by David Sandstrom 

March 30, 2021

This episode is part 2 of a 2-part series from my conversation with Dr. Steven Hotze founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. Dr. Hotze is a holistic M.D. and we talk about getting to the root of what is ailing us, and his book Hypothyroidism Health & Happiness. 

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Today's Guest...

  • Dr. Steven Hotze Founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 1:41 - Introduction
  • 2:59 - The Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
  • 5:14 - Thyroid hormones explained
  • 11:35 - Why it's so difficult to get treatment for thyroid issues 
  • 13:16 - Fluoride is poison
  • 18:32 - Dr. Hotze's eating recommendations 
  • 23:47 - Sauna Space Promo
  • 25:32 - Hotze Health & Wellness Center hires the Broadmoor Hotel and the Ritz Carlton to train staff
  • 30:13 - Dr Hotze's generous book offer
  • 34:03 - Faith in God permeates the Hotze Health & Wellness Center
  • 38:17 - Conclusion


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David Sandstrom 0:00
Here's a sample of what you'll hear on this episode of holistic health matters.

Dr Steven Hotze 0:04
So we want people to come in here and experience give them an experience that lets them know we care. We're their friends. They're our guests. They're not our patients. They're our guests. We're glad to have him here. We want to serve them. We want them to get what they want. They want to get their health back. They want to get their lives back. So we spend time with listen to them, affirm them, encouraging, cultivating them hope and show them a pathway.

David Sandstrom 0:39
Welcome to the holistic health matters podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential in spirit, mind and body so that you can pursue the abundant life more effectively. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, naturopathic doctor and biblical health coach, and this is episode number 39.

David Sandstrom 1:05
This episode is brought to you by sauna space, makers of high quality home saunas. Let's face it, you know you want one. Even people casually interested in health wellness have heard of the health benefits to sauna therapy. The research is in the word is out. Regular sauna bathing is extraordinarily beneficial to health. Go to my website, David forward slash resources and click on the solder space logo and start enjoying all the health benefits to owning your own third party tested zero EMF infrared home sauna today. Welcome back, we're continuing our conversation with Dr. Steven Hotze. He's the founder of the haute see Health and Wellness Center in Houston, Texas. He's a holistic MD, and we're going to be talking about hypothyroidism, as well as what it takes to run a practice that actually puts the patient or the customer first, we're also going to be talking about what it takes to build health holistically in spirit, mind and body. It's some really good stuff. And I encourage you to hang in there to the end because he has a really generous offer for the Double HM community, you're going to want to avail yourself to that offer. So let's jump right into part two of my conversation with Dr. Steven hotsy. Dr. hoti a lot of people find themselves either in the doctor's office or a holistic practitioners office. And they know they don't feel well they know there's something going on, the doctor will test them they'll run some blood work, usually it comes back normal and they say well, I can't find anything wrong with you. It's it's probably all in your head and they end up on a on an antidepressant or something like that. But they know better the patient knows better. So a lot of times I know that you find that these these patients end up having some type of a thyroid issue. So could you detail for the Double HM community? What exactly are the symptoms of hypothyroidism,

Dr Steven Hotze 2:59
Fatigue, oftentimes difficulty with weight, low body temperature, inability to focus and think clearly women call it brain fog all the time. A change in moods, maybe depressed moods, joint muscle aches and pains, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, miscarriages for women, bowel function, malfunction disorders, hair loss, puffiness, pale, these are just, you know, fingernails that are that are that are ridged, you know, how you know loss of lateral 1/3, of your eye brows in large time, these are signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. So somebody has one summer all of these symptoms, and that points you in the direction of low thyroid doesn't matter what the blood test tells you. What we're looking at, in listening for is the symptoms. Despite what the blood says, and in thyroid cases, 95% of the time your blood tests will fall within the normal range. So that's why you've gone to the doctor. And in you go in the doctor says, Well, you don't have hypothyroidism and bloods normal. You go to the doctor thinking, I have hypothyroidism. Why do you think that because you read about it, you went online. And so what can cause these symptoms? And it comes up hypothyroidism. And you go to the doctor and he goes, you don't have hypothyroidism? And you go How do you know? Well, your blood tells you he knows 95% of the time the blood test is going to fall within a wide range of normal the blood test is determined for all the hormones by with the last blood tests that were done the day before, which is 10s of 1000s. And they get a mean which is the average plus or minus two standard deviations which in conferences 95% of the population, think of the bell shaped curve, the mean or the average is right in the middle of the bell shaped curve and you've got 95% of the people fall under the bell shaped curve. So if you fall within that bell shaped curve, you're gonna say that actually gonna say you're in the normal range now. You may have been

David Sandstrom 4:56
now let me interrupt you right there and we got to remember that the people sending bloodwork into the lab are sick people

Dr Steven Hotze 5:01
Not healthy Anyway,

David Sandstrom 5:02
These are not ideal individuals, he's not Olympic athletes sending the blood in their sick people to begin with by to compare our levels with them is not exactly pointing towards the optimum levels. That's exactly.

Dr Steven Hotze 5:14
So what we want to do is you want to make sure your hormones are optimal level not within some glide range normal determine about the land. And the reason is is because if you think about it, for instance, with thyroid, what is thyroid, the thyroid glands in your neck, it's it's shaped like a monarch butterfly produces thyroid hormones to primarily t three and T four. What does that stand for t three stands for the thyroid hormone with four iodine atoms, t three is the thyroid hormone with three iodine atoms, your thyroid gland produces 94% t four, that's an act, that's not an active thyroid hormone. And 6% is the active thyroid hormone t three t three has three iodine atoms, what happens is the T four is assimilated into the cells there an enzyme called the Deiodinase get rid of the iodine, that's what it means D io denyse enzyme cleaves off one of the T for one of the iodine atoms from T for converting it to T three, that's the active thyroid hormone that is the sparkplug that creates the spark that enables the mitochondria or the power plant generated within yourself to produce electricity, you've got to have that thyroid active thyroid hormone. So it doesn't matter how much blood you have in your blood. If you don't get it into your cells and convert it to T three, then your your your body's going to run and function in less than optimal level, you're not going to produce adequate amounts of thyroid of energy within the within the gland. The thyroid enables your cells to produce and use energy. That's what it's there for. And if you don't get enough thyroid in your cells and the active t three form that your cells just don't function well. And that affects every organ in your body. And that means you're gonna operate at a lower metabolic rate, you're not going to function when you're going to be like a low voltage individual, you know?

David Sandstrom 7:02
Absolutely. So Dr. Hotze. You've been treating hypothyroidism for more than 25 years in your clinic? Yes. And I would consider you one of the nation's foremost experts. What percentage I know this is an estimate, but what percentage of the population would you say is suffering from hypothyroidism?

Dr Steven Hotze 7:18
Well, I would say most women that marched through their menstrual life are going to have hypothyroidism to one degree or another. And the reason is, is the female hormones as they decline in women lead them to become fall into a state called estrogen dominance. The primary hormones that women make, once they enter puberty are estrogen hormones. Three. of em, estriol, estrodiol. estrone and they make progesterone the way the cycle works in a perfect world and a 28 day cycle, a woman starts making her estrogen hormones on day one, those are the proliferative hormones that proliferate the inner lining of the womb and cause it to beef up getting ready to receive a pregnancy when the when a woman oscillates on day 14 or 15. Over menstrual cycle. That area where she ovulates and gives off the egg produces progesterone which matures the inner lining of the womb preparing it for the for the pregnancy, and it balances out the estrogen estrogens and proliferative hormone. progesterone is a maturing hormone so they balance one another well as a woman ages they make it but they're, they're the hormone level that falls most dramatically is that most of their menstrual life is progesterone. And estrogen becomes the dominating hormone. So when estrogen dominates what happens, they proliferate, the inner lining of the womb in their periods become ever go from three to five days, moderate, you know, leading to five to seven days with more heavy, heavier bleeding and then seven to nine days and then they get cramping clotting. And then they get breakthrough bleeding. And this happens as they marched through their 30s and into their 40s. And that happens when they have an anovulatory cycles. They don't make an egg every month, once women hit about 40 they're much less fertile than they were when they were 20. Right? Yeah, of course. Why? Because they don't ovulate every month. They're an Aga lettori they don't ovulate every month they don't ovulate, they make no progesterone even though they make estrogen. So that's why these periods get heavier and heavier and so much woman to go like every other month or every third month on these terrible heavy periods. They didn't like that month when that happens. So how can that and when when you have when you have an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone This is called estrogen dominance and that adversely affects the thyroid hormones function at the cellular level because this region dominance leads the liver to produce high levels of thyroid binding globulin. Now, what do you think this binding globulin name thyroid binding globulin would be binding,

David Sandstrom 9:51
maybe bind thyroid

Dr Steven Hotze 9:53
hormones like this. I like to explain it like this. The thyroid gland is like a quarterback thyroid hormones are like the football and the thyroid binding globulin or like defensive halfbacks. So that way it's making throw the pass out there and boom, you got these defensive halfbacks, the thyroid binding globulin that glom on to this football, the thyroid hormone and prevent it from being assimilated in the cells properly. So all women as they march through their menstrual life will experience to one degree or another estrogen dominance and a decline in their thyroid function, intracellular, they have these symptoms. So when they do so, what percent of women I would say 100% of women to one degree or another experience a decline in their thyroid function, interest intracellularly in men also, it's their testosterone level falls, that also adversely affects their ability to utilize thyroid hormone as well. And so they begin to function and the thyroid gland as you get older just doesn't produce the same amount of thyroid hormone since it does when you're young. I mean, standard needed just like the testicles, and the ovaries don't produce the same amount of hormones. That's just part of the aging process, right? Everybody to one degree or another is going to experience hypothyroid symptoms, my philosophy, symptoms of hypothyroidism, you should have a therapeutic trial of thyroid, not a therapeutic trial of any depressant, any anxiety, sleep medication, any inflammatory or any other drug use.

David Sandstrom 11:23
Let me interrupt you right there. And that that that brings up another point I wanted to make is that it seems like the symptoms are pretty easy to recognize, as you're saying that it's very common. Why is it so difficult for someone to go to a traditionally trained medical doctor and get a diagnosis and get some help?

Dr Steven Hotze 11:38
They will only treat the blood, they only look at the blood blood flows in the normal range. They say, you know, now and the other thing most doctors don't look for is antibodies to the thyroid gland. This is called autoimmune thyroiditis. Hasamotos, yeah, are actually bodos is a formal name named after a doctor Hashimoto, who is a Japanese doctor live in Germany in the 20s and discovered this disorder, but it's anybody's made by the immune system to your thyroid gland that adversely affects function of the thyroid, the production of thyroid hormones. Another thing that is causes poor thyroid function is fluoride in the water, and this is very important. fluoride has been put in 70% of the water in America. fluoride poisons the D io dnase enzyme within the cells that converts the inactive thyroid hormone t four to T three. And so where do we get it if 70% of the Americans drinking fluoridated water? And every one of them are using toothpaste with four fluoride? Or they go to the dentist, nice slobbering it all over their teeth. Why in the world would you put fluoride which is a poison, go read the MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet from the federal government look up fluoride. It's poisonous. Yeah, for crying out loud, it's xenogenic.

David Sandstrom 12:59
You don't even have to go that far. You can just pick up a tuba toothpaste if it's fluoride toothpaste. And it's going to have a warning label on the back that says if you swallow more than a toothbrush full of this product, call your poison control center. So why would you willingly want to put that substance in your mouth every day? I don't know.

Dr Steven Hotze 13:16
Why would you use this and and so you go back to 1960. I'm old enough to remember when they were having fights in communities whether or not they had fluoride in the water. The the pharmaceutical companies drug companies were coming in that that really they were they were fertilizer companies that had all this that we're creating fluoride is a byproduct of their fertilizing process. And they were it was a it was killing it. And then we've flown it was floating in the air in anything that was near the factory to produce fertilizer though. The animals were not fertile. It was poisoning the crops. So the government came and said, You can't spray this fluoride in the air. Will somebody sing a study where it showed that people that lived in an area of the country that had high fluoride in the water had less cavities. So they sold this product to the city saying Oh, if you use fluoride, guess what? You'll have less cavities. Well, that's totally untrue. It's been proven to be untrue. But so we put it in our water here, back in 1960. The other population 15% of the population was overweight. Half of those people a percent of the pipe or 16% were overweight. half of a percent were obese. Currently in America. 70% are overweight. 35% are obese in Europe, where they do not allow fluoride 16% are overweight. 8% are obese. Why? They you go to France, they don't just give you a little bread basket they give you they give you a tray of bread. They drink wine. They have you know, pizzas and pastas in Italy. You go the people are thin. Why? Because their thyroid glands or their thyroid hormones are not being poisoned by fluoride.

David Sandstrom 14:54
You know, I get to share a quick story. That's that's a great statistic you just shared when my kids were young, I had them at the dentist, my oldest was probably six. And the hygienist asked me Do you want to do the fluoride treatment before you leave? I said, No, thank you. She said, why not? Everybody gets it. I said, Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that fluoride is a toxin. And she said, she paused for a minute, looked down at the floor that she looked up and said, Well, yeah, you know, you're right. Most of the time. This is a, you know, a children's dentists. Most of the time when we give kids this age floor treatment they throw up before they leave the office.

Dr Steven Hotze 15:29

David Sandstrom 15:30
That's just crazy, but they do it. That's something they just do religiously.

Dr Steven Hotze 15:33
I mean, this is conventional medicine of conventional dentistry. The ABA, American Dental Association, this is if you talk against it, they will take your license away. Yeah. Literally.

David Sandstrom 15:46
Yeah. We thought we have free speech in America but not Not really. Right. Yes. But you know, stress that you know, the stress that comes with that is certainly a component to health for sure. So, I interrupted you earlier, you were talking about it, regardless of what your bloodwork says, if you have the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, treat it, start out titrate low it start out and work your way up. So talk about the hydration process.

Dr Steven Hotze 16:12
Well, it's very simple. Because we've seen 30 to 33,000 guests here at the health and wellness center. And since 1992, we've probably seen you know, we've seen a treated 30,000 for hypothyroidism probably more than anybody in the country, any place in the country have treated that many most you got to you go to clinical endocrinologist and they don't treat you if you do get treated with synthetic thyroid, which is default which didn't even active thyroid, clinical endocrinologist primarily or diabetic doctors. That's what they treat, they treat. They check for thyroid because they look at blood levels. They rarely treat 5% of the time will they end up treating somebody? So our philosophy is and I learned this from Dr. Broda Barnes the book hypothyroidism, the unrecognized illness y'all should look up. broda Barnes B R O DA Barnes great. I read some of her stuff in 1970 tremendous. That's where I've got my teeth on and learned about how to treat thyroid from Dr. Barnes. So anyway, and we use natural desiccated thyroid we used our thyroid in the past now we compound here is our pharmacy physicians preference, pharmacy international here in our building, we compound from bulk ingredients are harmless so we don't have any fillers or dyes or anything any armor thyroid has changed over the years with some fillers and dyes that don't make it as readily acceptable. It's hard to get it sometimes pharmaceutical companies Believe it or not, that made T-4 Pfizer, which made the T four products Synthroid bought out that company to get rid of its competition. So it's fun. And then they sold it to another pharmaceutical company. So they've tried to keep it so it's hard. It was hard to get the product because they wanted to drive it out of drive keep people from getting natural thyroid. Why? Because they got well. If you go well. You don't need their services, right? Well, you don't need all these other products that want to give you whatever the drug is about keeping you sick, and all the maintenance of drugs for the rest of your life slowly.

David Sandstrom 18:13
Absolutely. Let me ask you to start to see what what foods if someone is experiencing hypothyroidism they get on the right, the right supplements and or pharmaceuticals to support it with desiccated thyroid, I think it's what you recommend, but what should they be adding to their diet and what should they be avoiding in their diet?

Dr Steven Hotze 18:32
Well, I always recommend avoiding no matter what your situation is your diagnosis, dramatically limit your simple carbohydrates or sugars in any product like grain, corn, potatoes and rice and converts sugar that's highly inflammatory. And that's unhealthy for your body. It's yourself good. You know, here's what I recommend for a program and it's basically a ketogenic program IE good healthy oils and fats. What does that mean? Eggs, you know, eat avocados, eat fish, all of all, coconut all have that have hard cheeses, have nuts that good oils, make sure you have a good large content that in your and that's better to whole butter. Get rid of the margarine, all those things and climb up yarders eat for salads, you know, it's yourself. I tell you what I eat every day. I have a spinach salad with broccoli and chop nuts and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I eat that every day and I literally eat spinach every day and eat more spinach in my life than the pop I would have ever dreamed of. I wish I looked like he did with my muscles but I don't. But I eat a lot of spinach and other great bears whether it's brussels sprouts or broccoli and all that and then I eat some meat, You know I'm not a big you know, I'm not and I believe in intermittent fasting too. You know I eat one meal a day. I have bulletproof coffee in the morning with whole cream, whole cream because it doesn't contain lactose. Have that two or three cups of that? Maybe in the morning that's it. That kid and I'm not hungry the rest of the day and I'm not hungry the evening and I can only eat more than about four, four ounces of meat is plenty for me. I just, it fills me up. So that's how I keep myself in my I'm within about eight pounds of my playing weight in high school?

David Sandstrom 20:18
Excellent, I am too in fact, I'm within about four pounds of my high school weight. I'm 58.

Dr Steven Hotze 20:24
There you go.

David Sandstrom 20:24
I agree with all of those recommendations. I'm also a certified nutritional counselor. And I think your nutritional advice is spot on. But I'll bet there's somebody listening that says he's recommending butter and egg yolks.

David Sandstrom 20:37
Doesn't he know that that's high in cholesterol. So, so we know that cholesterol,

Dr Steven Hotze 20:42
We wan cholesterol, bring it on we want cholesterol.

David Sandstrom 20:46
You won't die without cholesterol. But go ahead. Go ahead.

Dr Steven Hotze 20:49
That's Oh, that's ridiculous. Oh, they they made a bogeyman out of cholesterol so they could sell anti cholesterol drugs. Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Heart disease is caused by inflammation. What causes the inflammation, a high sugar diet a high simple carbohydrate diet, all the starches that you're eating folks, and are told by by the diabetic society and by the heart society, they're off of oils, get off of fats don't eat all that meat eat high grain diet. Well guess what you want to die young and get you to heart disease. You just eat like the heart society and the diabetic society kills you need to kill yourself. It's got an upside down pyramid upside down pyramid. So they want to feed all these grain products that remember your starches and your simple simple starches or sugar molecules hooked together. That is highly that causes inflammation. And it raises your insulin levels, which is inflammatory, which drives the sugar into fat and fat and you get blood pressure problems and diabetes and on and on and on and on and on. So that's not what you want to eat. You want to stay away from that as much as possible. And you want to end in any less for crying out loud in the bucket. Look, I've got a How can I I looked at my dog a couple of years ago. I've got a silver retriever Labrador Retriever. He's as muscular as he can be knock out some fat on it. My wife feeds in once a day and eats bison meat right? Dried bison meat in the morning. That's what he eats. Everybody is fine. He's got energy. He's not, you know, eat once a day and he will extend and trim Yep. And so, so if you eat healthy and eat one meal, eaten, couldn't be one meal a day. Well, why don't you just get yourself trained, Eat to Live rather than live eat?

David Sandstrom 22:33
Well, you know, I one of the points I make in my book, the Christians guide to Holistic Health is this idea of a grocery store on every other corner is a very modern invention. For most of human history. People had to do intermittent fasting or time restricted eating out of necessity. And it was actually a very healthy practice. And we I feel it back into the way people used to eat.

Dr Steven Hotze 22:55
Well, my wife announced to me just before I talked to you on the phone, she said, Well, you want me to reheat that those dinner lines because I'm fasting for the next few days. So my wife fast twice her 48 hours, she does a 48 hour fast twice a week, twice a week. I intermittent fast every day. Almost every so we're timing something special happens. I may go to have to meet with somebody and I have a salad. That's Yeah, but that's rare.

David Sandstrom 23:23
Yeah. So before I let you go, I got one more question for you. I know. Your Wellness Centers a little different. You don't have pharmaceutical reps roaming the halls. And you've you say in your book that you actually hired the Ritz Carlton to train your staff. So talk a little bit about what your what makes your wellness center different.

David Sandstrom 23:47
What if I told you there was a pill that if you take it regularly, you could enhance your immune function. detox your body from heavy metals and environmental toxins, enhance your mood, relax your muscles, reduce pain, bring on better sleep and has virtually no side effects. If this pill existed, would you want to get your hands on it? Well, this treatment does exist, but it's not a pill. It's called sauna therapy. God's design is always best. being outdoors and getting sunlight on your skin on a regular basis is remarkably health enhancing. But most of us don't live in tropical climates and we can't always get outdoors. So the next best thing is having an infrared sauna at your house. far infrared saunas have been used successfully for years. However, please understand this. far infrared saunas have a dirty little secret. Most of them emit high amounts of emf or electromagnetic frequencies. These emfs stress our bodies and reduce the effectiveness of sauna bathing. sauna space solves that problem by using third party tested zero EMF near infrared bulbs that more closely mimic natural sunlight. I love my sauna space sauna, and I use it several times a week. If you're considering a home sauna, I highly encourage you to go to my website, David Sandstrom comm, forward slash resources, and click on the sauna space logo and start enjoying all the extraordinary health benefits of owning your own near infrared zero EMF home sauna today. Now let's get back to the show. What makes your wellness center different?

Dr Steven Hotze 25:32
Well, we decided years ago, back in 1996, doctors most doctors don't realize nor their lawyers that they're in business. And the business is to provide a product or service to customers, okay, we call them patients, people come in and they have a need, they have a problem and they want you the entrepreneur to solve that problem, right? And if you can solve that problem, they will pay you to do that. Okay. So you've got to see yourself and this is one thing most doctors are unwilling to do and see themselves in business. But what is it good businessman do he solves a problem? This is where I am the guy put me here. So I decided, Well, you know what, I don't like the way medical clinics operate. I don't like it in 1996, my president of my company at the time, and I said you know what we need to do? Let's get into the hospitality business and get out of the medicine business. Why don't we Why don't we go into the hospitality industry. And within that context, provide medical care. So who do we benchmark with we've benchmarked with the Broadmoor hotel out of Colorado Springs and with the Ritz Carlton. So we have as our mission state, we are ladies and gentlemen serving Ladies and gentlemen, we're professionals. These services will enable our guests to enjoy a better quality of life by helping them to obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally, we have three steps of service we offer a warm and sincere greeting, we anticipate and exceed our guests expectations, we offer a fond farewell thanking them for the privilege of serving them. The Health and Wellness Center is a place where the genuine care and welfare of our guests our highest mission, we play by the finest personal attention, medical care and warm, friendly lacked, yet refined environment. The health and wellness experience cultivates Oh, it instills a sense of well being and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests. So we want people to come in here and experience give them an experience that lets them know we care. We're their friends, they're our guests. They're not our patients, they're our guests, we're glad to have him here. We want to serve them, we want them to get what they want. They want to get their health back, they want to get their lives back. So we spend time with and listen to them, affirm them, encouraging, cultivating them hope and show them a pathway. Now, we don't do it for them. We're like health coaches, they're like they help athletes, I tell every one of them you're in the health Olympics, whether you like it or not, we're here to help coach you, we're gonna make some recommendations, like any coach in any line of work with do and you're going to have to follow the recommendation. So heavy lifting ensures if you want to win a gold medal, we're going to make these recommendations if you'll follow them, we know that you're going to end up a whole lot better off and feel a whole lot better. It's up to you to discipline yourself to do it. You made the investment and by the way, everybody invest cash. This is a cash based practice. I don't use insurance. I've never used insurance at all, I've never been part of HMOs and PPO is because I'm going to work for my, my my guests. They're my they're the people that I'm looking to to pay me when they do that they make an investment in their health. If I use an insurance company insurance company wouldn't let me do what I did. They get over me, report me to the medical board. So you can't do that. Well, my goal is to help our guests and anybody that wants to get on a path of health and wellness, and who's willing to take charge of their health and invest in their health. Those are the kind of people I want. If people don't want to do that, if they want to allow insurance from insurance companies, and when somebody else take care of their health, their best come here. We just you know, wouldn't be a good mix.

David Sandstrom 29:02
You know, one of the things I tell people that bring up this insurance issue is if if you keep doing the same thing over and over Einstein said, that's the definition of insanity. So if you want different results, then you need to start doing things different, right? And it sounds like you're doing exactly that and How refreshing it is to hear a practice that operates the way you do

Dr Steven Hotze 29:20
listen, if everybody if every doctor did come into the country would be so much healthier. And I've written the books I've written four books I've written hormones, health and happiness. My first book by the way, any of your listeners if they would like a copy of my books, either hormones health or happiness, hypothyroidism, health, health or happiness, which is a chapter from the first book expanded Bill 180 and joined the wellness revolution. Those three books I've written for patients, I've written a book for doctors called the proven prescription, how to build a successful cash based medical practice showing doctors how they can do what I did and be successful. I think the doctors will read this book and do what I do. Their patients would be happy, they'd be Well, they wouldn't be relying on insurance or the government, and the pharmaceutical companies would be broke, basically. And we'd have a healthier population. But you know, there you have it,

David Sandstrom 30:11
you have a pretty generous offer what

Dr Steven Hotze 30:13
I was gonna say if anybody, if anybody, any one of your listeners wants to call our health and wellness center coming up, one of our new guests consultants would answer to 281-698-8698 call up and just tell him, you heard me on the podcast with David Sandstrom, holistic health matters and, and we'll send you a copy of the book free and it will ship it to you. I'm giving it to you. So you can read it and learn how to take charge of your health

David Sandstrom 30:40
That is incredibly generous.

Dr Steven Hotze 30:42
No matter no matter whether you come here or you go somewhere else, you're gonna eat and you're going to be educated. I promise you read my books, you're going to be far more educated than your doctors are about your health.

David Sandstrom 30:54
I can concur with that. I read I read one of them and it was it was just loaded. I mean packed with great information. So you're you're a great author. So is the is the phone number the best way to get ahold of you? Or is there a website

Dr Steven Hotze 31:05
or you go to our website hope seat as h o t z e H as in horse W as in war C as in, or you can just Google Hotze Health and Wellness Center. Okay, that's easy to do go to our website, you can pick up there, you can go to a home, see vitamins, or you can go to our pharmacy, you can go to our pharmacy physicians preference By the way, when the COVID situation came up, I hired a public relations guy in Washington and I was on talk radio and TV across the country at about 150 different 140 different stations, TV and radio, all the way from San Diego to to Maine from from Alaska to Miami and everything in between all and I was talking about the need to build up your immune system in Don't worry about this COVID get a healthy immune system so you can fight things off guy gave you an immune system, God gave your body amazing restorative power, you've got the right molecules in your body will be healthy. Why are you alive today? It's your age. I'm 70. Well, and I did where we come in contact with trillions, trillions with the T viruses and bacteria every day, whether you wear a mask or not, the mask is so ridiculous, it does nothing to protect you. And it causes a whole lot more harm than it does good wearing a mask. It is a way for them to control you. You want to just unmask, we have been against some essence, they want me to wear my mouth. So what you need to do is build up your immune system, not rocket science, right? Be healthy, let your immune system take care of you, as it's been doing all your life take care of the viruses and bacteria you come in contact with well, so I decided, well, I'm going to come up with an immune package, people started calling our office and we're shipping a bottle. So I said let's come up with a new pack. So I have an immune pack for adults, for teenagers for kids. But the adult pack in all the packs contain vitamin d3, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin A zinc, and a probiotic as well as magnesium for the adults. And I use high doses, we have 6000 milligrams, and C, we have 10,000 milligrams of vitamin D 10,000. A vitamin on zinc, it's 30 milligrams, we have four to 600 milligrams of magnesium, and then we have probiotic in there. That'll help build up your immune system. You want to be on that all the time. So you know whether you get it from me or not. I'll just say this hours are not made in China.

David Sandstrom 33:43
Excellent, excellent. Alright, I've got one more question for you before I let you go. I know you're a follower of Jesus Christ. And you've kind of answered it, I think. But how does your faith play into when you're doing a consult with a with a client? How does your faith play into digging deeper into finding the root cause of what's ailing this person,

Dr Steven Hotze 34:03
Knowing that God made our bodies in a special way in a remarkable way knowing that he gave us an immune system, knowing that God's given our body amazing restorative healing powers, knowing that he's the author of life, the great physician, knowing that he came that we might have life and have it abundantly. That gives me the foundation I can say I can I can help people get well God's given us guidance. We've discovered what God's put out in the world that we can use to enhance our health, from eating right to our hormones. We've heard about these things we've learned about them. That's how we've learned about them because God made it discernible. We've learned about him. So that just gives me the foundation that I know I don't need pharmaceutical drugs, I don't need some man made something that never existed before nature, that poison, you know, which goes totally contrary to my Christian faith, using, you know, the idea that you'd have to use pharmaceuticals to be a healthy person mentally, or whatever. So anyway, That plus, our practice is centered around. It's a Christian based organization. And we don't have a, we don't have a steeple with a cross on it. But we're outspokenly and openly in public and everywhere they know we're a Christian organization, we have 70 on the staff, our staff meetings are always open to prayer in the name of Jesus, talk about Christ in our in our meetings, and we bring that up unashamedly. Whenever possible, we attract the staff we attract No, because of what I have on my belief statement on the on our website, they know that we're Christian, or our guests on the word Christian. So we have a high number of Christians that come in here, and it's not uncommon for us to pray with him. After I say him, I'm lead commonly, when I see a new guest, I'm concerned sometimes. And it's not uncommon for me to say, let me just pray for you right now, somebody probably pray for you give you some encouragement. I know that's great. I know that good health is built on three legs of a tripod, spiritual health, mental health, physical health. So you got to be healthy spiritually, have a right relation to God through Christ. Second thing, you got to be mentally healthy, you got to be thinking positive, optimistic thoughts, listening to people that encourage you and build you up on tapes and podcasts. And third thing, physically be healthy, take control, take charge your health. That's like a tripod. And if any one of those legs is sharp, it's going to be imbalanced and fall over. So you've got to be healthy based upon those three primary legs, physical health, mental health, spiritual health.

David Sandstrom 36:28
Thank you for sharing that Dr. Hotze. That's completely in line with what the information I present in my book, the Christians guide to holistic health, just real quick, when I was going through when I was I was battling chronic Lyme disease, right. And I started searching the scripture for what it said about health. And here's one of the one of the things that just came upon me, as I was studying. And that was, God loves us enough, that when he tells us to do something, it's for our benefit. He knows the future. He He made us, He knows everything. And when he tells us to avoid something, it's for our protection. So with those two points in mind, the Bible just becomes a plethora of health and wellness information. So it's my contention that we maximize our health potential by aligning our lives more fully with God's designed for spirit, mind, and body. And it sounds like you're doing exactly that. I just I really are really happy to have discovered you and met you today. Because we're, we're we're on the same mission.

Dr Steven Hotze 37:26
You've bet and I admire you for what you're doing and for educating your listening audience to these concepts and principles and center that we wash out from all the programming that's been done. Other stations that are mad about the needs for drugs, you know, get rid of that, don't listen to that, you know, the commercials Come on in the last 15 minutes, somebody is playing an acting happy but why in the background is and it could give you liver cancer, brain cancer, heart attacks, strokes, you know, you may want to kill yourself or you know, somebody in the background. They're having fun on that drug. Have a good old good old time. It's totally crazy.

David Sandstrom 38:06
Yeah. All right. Well, thank you. Thank you once again, Dr. hosey for your time appreciate you sharing keep

Dr Steven Hotze 38:11
my friend and God bless your your work and your ministry and I pray God would prosper you in every way in the coming New Year.

David Sandstrom 38:17
Likewise. Well, I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Dr. Steven Hotze, of the Hotze Health and Wellness Center in Houston, Texas. I encourage everyone to take advantage of his generous book offer, call his office and they'll send you a couple of hard copies of his books. The number there again is 281-698-8698. Please don't forget this episode was brought to you by saunas space, makers of high quality third party tested zero EMF home saunas, go to my website, forward slash resources and click on the sauna space logo and start enjoying all the extraordinary health benefits of owning your own near infrared home sauna today. When you make a purchase by using the links on my resources page, you're supporting the show financially because you won't pay any more, and I make a small commission from that affiliate partner. For more go to in the show notes for each episode, you'll find links to all the resources that were mentioned, as well as a full transcript with timestamps that you can download for free. In addition, I always include a content upgrade with each show, which is a free download that is designed to help you go deeper with that subject. Once again, thank you for listening, and I'll talk with you next week. Be blessed

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