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Frustrated with pills


When I was a practitioner, I called myself a holistic health coach. However, I really didn’t know what the term meant.

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What I actually meant was…..


Real Holism

What I actually meant was natural, or alternative, or perhaps complimentary. I wasn’t holistic because my focus was almost exclusively on the physical, neglecting our mental/emotion and spiritual components.

I saw many people improve their health, sometimes dramatically. But, truth be told, not everyone got the results they were hoping for. I now know that some people’s health issues are not rooted in the physical. They very well may have a mental/emotional, or spiritual component.

Blind Spots

Back then, I all but ignored the obvious. Human beings are far more than simply a collection chemical reactions. As C. S. Lewis has said: “We are a spirit; we have a soul; we live in a body.” I was stuck in the mindset that if we took care of our bodies well enough, we could eliminate or avoid all that ails us physically.

I’m sad to say, that most practitioners medical or alternative, are stuck in the physical paradigm as I was. Doctors use drugs and surgery. Alternative practitioners use nutrition and supplements. Both methods, although useful at times, are not complete.

[callout]It would be much easier to maintain our health if all we had to do was take care of our bodies.[/callout]

Experience has taught me to embrace the idea that we must consider the whole person: body, mind, and spirit if we’re going to deal with our health concerns effectively. It is folly to focus entirely on the physical.

People Are Complex

It would be much easier to maintain our health if all we had to do was take care of our bodies. However, all three parts of our being are interconnected. We cannot affect one without affecting the others. When our spiritual health improves, our thought life cannot help but improve. When we think better thoughts, the body responds positively as well.

Things also work in the other direction. When we improve our physical health, our mood improves and our thought life is enhanced. With better thinking, we’re in a better position to grow spiritually.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. When any part of our being is neglected, the other parts will be adversely effected. Furthermore, there’s a synergy achieved when we focus on improving our physical, mental, and spiritual health simultaneously. The whole truly becomes greater than the sum of the parts. This way, we can achieve a greater level of health and vitality than we can with the body-only approach that is so common today.

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Question: Are you experiencing, or do you know someone that’s tried seemingly everything in the physical realm, and not found resolution of their health issues? Share you answer in the comments section below.

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