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Naturopathy Offers Alternatives – DavidSandstrom.com

Naturopathy Offers Alternatives

Tired of the five minute doctor visit and walking out with a prescription?

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Naturopathy offers real alternatives to drugs and surgery.…..

As you may already know, I am a Naturopathic Doctor. I would like my readers to understand the difference between a Naturopath “ND” and an Allopath, or Medical Doctor “MD”

We need Medical Doctors. They save lives. But Allopathic medicine (drugs and surgery) is limited in it’s usefulness.

Allopathic or “Western style” medicine shines in the emergency room. Drugs and surgery save lives, but are nowhere near as affective in treating long-term health challenges.

If you’ve been in a serious accident, the trauma center at your local hospital is a very comforting place to be. After the emergency is over however, you’re better off embracing holistic, or natural principles to help you recover.

Many people around the nation are getting introduced to Naturopathy and discovering a whole new world when it comes to healthcare.

[callout]Western style medicine shines in the emergency room. Drugs and surgery save lives, but are not anywhere near as affective in treating long-term health challenges.[/callout]


If you’re looking for alternatives to a pill for every ill, you’re no longer on your own. In the past, most of us had to drift through the isle at our local health food store, hoping to get some help from the tree hugging, flip flop wearing, tie-die t-shirt sporting stock boy.

Today, naturopathic doctors are offering real, effective, drug-free alternatives. It’s important to understand what you can expect when you see a Naturopath.

Naturopathic Doctors are educated in six core principles.

  1. The Healing Power Of The Human Body I refer to this principle as vitalism. Our bodies have a built-in intelligence, and know how to heal themselves. Naturopathy seeks to remove obstacles and lean into this God-given design of the human body. See my post on Taking a healthy flight for more on this.
  2. Treat The Cause Not The Symptom A Naturopath seeks to go after the root cause and not simply treat symptoms.
  3. First Do No Harm Naturopathic Doctors seek to use as little force as possible when it comes to any treatments. They may use herbs or other natural remedies. But, they always seek to work alongside the body’s built-in healing design, not against it.
  4. Treat The Whole Person This one is near and dear to my heart. We are more than just a body. As C.S Lewis said: “We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body. All three aspects of our being must be addressed in order to maximize our health potential. This is especially applicable if you’re dealing with a major health crisis.
  5. Doctor As Teacher In the term Naturopathic doctor, the term “doctor” means teacher. No one knows you like you do. An effective naturopathic practitioner will do lots of instructing on health building principles. They’ll make recommendations. But, ultimately, it’s the person themselves that’s in charge of their care. 
  6. Prevention For the most part, standard western style medical care tells us to wait until we get sick and then see the doctor. In Naturopathy, we are intentional about prevention. The things that help us recover from illness are the same things that prevent illness in the first place.
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 Question: Have you or anyone in your family ever been to a Naturopath? Leave your response in the comment section below.


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