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In today's toxic world, everyone needs to supplement their diet. But we've got to be careful, some supplements can do more harm than good.



Daily living requires nutrients. However, most of us are not getting the nutrients we need from the food we eat.

Modern farming practices that use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and use genetically modified seeds have all contributed to our food supply being nutrient deficient. Without the proper nutrients, our bodies struggle to do their jobs. 

Not only is our food supply nutrient depleted, we're ingesting toxins along with our food as well. BPA from plastic packaging, contaminate our food. Heavy metals like mercury make their way into the oceans making seafood toxic as well.  In addition, we're exposed to thousands of toxin in the environment.

Here's the kicker, in the process of removing those toxins our bodies use up key nutrients making the need to supplement even greater.

The Problem

Even if we're adding supplements to our diet, we may not be reaping the benefits we expect. Many supplement manufacturers don't have the resources to produce quality products that deliver on their claims.

If they do have the resources, ignorance gets in the way. All too often, supplement manufacturers just don't know how to bring quality products to the market.

The Solution

Only ingest professional-grade supplements from knowledgable manufacturers that have the resources to implement effective quality control measures.

These measures must include neutral, 3d-party testing and stringent inspections of the manufacturing facilities. This is done by manufacturers that voluntarily submit to the certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards.

What Fullscript offers


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Why Fullscript?

As a healthcare professional, I want to emphasize the immense value of quality nutrition from high-grade supplements. That’s why I exclusively recommend Fullscript – they provide access to dozens of high-quality, professional-grade supplement manufacturers that follow stringent, certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards to deliver premium products that truly support wellbeing.

When you create a secure online account through my personal signup link, you’ll gain access to professional protocols I've curated and customize just for you. You’ll also lock in an exclusive 10% discount for life on all your orders!

Fullscript makes it easy to restore depleted nutrients through science-backed wellness plans. Simply set up your account using my provider link to start reaping health benefits such as stronger immune, more energy, better sleep, more comfortable digestion, strong hair and nails, glowing skin and more. 

Dwayne Mitchell

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high quality - extensive catalog - patient discount

“The user-friendly interface and extensive product catalog make it easy to find and obtain the right supplements. The availability of professional-grade supplements and reliable delivery services contribute to its overall convenience. With David’s patient discount, the pricing is very good, making it affordable to get the high quality supplements you need.”

Debunking Inferior Supplements

Walk into any drug or wholesale store and you’ll see aisles packed with supplements making big promises. But did you know many commercial-grade products provide little benefit and can even be harmful?

Mass-market supplements often contain unnecessary fillers, additives and artificial colors. Their nutrient doses rarely match what the label claims. Products can be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

Even reputable brands sold in pharmacies and big retailers cannot guarantee purity or potency. That’s because they're made in gigantic factories that also manufacture for other companies. Cross-contamination is rampant.

Cheap overseas ingredients of questionable quality are the norm. There is minimal regulatory oversight or testing on consumer-grade supplements before they hit store shelves.

In short - you have no way of knowing if that mass-market vitamin, mineral or herb is really going to help or potentially hurt you.

Does quality cost more? It usually does, but I'd rather see you take quality supplements every other day that low quality or potentially harmful supplements every day.

And don't forget, buy creating and account using my link you'll lock it a 10% savings for life! And you get free shipping on orders over $50.

The Fullscript Difference

Fullscript dispensary-grade supplements are in an entirely different class than commercial products. Their manufacturers source premium ingredients tested for effectiveness. Proprietary processes maintain nutrient potency right up to when you consume them.

Fullscript approved products contain exactly what the label states. They’re free of contaminants and common allergens. What’s more, nearly every ingredient is backed by extensive research validating its benefits.  

Each product undergoes quality checks for purity, potency and composition. And they adhere to cGMP standards even higher than FDA requirements.

Access Powerful Health Support

Now that you understand why quality matters, here’s the best part – the vast majority of Fullscript dispensary supplements are available exclusively to clients of licensed or credentialed healthcare professionals such as myself. That means their effective products cannot be purchased in stores or online without a provider’s guidance.

When you create your secure Fullscript account through my signup link, you gain access to these elite practitioner-grade supplements designed to:

- Optimize energy and sleep quality
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- Promote heart and brain health
- Optimize wellbeing...and more

You’ll also get my personalized wellness protocols tailored to your health goals. Enjoy convenient home delivery of elite supplements proven to enhance health.

The Next Step for Your Well-being

If you’re ready to take charge of your health with science-backed quality supplementation, here’s how to get started:

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Consistency is key - follow my protocols as directed to restore depleted nutrients, energize your body and maximize wellbeing at the cellular level. Your health is my top priority. Let me guide you on the path to looking and feeling your best with high-grade nutritional support only available through Fullscript. The first step begins now – join today!

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"David has been a great resource concerning our nutritional needs.  We used to have to go to the doctor or pharmacy for all of our supplements. However, through Fullscript, now we can get them at home whenever we need them.  We can even have them delivered to our kids in college.  We also really like the great selection and our ability to see David's recommended picks."

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If you're a fan of the Natural Health Matters podcast, you can support the show by creating an account using my sign up link and ordering through Fullscript. You won't pay any more, in fact you'll pay less than retail, and through my relationship with Fullscript, I'll receive a small commission.

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Does Fullscript manufacture these products?

No. Fullscript is a curator of dozens of quality supplement manufacturers such as Standard Process, Thorne, Biotics Research, Designs for Health, Metagenics, Microbiom Labs, and many more. Access to these products is restricted to practitioners only. Since I am a credentialed healthcare professional, I can grant you access to these quality cGMP certified Good Manufacturing Process product lines.


Quality always costs more. However, after your 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $50 you'll find these prices to be competitive. In addition, I would rather see you take quality supplements every other day instead of low-quality, drug store variety supplements every day that may be ineffective at best or harmful to your health at worst. 

Is my 10% discount for a limited time only?

No. Once you create your account using my sign up link, you will receive the 10% discount for life.

What if I order products such as probiotics that needs to be refrigerated?

No need to worry. Fullscript will take care of the cold packing for you.

Do I have to sign up for a certain period of time or commit to an auto-ship agreement?

No; there are no commitments. Once you create your account you decide when to order. If you're not happy with the quality or service (I can't imagine that happening) there is no need to cancel. If you don't ordering anything you won't be charged anything. If you prefer, you can enjoy the convenience and additional savings with the auto ship option if you wish. 

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