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What is Real Health? – DavidSandstrom.com

What is Real Health?

Real health is much more than what most people think. Real health is not simply the absence of disease.

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Many people believe something like this: “I’m basically a healthy person. I haven’t been to the doctor in I don’t know know long. Sure, I’m a little down on energy in the mornings… and the afternoon but nothing a couple cups of FiveBucks coffee can’t take care of.” I would suggest that that, is not a state of real health…..

Although this side of heaven, perfection is not attainable, it is something we should be striving for. God wants us healthy (III John 1:2) so that we can accomplish all the things he created us for. (Ephesians 2:10)

The abundant life isn’t just going to show up handed to us on a silver platter. We’re going to have to fight for it. (John 10:10)

I would like to offer the following definition to help motivate you in your pursuit of real health.

Real Health Is:

  • Energy that doesn’t need stimulants, not too much, not too little; just the right amount. Your energy should be something you’re generally not consciously aware of. It should just be there for you all day and all night long, until you’re ready for sleep.
  • Clarity of thought and mind. We should be keenly aware of our surroundings. We should be able to remember someone’s phone number without writing it down. We should be capable of critical thinking, enjoying reflective thought as well as constructive dreaming and planning.
  • Peaceful thoughts. A really healthy person is not anxious, and will experience joy, and patience on a regular basis. They have will power, and find it easy to say no to unhealthy things. A truly healthy person also finds it easy to be optimistic and happy. They feel like smiling for no particular reason. There is a spring to their step and they are a pleasure to be around.
  • Sleep Real health is effortless, productive, enjoyable sleep. A really healthy person is able to fall asleep quickly, and not wake until morning. When it’s time to get out of bed, they wake up without an alarm clock feeling refreshed, and ready to start their day without stimulants.
  • Strong Body Real health is a flexible, fluid, graceful body without aches and pains. Real health is muscle strength and tone, strong bones that protect us from injury, teeth and gums that don’t rot. Real health is radiant skin, hair and nails. Real health is efficient digestion with regular elimination without a foul smelling bathroom. A really healthy person enjoys a vibrant, satisfying sex life without the little blue pill.
  • Weight Control Real health is effortless weight control. Just like our energy, our weight is something that we should rarely think about. A really healthy person doesn’t count calories or weigh their food. They never feel deprived because they eat according to their appetite. A really healthy person is never ravenously hungry and does not struggle with sweet cravings.
  • Strong Immune Real health is a strong, efficient immune system. A really healthy person will rarely get sick, if ever. It they do find themselves with a cold, the symptoms are not severe, and they recover quickly.
  • Graceful Aging Finally, a truly healthy person experiences graceful aging. When we truly embrace this holistic, whole-person (body, soul, and spirit) approach to health, you will age gracefully. It’ll happen by default. Again, it’s something that shouldn’t even cross our minds; it will happen on its own.

Utopia or Attainable Reality?

Does this description sound attractive to you? I hope it does. Maybe to you this description sounds like an unattainable, utopian fantasy. If that’s you, then you’ve likely been living with compromised health for so long that you’ve forgotten what real health feels like. You’re not alone. Most of us haven’t felt this way since we were kids, if ever.

What if you could consistently experience 95% or the above? Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable? Wouldn’t you be more productive? Do you think it would have implications for your marriage? How about your career? How about your relationship with God?

I’m here to tell you that experiencing most of the above on a regular basis is not utopia, it’s absolutely attainable. That’s why I’ve started this blog. Stick around, I have a lot of actionable content in the que.

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