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The Most Important Ingredient For Health

Peace is perhaps the most important ingredient for health. Not just peaceful thoughts, but peace in every part of our being.

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C.S. Lewis said: “We are a spirit; we have a soul; and we live in a body.” We’re created as tripartite beings. All three aspects of our being are interconnected, and interdependent.

In other words, what affects one part, will affect the others, for better or for worse. We cannot neglect one part of our being, and expect the other parts to thrive. Nor can we nurture one part, without benefiting the others.

There’s a body-soul-spirit, and a spirit-soul-body connection to our makeup. A very effective way to build health, it to reduce stress, and pursue peace holistically, body, soul, and spirit.Continue reading

A healthy trip to paradise


If you want to improve your health holistically, use this powerful metaphor. [featured-image single_newwindow=”false” alt=”A Healthy Trip To Paradise”]Image from Dollar Photo Club, designed with Canva[/featured-image]

When it comes to building health holistically, we can think of what it’s like to take a trip on an airplane……Continue reading