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Insider Secret: Total Body Load – DavidSandstrom.com
Total Body Load

Insider Secret: Total Body Load

The concept of total body load explains why some people get sick and others don’t.[featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”Total Body Load”]

This concept is foundational to building health naturally…..

We must understand total body load  if we’re going to make effective, positive changes to improve our health. Taking drugs or even supplements to relieve symptoms ignores this concept and as such, usually does not go after the root of what is causing our health challenges. Understanding the concept of total body load can give us a huge advantage when it comes to not only prevention but recovering our health, and peak performance as well.

Total Body Load Explained

If someone comes to work in an office with a cold or flu, some of the coworkers will get sick and some won’t. Why? The ones that succumb are the ones with a higher total body load. We all want to be the one that doesn’t end up sick.

Over the years I’ve made many presentations to groups of health enthusiasts. I always share two metaphors because I’ve found them to be very useful for explaining naturopathy or building health naturally.

When I share these metaphors, I can see light bulbs coming on all over the room. So I’d like to share the first one with you here.

[callout]We must understand total body load if we’re going to make effective, positive changes to improve our health.[/callout]

Your Health is Like a 2×4

My good friend Bill Wolcott, author of the Metabolic Typing Diet came up with this metaphor. I believe you’ll find it useful.

Your health can be thought of  as a 2×4 straddled across two sawhorses. When the board is empty it is of course strong and rigid. Well, what if we started stacking bricks on top of our 2×4?…. It will start to sag a little right?

A few bricks are no problem. It only becomes a problem if we continue stacking bricks. If we do, there will eventually come a point where one more brick and the 2×4 will snap.

Question: was the problem the last brick we put on top of the stack? No…. The problem was the total load of bricks we had underneath. Our 2×4 could easily handle a few bricks, but the total load was too much and it broke.

The empty 2×4 can be thought of as the perfect state of health with a person living a vary low stress life. The bricks are the stressors that impede our health. For instance: inadequate rest, junk food diet, electro-magnetic fields, environmental toxins, sedentary lifestyle, financial pressures, relational conflict etc.

I’m sure you can add a few items to this list. When we let these things build up, the total body load will eventually catch up with us and we’ll come down with symptoms.

The problem isn’t the single stressful event. We should easily handle that. It’s all the stressors put together. It’s the total body load that matters.

We must work at unloading our 2×4, or our bodies as much as we can. This way we can lean on the built-in wisdom of the body, our (vitalism) and let the body heal itself.

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Where this metaphor comes up short is considering those things that enhance our health. My next post will go over a more complete metaphor that I came up with myself.

Question: Is there any low hanging fruit you can identify to lighten your total body load? Share your answer in the comment section below.

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