invest. So first couple of years, we did this, plants, tests and biophoton research. And then we kind of went from there. And I have to also mention one thing. One Dutch farmer who actually picked up our greenhouse, where we did all the research and everything, he continued to use an alum of water, because the whole equipment, we left there, and there is this, he's growing this particular kind of cucumbers that usually give fruit 10 to 12 weeks in a year. And this farmer is now at 24 weeks. Wow, that's amazing double the time that the fruit gives yield. So it's really extraordinary. That's why we're investing so much now in the, in the whole agriculture world, just to prove that when you water, the plants, fruits and veggies with this water, you really receive something of a much, much, much higher nutritional value than if you just use regular water.

David Sandstrom 41:45
So Maria, what type of water would be the best water to start with? I don't know what you've done your research?

Mario Brainovic 41:52
Well, you know, you can basically if it has h2o molecules, and you swirl Analemma to it through it will form this very special liquid crystalline structure. So you can make your juice coherent, you can make your beer or your wine coherent, if you would want. But we always say, if you use regular water, it's definitely good to filter it out. It's all the impurities and chemicals, you can kind of heavy metals, you can take it out and then you make it coherent. But it will work on basically any kind of water. If it has h2o molecules, they will form this very special liquid.

David Sandstrom 42:28
You know, I'm thinking about the podcast recordings, the better the audio is to begin with, the better the final product is going to be, you know, you can always adjust a few things in post, you can put some noise reduction on there and play with the equalizer and those kinds of things. But it's never as good as a good quality recording from the start from the get go. So I guess what you're saying is yes, start with the highest quality you can, which would be probably spring water or perhaps reverse osmosis water?

Mario Brainovic 42:55
Well reverse osmosis water, you definitely need to remineralize it afterwards. Okay. Because minerals are really important. So I would suggest if people are using our own water, they should can remineralize it and then make it coherent.

David Sandstrom 43:10
How would you do that? What would you put in it and how much

Mario Brainovic 43:12
there are various remineralisation systems but the main thing is that you don't strip the water from because minerals are essential. Minerals are essential for our health, you know, there's a trace minerals, which are also essential there have there's a whole science behind it. But we can, the number where the true power of water is being unleashed is definitely in its structure. So when we when you bring the water in this very special coherent state, you will get the benefit. But just like you mentioned, it's best to use the best possible water, which has the proper quantity of minerals, and that is kind of purified form chlorine or all the other elements.

David Sandstrom 43:59
Yeah okay. Very good. All right. I got another question. And I think it's probably just hanging hanging there right now, somebody's got to be thinking this. And that is you know, I've heard these stories before you know, I went to an energetic conference and if people were selling pendants and bracelets and necklaces and and rocks that you put onto your bed and all kinds of, you know, energy, energetic things that are making all kinds of health claims. What makes your product different?

Mario Brainovic 44:30
Exactly what that's why we're exactly investing so much into the hardcore science behind it. That's the number one because most of these guys they're just saying that it's so yes, we're not staying there. We're investing in reduced so many studies that you definitively know if you use this water, you are going to get the result. And you know, it is palpable. It just depends on where you are in your life but so you don't even have To our kind of main goal is that you don't even have to think about it. Yeah, it just read the study, see the result, and you can repeat it for yourself. But there is also one thing that I always invite people to, to use, it actually shows the result, you can see the results very fast, you can buy two basil plants, okay. And you water one with regular water, and you water one with Analemma water. And after three weeks, you cut their water supply, and you can increase the stressor, the stressor could be anything, but let's say the easiest stressor to kind of apply is the heat. And what's going to happen after a day is that the one the water with regular water will completely shriveled down. And the one water within a lemon water will resist. And not only that, even if it starts coming down, when you just give it a sip of Analemma water, it will jump back to 100%. And you can try watering. The other one there was water with regular water and see what's going to happen. So this is something which is extraordinarily visual, you see that this plant has incredible resilience. Can you see how it resists the stress factor? So this is something that anybody can do, and something with which anybody can see the result?

David Sandstrom 46:24
Yeah, that's really, really fascinating. I think I want to do that study at the house.

Mario Brainovic 46:31
I was really, when I did it myself. I was fascinating. You know, it was during the summertime, when we were kind of doing it, I wanted to do it myself. So it was, I don't know, 35 degrees Celsius. So I didn't know how much is that in Fahrenheit.

David Sandstrom 46:45
That's about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Yeah.

Mario Brainovic 46:49
And so I actually had to leave, and I left, left for three days, four days on that heat, and I didn't and basil is very, very delicate plant. So when I came back, nothing, there was nothing wrong with it should, it didn't even trickle down, not for a bit. It was 100% Standing tall. So you know, when you see that, then you cannot ignore it. There is something there. Please do it. People are now just so you know, with plants, we're receiving so many photographs of how they actually salvaged plants that none could salvage and like they've changed the position, they changed, they actually added something doing nothing helped it that just by applying the water, everything kind of came back. And I have to give you just one beautiful story. So during the glycan age study, we told people because we saw there is a great correlation between the Sun and the water. So we told them to expose their Analemma to the sun. So this lady actually she has like very kind of small garden or very short plans. And she put her Analemma every single day in one spot. And she sent me the photo after month, month and a half. It's like you drew a circle around. So that circle where the analemma was in the middle grew inch and a half taller than all of the other plants inside that little garden. Wow. So that's also extraordinarily visual. Yes. And you you cannot ignore it. I mean, some people just so you know, we're not recommending it or or anything, some people actually wearing it around their necks, which is kind of crazy, because it's very delicate, and it can break so we can just drink some water. You know, it's it's, you know, if you drink the water, you're going to get the benefit, no need to go.

David Sandstrom 47:17
You know, Mario, you use the term a moment ago that I want to repeat. You said resilience. And isn't that what we all want physically, as we get older, we need more resilience. You know, there's certain there's certain stretches out there that we just can't escape. I mean, if you go to a restaurant or a place of business today, least here in the States, I don't know what it's like in Croatia, but everybody has Wi Fi going everybody has cell phones going and you cannot escape the especially the 5g Now, you cannot escape some of the stressors, some of the pollutants in the air, some of the pollutants in the water, the cross contamination of even a GMO, non GMO crop that's being contaminated with GMO, genetically modified seeds, because they're blowing through the wind, you cannot escape it. So what we want to do is increase our resilience, exactly our body's ability to fight off the stressors and thrive in the midst of it.

Mario Brainovic 49:45
Exactly. That's the that's the whole point. And if we are resilient enough, and if our immune system is strong enough, then whatever pathogen arrives, our body's just going to fend off it. And that's exactly what we need. especially in this time, and it's awesome that you mentioned this EMFs because one of our founders dove santing. A, he was the CEO of the largest Dutch Telecom, and he was very much aware of, you know, potential influences. That's what from from one side started the whole story, because we realize that this water has a very powerful protective effect on EMF, so we actually did a study on it. Yeah. So what we did is, we realized that when people uses their cell phones, it has detrimental effect on the brainwaves. So brainwaves go into chaotic mode. And you can see every single time, as soon as you apply the cell phone just two three minutes, we're not talking about half an hour or 45 minutes or an hour. We just did the test in three minutes. There is immediate, chaotic effect on the brainwaves. And then we gave. So we had several people were using the cell phone, so we gave to some of them regular water. And to some of them we gave Analemma water. And those who drank in Analemma water there is again, instant cooling effect on the brainwaves. Immediately they went to green, while the people that drank regular water basically nothing happened.

David Sandstrom 51:20
Yeah, that's amazing. It really is.

Mario Brainovic 51:23
And this is also something that and I can tell you one also very interesting detail. It's so happened that we kind of started to collaborate with one German company that created bricks. So we gave them what would happen if we gave them our water to create bricks from. And what's interesting is one interesting just a peculiar kind of happening is that even though the water has the same weight, the bricks that were that were created with analemma water were lighter significantly, for some reason, even though the weight of the water is the same. But anyhow, that's this is just something peculiar. That's fascinating. It really is fascinating, it was to us was like why it's the same weight, how much lighter? It's I'm thinking 400 grams, or some three significant is low light, but these are bigger kind of blocks. Yeah, but what's interesting is that then the house was built using those bricks, and we realized that it prevented the EMFs from the outside. Wow. Now that's really interesting. So, the structure.

David Sandstrom 52:39
You're blowing me away Mario; you're just blowing me away.

Mario Brainovic 52:41
it really, if I'm telling you we had so much oh my god moments in the during the research. Yeah, so it was really kind of, you know, EMFs are not coming through.

David Sandstrom 52:52
You know, I gotta say this, you know, a lot of times people know, I'm a practitioner, they know that I'm into this stuff. And I would say once a week, a friend or, or someone I know will send me an email, say, Hey, I was looking at this product, can you tell me if it's any good? And a lot of times I'll research it and just like you said earlier, they're making all kinds of claims on this new miracle pill, whatever it is, but there's absolutely zero research to back up the claims. So here with your with your product Mario, you have 15 years worth of research, using the gold standard double blind, placebo controlled study that it's really really that adds weight to what you're saying. I wouldn't have had you on the show if I didn't think that what you what you had to say was worthwhile. So I just wanted to point that out that you know, Mario is the real deal here and this technology is real. So I know that your your assistant got in touch with me and you created a discount code so someone wants to get started by it an Analemma stick. Is that what you call it a sticker on the wand?

Mario Brainovic 53:58
Yeah, so people call it Analemma. Actually, we can just mention that analemma is the sun's that is the power symbol of the sun. So when you photograph the sun from the earth from one spot for 365 days, you're going to have this infinity sign on Sky. That's what's called Analemma. Interesting. And we realized extraordinary correlation, electromagnetic correlation between the sun and water. I believe it that's why we call it Analemma. But any how.

David Sandstrom 54:31
Just think of the the the beautiful interaction between water and sunlight when it forms a rainbow. Yeah, right. There's an interaction there. We are aware of it. I mean, a three year old is aware of it. But it's so right in front of our faces, that we fail to recognize it sometimes. Yeah. So anyway, there's there's a discount code. If someone wants to go get one of these. It's it's your assistant told me it's going to be natural, but what website would they go to?

Mario Brainovic 54:59
If people can just go to So it's the simple way and if you want to follow because we really invest in a lot of in science, and if you want to, if somebody wants to follow just jump on our newsletter, because we're constantly publishing whatever we are doing so people can follow. Where because this is we're calling it the water revolution, it really can change the world. So if you want to follow our work, that's, that's the way to do it. Coherence dash And now we're actually coming out with also several applications, we're going to come up with garden analemma. So people can actually use it in their garden, because then then they know they're creating a fruits and veggies of highest possible vitality. So we're coming up with that we're very soon we're coming up with a whole house and Analemma I mentioned, so people can have entire water in their house. coherent. And I have to say one thing. So we're offering 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. So if anybody for any reason is not happy with the product, we will be beyond happy to return the money. Very, very, very, very few people decide to do that. But yeah, whoever wants to do it, we're just going to no questions as we turn the money, we will only want people who are truly truly satisfied with it. It's a jewel, it really is. This one we saying that this water is a blessing. So we kind of want to put it to as much hands as possible so people can get the benefit.

David Sandstrom 56:36
So it's coherent And if you choose to make a purchase, use the discount code natural, and you'll get 10% off your purchase. All right, Mario, if someone wants to get a hold of you personally, what's the best way to do that?

Mario Brainovic 56:53
The best way is just to kind of a contact. There is a contact form on the website. If somebody has any questions, please, I will be happy to answer any and all questions. A lot of people actually in the science world are coming up to us. And we're kind of doing various collaborations in the whole science where you know, everybody in the water science world needs a small kind of world. Everybody knows everybody, so and every single year, we all come together from various parts of the world and water conference where everything is being shared. We're actually now in the whole structure world structure. Waterworld, Dr. Gerald Pollack, he's kind of a well known figure, he created what is called Easy water or exclusion zone water, he found his own way of, of creating some form of structure, we are now collaborating with him, we are actually want to compare the effects of easy water and our coherent water. We want to kind of come together because this we are all working for the highest good of all. And if we all joined together, join hands together, we can really help the world.

David Sandstrom 57:59
Absolutely. I couldn't agree more collaboration is a wonderful thing.

Mario Brainovic 58:03
Yes. And that's why I really thank you, David, for being the beacon of light and sharing the relevant information that people can actually get the result because this is what it's all about. So that we are all healthy, and we should be healthy. I think that that it's God Givens right, for all of us to be healthy. We just need to kind of adjust here and there and allow this whole process to happen. Yes,

David Sandstrom 58:30
Mario, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with a Natural Nation today.

Mario Brainovic 58:34
Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

David Sandstrom 58:37
For more, go to the show notes page at There, you can find an audio as well as a video version of the podcast. I always put links to all the resources that we've mentioned, as well as a free downloadable transcript that you can print out and take with you and read at your leisure. And I always have some type of a content upgrade there as well for free, and you can go deeper with that subject. If you're enjoying the podcast, I sure would appreciate you telling a friend about it. This information on health and wellness from a biblical perspective is relatively hard to come by. And if you have a like minded friend who's a follower of Jesus Christ, and they care about their health, oh, they think they would very much appreciate you telling them about the show. Thanks in advance for doing that. That's it for now. I'll talk with you next time. Be blessed.

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