by David Sandstrom 

April 19, 2021

In this episode, I talk about why I changed the name of the podcast from Holistic Health Matters to Natural Health Matters and what the show is really all about. I also explain the meaning behind the new artwork.

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Today's Guest...

  • I'm flying solo on this episode

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 0:21- Introduction
  • 3:17 - A foundational bible verse - 2 Timothy 3:16
  • 4;30 - The "Health Matters" part of Natural Health Matters
  • 6:06 - "Natural" means...according to God's design
  • 7:28 - Partnering with God in his natural design
  • 11:05 - Our body's default setting is health
  • 13:24 - Total body load
  • 15:38 - The new artwork explained
  • 18:28 - Lifestyle interventions to reduce stress
  • 19:24 - Conclusion


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David Sandstrom 0:00
Welcome to the Natural Health Matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential so that you can pursue the abundant life more effectively. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, naturopathic doctor and biblical health coach. And this is episode number 42.

David Sandstrom 0:21
If you're a regular listener to the show, you've probably noticed something different. The show has a new name. Holistic Health Matters is now Natural Health Matters. The content remains the same, but I want to make sure I'm communicating a clear message as to what the show is about. The new name more accurately reflects what the show stands for. I originally chose the term holistic health matters in the name because addressing the whole person, spirit, mind and body is the most effective way to build health. Holistic Health refers to the whole person, not just health and body, but health in spirit and mind as well. I rerecorded the first episode episode zero, to reflect the name change. And in that episode, I go into what health and spirit mind and body look like. So if you haven't listened already, you may want to go back and listen to the new episode zero, and then come back and listen to this one because the two episodes kind of go together.

David Sandstrom 1:21
The point I want to make here is based on feedback from listeners, I found that the term holistic was giving some people the impression that the show is something other than what it is. The term holistic to some carries a new age or Eastern religious connotation. Maybe it's Buddhism, or maybe there's some blend of Hinduism with a belief in karma or reincarnation, or maybe some new age or evolutionary thought mixed in. I want to assure you, this podcast is definitely not Eastern religious, or New Age thought. But there is a faith component. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and I hold a traditional biblical worldview. In all my advice is filtered through that perspective. Although I believe anyone can benefit from the information I share on this show, my target audience is someone who's committed to live in their life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, as put forth in the Old and New Testament Scriptures. That person has a desire toward personal development, and wants to assume greater responsibility for the health and well being. Again, anyone can benefit by listening. But this show is tailored towards that audience. It's not my intention to recruit or convert anyone away from their faith. I simply believe that the teachings of Jesus Christ are the best way to live life. And therefore, that's what shapes my approach to personal development. And by embracing those teachings, we maximize our health potential. If you want to learn more about what my faith in God looks like, you can go to my website,, click on the about tab. Near the top of that page, there's a link that'll take you to my statement of faith page. And there I talked about some of the more important aspects as to what I believe.

David Sandstrom 3:17
For the purposes of this episode. I want to share a foundational verse that guides how I believe how we approach our study of the Scriptures. It's Second Timothy 3:16. All Scripture is inspired by God, and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. What this means is, I consider the Bible to be the supreme authority over all other teachings. And when we apply biblical teachings, we become better equipped to handle all of life's challenges. The Bible has answers to the big questions in life. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? What's my purpose? I'm a certified biblical health coach. And I can tell you, the Bible is not silent on how we're to approach our health and well being. It's my contention, that we maximize our health potential by aligning our lives more fully with God's designed for spirit, mind and body. And that design is found in the Bible, as well as in nature.

David Sandstrom 4:30
So What's in a name? Natural Health Matters. I didn't arrive at that name haphazardly. A lot of thought went into it. So what does Natural Health Matters mean? Let's start off with the term health matters. Well, of course, we discuss matters pertaining to health. If you've been listening to the show, you know that but in addition, our health matters because the level of vitality we enjoy affects every area of our lives. By embracing an effective natural health lifestyle, we'll have better energy, improved mental clarity, fewer aches and pains. A more positive mood, more enthusiasm, will experience more love, joy and peace. Those states of being impact our effectiveness in all areas of life. Our health matters to our loved ones. Because the more vitality we enjoy, the better moms and dads we become, the better spouses we become, the better friends we are. Our health matters because the more vitality we enjoy, the better employees we are. Better Business owners would become better church goers, we become better neighbors, were better members of our communities, we enhance all areas of life, including our pursuit of the abundant life that Jesus promised in john 10:10. Not only that, your health matters to me, and your health matters to God. The Bible says, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health.

David Sandstrom 6:06
So what about the term natural, natural in the name means in accordance with God's design, I see complete unity between the natural approach to health and what the Bible teaches about the human condition. The natural approach to health acknowledges the fact that we are spirit, we have a mind or soul and we live in a body. The Bible has plenty to say about hardware to treat each part of our makeup. 1st Thesalonians 5;23 says, may the God of peace himself sanctify you entirely in May your spirit, and soul and body be kept complete. Hebrews 4:12 says, For the Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit of both joints and marrow. So there you have it, we have a soul or a mind, which is our thought lives. We are a spirit, which is the innermost part or core of our being. And of course, we have joints and marrow, which refers to our bodies. God has preferences as to how we treat each part of our makeup. He's made those preferences known in His Word. And when we align our lives with those preferences, we're being consistent with our natural design.

David Sandstrom 7:28
So in a sense, we're partners with God in His creation, we should be cooperating with our natural design, not resisting it. Our cooperation hinges on trusting in God's goodness. Many of us have had earthly fathers that didn't treat us with the love and respect we deserved. And as a result, we see Father God in a similar fashion. And we feel as though he's not altogether trustworthy. That is a false premise. God is our loving Heavenly Father. And unlike earthly fathers, he's omniscient. He knows everything. He even knows the future. He knows the outcome our choices going to have before we make them. And as any loving father would do. God wants what's best for his children. In the book of Matthew, we find this if you then being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children. How much more will your Father who was in heaven give good things to those who asked him. Most of us are familiar with Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and hope. With that in mind. We can trust that when God gives us an admonition or tells us to do something. It's for our benefit. And when he tells us to avoid something, it's for our protection. There's never a time when these two statements are not true. When we approach scripture this way, the Bible becomes a plethora of useful advice for our health well being in every bit of it is consistent with our God given natural design.

David Sandstrom 9:15
So there's three parts to human being. And all three parts are interconnected and interdependent, which means what affects one part of our being will by necessity alter the others, for good or bad. So each part of who and what we are impacts our health outcomes. It's important to understand that there's a hierarchy to the spirit, mind body connection. And understanding the hierarchy helps us to illustrate just how interconnected and interdependent they are. Our spirit is the innermost part of our being in is designed to be connected to God. Our minds act like a bridge between the spirit and the body. Here's an important point when our minds are are submitted to a spirit connected to God. They send healthy instructions to our brains, and our brains run our bodies. In the new episode zero that I recorded, I discussed the difference between Western style or allopathic medicine, and naturapathy. If you haven't listened to that episode, I recommend you go back and listen to that one when you're done listening here. In a nutshell, the allopathic medical profession treats the illness that has the person as opposed to the natural practitioner that treats the person that has the illness. Rather than try to outsmart our bodies with toxic pharmaceuticals, the natural approach to health seeks to come alongside our God given natural processes, it's a lot easier to swim with the current than against it. By swimming with the current we make far more progress with much less effort. In the same fashion, we make more progress with our health goals by cooperating with our God given natural design as opposed to working against it with toxic pharmaceuticals.

David Sandstrom 11:05
So you see, the name Natural Health Matters is more consistent with my training as a naturopath. I am a naturopathic doctor, the term doctor and that credential is used in the traditional sense where a doctor is a teacher. So a naturopathic doctor is a teacher of natural health. That's what I am. I'm also a certified biblical health coach and I wrote a book called The Christians guide to holistic health. I believe naturopathy is more closely aligned with God's natural design, naturopathy has two major focus areas. The first one is the God given innate wisdom of the body to heal itself. ourselves, cells already know what to do, we don't have to teach cells how to do their jobs. Our job is to get the obstacles out of the way, and allow our bodies to do what they already know how to do that is to thrive and produce vitality. vibrant health is built into our design, health is our default setting. If I cut my finger with a kitchen knife, I don't have to tell my blood how to clot. I don't have to tell my body to dispatch white blood cells to take care of any potential pathogens that came in through the through the laceration. I don't have to tell my skin how to heal. That all happens automatically beneath the surface. A natural practitioner calls that vitalism and vitalism is consistent with the biblical teaching in Philippians chapter two verse 13. It is God who was at work in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure. The knowledge or the wisdom that our cells possess comes from God. That's part of his work in us. Exodus 15:26 says, For I the LORD am your healer. Proverbs chapter four, verses 20 through 23 says this referring to biblical teaching, keep them in the midst of your heart, for their life to those who find them and health to all their body. So the idea that God has designed us with health in mind is firmly grounded in Scripture and in the naturopathic approach to health.

David Sandstrom 13:24
The second thing natural practitioner leans on is the concept of total body load. At any given moment, our bodies are carrying a total load of health blocking factors which served to impede our vitality. Things like secondhand smoke center lifestyle, nutritionally depleted food, inadequate rest, yeah, there's a long list. here for our health is less than optimum, there's usually multiple causes. It's not the single health blocking factor that pushes us over the edge. It's the cumulative effect of the total body load that we're carrying. That's the problem. So our approach to health can be thought of as a seesaw, with health blocking factors on one side, and health enhancing factors on the other. In order to build health naturally, we've got to unload our bodies by making effective lifestyle changes and stack our health seesaw in a lopsided fashion, with as many health enhancing factors as possible on one side, and as few health blocking factors as possible on the other. That's how we reduce our total body load. And that's how we build health. Naturally. The Bible says in Matthew chapter 11, verse 20, and 29. Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. This verse has a very similar tone to the teaching of total body load in naturopathy. Once again, we see consistent alignment with biblical teaching, and the naturopathic approach to health and wellness. This is what I mean by aligning our lives more fully with God's design. God's designed for our bodies his health. Rather than trying to outsmart our bodies with drugs, we need to lean on our God given wisdom of the body to heal itself. That's the reason Natural Health Matters is a better representation of what the show's about.

David Sandstrom 15:38
So what about the new artwork, I wanted the artwork to more accurately reflect the content of the show as well. I've got quite a few passion areas to my life. But two of them stand out with the content of the show. My passion for health and wellness, and my passion for living the abundant life. It's my intention to blend those two passions into the content of the show. So I chose an image that's part of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel masterpiece, where the head of God is reaching out to the hand of man. I've been to Rome and stood in the Sistine Chapel and it's truly awe inspiring. Standing there gazing up at that mural is breathtaking. In the same fashion, when we study our anatomy and physiology, it's also breathtaking. The Bible says that we are God's workmanship, some translations say we are his masterpiece. So I chose a work of art to illustrate who and what we are as human beings, God's masterpieces. Not only that, I believe Michelangelo was also putting forth the idea that this omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God who spoke the galaxies into existence, also has a personal side. And this piece of art represents this God that has no beginning and no end, caring about us mere mortals, his creatures. If we look to nature, we can see that God pays attention to details. And he cares about every minute detail of our lives, including our health and wellness. God cares how much sleep we got last night. He cares about those headaches you keep having, he cares about at all. God is our Jehovah Rafa, the God who heals again, third, john two, I pray that in all respects, you may prosper and be in good health. The level of prosperity we experience is a function of the level of health and vitality we enjoy. I'm not talking just about financial prosperity. Although that can be a part of it. I'm talking about becoming all the men and women God created us to be. That's the abundant life. I believe that walking consistently in the abundant life, even with excellent health is challenging at best throw compromise health into the mix. And we make an already challenging task far more difficult. The abundant life is a life full of love, joy, and peace. It's a life full of meaning and purpose. And that's what this podcast is about, helping you to grab ahold of all the vitality available, so that you can live the abundant life more effectively.

David Sandstrom 18:28
The experts tell us that 80 to 90% of all doctor visits are stress related. That's disappointing. But it's also very good news because it means that although we have no control over the genetics, we inherit, we have complete control over our lifestyle choices that impact our stress levels. And that's my focus. We should be doing everything we can do in terms of lifestyle interventions that increase our chances of a positive health outcome. I want to help you maximize your health potential by aligning your life more fully with God's designed for spirit, mind and body so you can live the abundant life more effectively. I also included the Christian fish, and the reference to john 10:10 to represent this faith based aspect to fulfilling our purpose with abundant living. So that's what the name change is all about.

David Sandstrom 19:24
If this is making sense to you, I encourage you to follow the podcast or subscribe on the platform you listening on. also go to my website David Sandstrom calm and subscribe to my newsletter. I'll send you notices when new episodes are available, as well as occasional health tips. On the show notes page to each episode, I include links to any resources that are mentioned. I also include a downloadable transcript with timestamps as well as some type of free content upgrade to help you go deeper into that subject area. Thanks for listening. I enjoyed serving you, and I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed.

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