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Supplements are an important component to any effective health-building program. Our food supply is compromised, and we're exposed to toxins that our bodies depend on nutrient reserves to eliminate.

I highly recommend supplementation. However, if you'e not careful, you could be doing more harm than good by taking products made by ignorant or dishonest manufactures.

Get professional-grade supplements from manufacturers you can trust. Wellevate has dozens of quality manufacturers that 3d party test each batch for quality assurance.  

CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices)

If you supplement supplier doesn't allow their facilities and products to be inspected by a neutral 3d-party inspectors, don't  buy from them. They are either ignorant or they have something to hide.

Buy from manufacturers you can trust.

Human beings are spirit; we have a mind; and we live in a body. In order to maximize our health potential, we must pay attention to the whole person. Using the naturopathic approach to health, we treat the person that has the illness not the illness that has the person.

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