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How’s Your Energy? (part 1) – DavidSandstrom.com
How's Your Energy

How’s Your Energy? (part 1)

We’ve all experienced it. We spend some time with someone and after few minutes we feel drained and depleted. We can’t wait to get away from them. Why is this so?

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I would suggest that these people are energy drainers. Some people are real life energy vampires. No one deliberately becomes an energy drainer. But, somehow they become one. And they’re usually unaware of it. The following are ten characteristics to help you recognize if you’ve slid down this slippery slope…..

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Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp a German physicist has proven the existence of subtle energies that are used by our bodies for cellular communication. He calls these energies “bio-photons”.

This phenomena is largely responsible for the feelings we get when we’re around certain people, or alone within our own minds. This quantum physical energy has the potential to dramatically impact our health for better or for worse.

The problem is, many people are unaware of their own personal energy and the effect it has on themselves and the people around them.

[callout]If we want to maximize our health potential in body, mind, and spirit, we must recognize when we’re in energy draining mode and shift gears into energy gaining mode.[/callout]

The Sixth Sense?

Without any formal training in theoretical physics most of us know this energy exists.

For instance, imagine two people are having a heated argument and suddenly became silent. You, unaware the argument was taking place, walk into the room in the moment of silence. Would you be able to sense that there was an argument going on?

Most people would say yes, they could. This is because of the intense negative energy (bio-photons) present in the room.

There Is No Neutral

Energy is either positive or negative. There is no neutral. It’s either working for us or against us. It has the power to heal or destroy. As a result, the energy inside us day and night, dramatically affects our health and well being.

We have a choice to make. Are we going to let our thoughts empower us or disempower us? If we want to maximize our health potential in body, mind, and spirit, we must recognize when we’re in energy draining mode and shift gears into energy gaining mode.

The following is a list of characteristics that energy drainers possess. See if you can relate to any of them. In the next post I’ll give you some practical suggestions for overcoming this kind of negativity.

You might be an energy drainer if…

Energy Drainers Usually:

  1. See the glass as half empty. Pessimism is a hallmark trait of an energy drainer.
  2. See themselves as victims, and shy away from personal responsibility.
  3. See God as judgmental, and vengeful. Distorted views about God are at the core of many health issues.
  4. Gossip about others.
  5. Complain about anything and everything. If we try, we can find fault with almost anything.
  6. Are judgmental or critical of others, yet engage in little self examination.
  7. Tend to live in the past or the future. Energy drainers are never satisfied with the present state of things.
  8. Are cynical and have a general distrust of others and their motives.
  9. Are frequently angry and allow their anger to turn into bitterness.
  10. Are self-centered and talk about themselves too much.

Energy Drainers Are Everywhere

Maybe you work with an energy drainer. Maybe you’re married to one. Even that’s not as bad as being an energy drainer yourself. We can’t do much about other people. They need to go through their own process of self-examination and discovery.

However, we can work on ourselves. (Psalm 139:23-24) Jesus said before we try to get the speck out of our brother’s eye, to remove the plank from our own eye. (Matthew 7:3)

So what if you are an energy drainer? The good news is we are free-will beings, and we don’t have to passively accept these thoughts. We have the power to choose and change. (Deuteronomy 30:19) (2 Corinthians 10:5) (Romans 12:2)

Truth be told, I can see myself in too many of these traits. Again, in the next post we’ll talk about what we can do about these patterns.

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Do you know someone that’s an energy vampire? What do they do that drains your energy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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