by David Sandstrom 

November 16, 2020

Dr. Jim Goetz is a chiropractor, nutrition, and human performance expert. In this episode, Dr. Jim talks about what it's like to be a strength and conditioning coach for professional and Olympic athletes. He also dispels a couple of common nutrition myths that could be sabotaging your health.

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Today's Guest...

  • Dr. Jim Goetz

Topics Discussed...w / Time Stamps

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:49 - Dr. Jim goes from strength and conditioning coach with pro athletes to mad scientist
  • 6:46 - Jim and David debunk the one-size-fits-all diet myth
  • 13:54- You wouldn't put diesel fuel in a Corvette
  • 14:58 - Jim discovers he can major in working out
  • 16:13 - Jim decides to make a movie
  • 20:20 - Jim debunks the saturated fat myth
  • 24:19 - Conclusion


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David Sandstrom 0:00
Today we're talking with Dr. Jim Goetz. He's an expert in strength and conditioning, human performance and nutrition. I want to apologize in advance for the background noise. When we conducted the interview, he was in his clinic where they do training in the next room. So there's quite a bit of noise going on in the background, but try to ignore the noise and focus on what he says because he has some really great things to share. And I especially encourage you to hang in there to the end because we talked about saturated fat and how our bodies respond to that it's really worth listening to. So let's cue up the music. Welcome to the Holistic Health Matters Podcast where it's all about maximizing your health potential in body, mind and spirit, so that you can pursue the abundant life more effectively. I'm your host, David Sandstrom, Naturopathic Doctor and Biblical Health Coach, and this is episode number 20. Today's guest is Dr. Jim Goetz. Jim is known as the mad scientist and his chief of human performance at functionalised. He's a chiropractor and has a background in strength and conditioning coaching. He coaches a variety of athletes ranging from high school National Wrestling champions, NCAA Division, one football, the NFL, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, USA, gymnastics, Olympic athletes, NCAA women's basketball, professional boxing, and NBC women's figure. That's quite a resume. So let's jump right into the interview.Jim, welcome to the Holistic Health Matters Podcast. Glad to have you on the show.Thank you very much, David. It's very nice to be here.

Jim Goetz 1:48
Appreciate it.

David Sandstrom 1:49
So I thank you for being here. I know you are a Chiropractor. And you're also a fitness guy and you nutrition guy. How did you go from strength training and conditioning coach in Major League Baseball and the NFL, to doctor and biohacker with your own lab?

Jim Goetz 2:06
It's a long story, but the gist of it was, I needed more, and I couldn't take the egos anymore. There is a lot of control in professional athletics from the athletic training staff, as opposed to being able to really control and create our own programs. And I found a lot of times the athletes would be baby, as to prevent injury, as opposed to being able to do the right programs with them to prevent injury. And a lot of guys were getting hurt needlessly. And you know, as the strength conditioning staff were the ones being looked at. Yeah, that that was not fine. Remember that one guy in particular, he's a strong beast played for the Blue Jays, an outfielder and he could squat over 450 pounds. The only problem was the athletic training staff didn't want to getting hurt at 450 pounds, and instead decided that he couldn't lift more than 225 during the season. And I felt as did a lot of others that he would become deconditioned during that time, and his performance would suffer as a result.

David Sandstrom 3:17

Jim Goetz 3:18
Those are some of the reasons if you would also, especially when it came more to football than anything. I mean, don't get me wrong, the guys are great. But you get one or two bad apples that somehow we're still in the Hall of Fame. And you can't really say too much because they are Hall of Fame. caliber athletes. Yeah. But they kind of wanted to dictate what they wanted to dictate and do they wanted to do. And how do you tell a guy who was an all pro every year that you could be better? You could be a better athlete could be a better person. They just didn't want to hear it. And it kind of got frustrating. A bit. And I remember, for lack of a better term, I had a pinched nerve in my left upper trap. And I was just working out and got this pinched nerve and a girl that I knew referred me over to a doctor of chiropractic down in Tampa named Dr. Shaker. She said he's amazing. He works on all the athletes everywhere. I had not been introduced to him yet going over there she called made an appointment for me and he saw me that afternoon. He did some techniques that I've never seen before in my life thought they were absolutely amazing. It was not just the as they say whack and crack him send you on your way.

David Sandstrom 4:32

Jim Goetz 4:33
He used a technique before creating his own called transgenics. And it really caused neuromuscular education. And my upper trap felt amazing. Instead of being ushered over to the secretary, or the office manager, I should say and pay my bill. He ushered me down the hallway to his office sat me down and told me all about chiropractic and why I should become a doctor of chiropractic instead and he was he said it was his lunch break. And he'd rather talk to me. So we shot the breeze for a good hour. And I was sold. I loved it.

David Sandstrom 5:09
You know, the funny thing is I have a similar story. That's one of the reasons why I got into natural health myself. I had a gym injury, I overdid it. And it's basically like a tendinitis in my elbow. And I went to the traditional approach, you know, took the anti inflammatories and the docs, pretty much didn't have anything else for me. And I found a chiropractor. And I'd never even been to a chiropractor before. But he was doing a procedure called active release technique.

Jim Goetz 5:34
Yeah, sure.

David Sandstrom 5:35
You heard of it. And I went there and told him a story. He's like, Yeah, come on, in, I think I can help you. And he did. And two or three sessions later, I was I was up to up to normal again, I couldn't believe the progress I made without drugs. And it was really inspiring. And he's become a good friend over the years. He's one of my mentors, even today. And he inspired me to get into natural health and get my naturopathic doctor and get going.

Jim Goetz 6:01
Love it. Love those stories, Dr. Dr. shaker there, I wanted to include them, I'm decided, I'm just gonna make a movie and want to get up on Netflix and go to the film festival route ahead of time on it's called the keto project movie. And it's really about quality of food, and how that matters, according to was turning out to be genotype, your genetics and bioavailability. And I had to make sure that he was a part of it. So went down to Tampa a few weeks ago and invited myself my film crew and daughter who's like my little intern at 13. Here over to his house. And it was it was wonderful. You had to talk for a couple hours and not just barely still be there. talking to him and hanging out with him. definitely changed my life for

David Sandstrom 6:46
That sounds exciting. I want to I want to talk about the movie a little more. But before we do that, I just want to say this. When people pick up my book, The Christian Guide to Holistic Health, I have a few chapters on diet, and people go straight, I see him pick up the book, they'll go straight to those chapters, they want to know about diet, that's the thing people are most concerned about. Of course, there's a lot more to health than just that. But I'm curious to know you're doing a movie called The Keto Project. And I believe you have something to say on this. A one size fits all fad type dieting, could you speak to that a little bit?

David Sandstrom 7:17
Absolutely. As you're saying, everyone, your book is going direct towards the pages on diet. What do I do? How is it gonna make me a better version of myself? How am I gonna lose weight? Some people? How am I going to run faster, jump higher, they just want to

David Sandstrom 7:33
sleep better have more energy, all that?

David Sandstrom 7:35
Exactly. There is no one size fits all as I've learned. Some people respond amazing. Two a low fat ketogenic diet. Some people as I'm finding out are responding amazing to 100% carnivore diet, our test subject, another doctor, friends and colleague of mine here. Dr. Brandon was our case subject in the study here. And the idea was to ensure that he remains in ketosis for the duration It was a 90 day study. The first 30 days he ate his caloric requirement in only hamburger patties from Burger King. That's what the double blind study test panel decided was the best tasting burger without the special sauce without the buttons without all the fun stuff on it. So for 30 days straight, he drank water and a 20 burgers a day from Burger King. We obviously quantified everything we did. We stuck him everywhere with needles, drew blood, we drew liquids from other orifices. We did physical testing, we did brain mapping on him, and showing what a diet in hamburgers does while remaining ketosis. And that pretty much showed that he will die pretty quickly. accelerated aging rate increased inflammation became deficient in a lot of minerals. His brain maps were insane off the charts of dysfunction, he really couldn't survive, especially at the high level he has to perform as a physician every day. He couldn't survive as a basic teenager pretty much just trying to get by freshman year of high school. The next 30 days, we got him off of all meats except for some fish three days a week, and a lot of oils and higher fiber vegetables. His ketone levels actually went up, his performance went up. His deficiencies were greatly reduced, forgot on the very first his testosterone levels actually went down to a lower than my wife's. It was terrible. His testosterone levels normal hormone levels became regulated again, and he was a happy camper. The last 30 days he went on a diet of only end grass finished beef. So grass-fed and grass-finished beef kind of like the Burger King, but raised in a far better manner.

David Sandstrom 10:05

Jim Goetz 10:05
Higher omega three fatty acids less than omega six arachidonic acid

David Sandstrom 10:10
and CLA

Jim Goetz 10:12
Exactly, yes. His results, I gotta say, kind of went back to those of Burger King. Not nearly as bad. But levels dropped, His performance was definitely better when we did physical testing then with Burger King, but he became deficient in a lot of things such as a B three. His testosterone levels went down again. It just was not healthy. Even his liver paddles, his enzyme started rising up once again.

David Sandstrom 10:44
Well, that speaks to the idea of biochemical individuality. Right?

Jim Goetz 10:48

David Sandstrom 10:48
We're all different people. As you said, I've seen people thrive on Atkins or keto. And I've seen people thrive on vegetarianism. And there's, there's a continuum there. And there's, you know, a point on a continuum that each one of us sets, or rests, and we have to find out where we are on that continuum.

Jim Goetz 11:09
That's the huge, huge aspect of it, he is a type A blood type, myself, my wife, our type O positive, and we do far better on meat when we do all our testing. seeing a lot of the research, one of the guests on our podcast, not a contest, excuse me in the movie, is individually the name of Dr. Shaun Baker, who wrote the book, The carnivore diet. And he releases a lot of studies that I've had to critically appraise to make sure they're on point here for my own self, and showing the amazing effects that people have on eating just beef. But again, what you're saying is that individuality, where if you're not absorbing things properly, or there's different reaction in your body, that may not be as beneficial, and that diets not right for you. Right. And it's more than just a diet, I call it a lifestyle, how are you gonna live for the rest of your life. And for individuals, for instance, there's an individual I know recently that she lost 50 pounds, and an amazing feat for her Congratulations, then decided to go back because that was just a diet in her mind to how she was doing before. And she not only gained back that 50, but another 10. Okay, so living that lifestyle, forever, of what works is so vital and important. If your body is thriving off of something, do that. Yes, not. And it doesn't make sense. Right?

David Sandstrom 12:32
Right. I tell people, you know, you, our bodies are always talking to us. They tell us when we're tired. They tell us when we're thirsty. They tell us when we're hungry. They're always giving us signals. So if we tune in a little bit deeper, a little bit, you know, down the causal chain of those symptoms. We can look at things like, how was My energy after that meal? How was my mood? How about my mental clarity? was I able to remember someone's phone number? Was it did I have jittery energy? Those types of things are clues as to how well that that meal fit your individuality.

Jim Goetz 13:07
I think what you're saying there's also goes to the idea of knowing what you're eating and paying attention to yourself and your surroundings at the time taking a meal. And actually having the time to that you make for yourself for that meal to enjoy the bites. Know that you're actually swallowing food. You've probably found the same thing and this Go Go society that we live today. individuals don't seem to be taking the time for themselves. Yeah. So when it comes to food, what can I shove down my throat as fast as possible? Keep on going, right? They pay less attention to that. So when they may get some mental fog, or a little tummy is feeling a little bloated or they're just not moving as well. They don't recognize that or know that.

David Sandstrom 13:54
Right? Well, you know, our bodies are very durable. But if I bought a brand new C-8 Corvette, I know I'm going to put premium gasoline in it right. But people want to treat their bodies differently. Even though our bodies are far more complicated than any car. They want to put junk food in. You want to put diesel fuel or worship kerosene, which is jet fuel into their body and expect it to perform like a brand new Corvette. It just doesn't work that way. It's a simple physics.

David Sandstrom 14:23
I think you and I use that exact same metaphor.

Jim Goetz 14:28
There was a guy, he pulled up one day to our facility and I seem getting out he's all disheveled looking. He's got a brand new Maserati I mean, you can tell he's had this thing detailed and I asked him straight up. You just had your car detail didn't you? He says yeah. Said When's the last time you shaved? What are you putting in that car? What are you putting in your body? And yeah, I get it. I get it. Okay.

David Sandstrom 14:49
Yeah. Yeah, it's a good point. So tell me more about the movie project. When's it coming out? And you know, what is what does it look like? What was that experience like for you?

Jim Goetz 14:58
Experience is really cool. Like Gotta say back in undergrad I started out as a communications major, I was very fortunate to play baseball, down at the University of Tampa, little toot, the seventh time national champions.

David Sandstrom 15:12

Jim Goetz 15:12
The I was little unhappy with the major though, just wasn't really relating. When you're done playing baseball, you got to go to the broadcast booth. And that was the whole reason that I decided to become a communications major. And what I really gravitated towards was moviemaking and filmmaking, I thought it was really cool. And at the time, that program hadn't really developed yet for me to get much out of it. So I was a little unhappy and eating more. So sitting around one day with my roommate and girlfriend, who's now my wife, and she says, you know, what do you like to do need new major? I said, Well, l play baseball. She said, Well, if you're doing that, she said, what else you'd like to do? said in jock fashion. Like to work out. She's a great major in that, like you can, like, yeah, you can major in exercise science. So I went over to the registrar's office. And before you know it, I found out that she was telling me the truth. You actually can major in exercise science. Who'd have thunk it?

David Sandstrom 16:04
Yeah, my actually my daughter is in exercise physiology right now at Kennesaw State.

Jim Goetz 16:09
Awesome. She enjoying it?

David Sandstrom 16:11
Yeah, she likes it a lot.

Jim Goetz 16:13
Excellent. It's a great major. Over time, though, I still had that itch to make some movies. And during the we'll call it the the COVID era or facility while we've never closed, got a little slower. And I'm getting a little antsy. And it finally hits me to follow through. I've wanted to make this documentary started writing a book on it for a while, I mean, I'm talking about years, a while and finally hit me said You moron. What are you waiting for? Just do it. So I told my wife my idea. I said, Remember that movie, pursuit of happiness Will Smith where he got kind of put everything into it. And it was either be broke or, you know, actually make a living for yourself? She said, yeah. You mind if we put everything into this movie, she's like, whatever go ahead, I trust you.

David Sandstrom 17:07
You got a good woman there.

Jim Goetz 17:08
I've got a great, great wife can't say enough positive about her. But you know, start putting us together here and started making list of who I want to talk to making a lot of phone calls, doing a lot of emails. And it's been a lot of traveling, talking to people, some very good people getting to meet a lot of great people. kibitzing, same thing You and I are doing here on the podcast, just do my best to get there in person to actually meet with them and talk with them and get some really great conversations. And right now, my film guy and I are in the process of putting the trailer together. Just because you can have a great movie that you put together doesn't mean anyone oversee it. Right? The amount of money that goes into just marketing in of itself is insane. I was told by our attorney there for the film that even in the movie Gemini man with Will Smith, they put $50 million into just marketing.

David Sandstrom 18:02

Jim Goetz 18:03
Yeah. So step one, right now we're on making the trailer, I'm hoping to have the trailer done around the New Year, then got to raise the funds for it. And we're gonna continue. There's a few other guests that are like to put on there and continue to compile the movie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and really hoping that around this time next year, it'll be done and ready.

David Sandstrom 18:24
Okay, how are people going to be able to watch it?

Jim Goetz 18:28
At first, I've already got a few commitments locally from some film festivals. And I'd like to get into as many film festivals around the world as possible, which is, believe it or not, not as difficult as one would think to do. Okay, I get a lot of exposure from the film festival. And then I've already got all the requirements from Netflix, who I've discussed with on how to put it up on Netflix.

David Sandstrom 18:50
Oh, so it's gonna be on it, it's gonna be on Netflix.

Jim Goetz 18:52
That is correct. All right. That was one of the toughest points and the most cost, Lee points up front was making sure I had all the equipment for the requirements to be up on Netflix, making sure it was the proper 4k the right sound, size, speed. I mean, you name it, they've got a bunch of requirements to have up there. So making sure all the equipment was right for that. And so went out, did it. And we're moving along. I would love to actually just do that full time. I think making films is a lot of fun. And we'll see how this one goes. But I could definitely get into doing more of that along the lines of health, fitness and wellness.

David Sandstrom 19:29
Well, that's that's really cool. You know, I'm a holistic health guy. And I think following your passion and your purpose is absolutely a health building strategy. That's great. Good for you. Really great.

Jim Goetz 19:39
I like that, a health building strategy. Absolutely. Mental health and

David Sandstrom 19:43
before I ah, before I let you go, I have one more question for you. But before he asked that question, how can people what's the best way to get hold of you?

Jim Goetz 19:51
Sure, it can get a hold of me direct through our website The emails will get to me. And on our social media, Facebook and Instagram are very active. They're probably a little overly active, but it's all at functionised ed f u n c t i o n i s e d.

David Sandstrom 20:12
Okay. Very good. All right, here's my last question for you. I'd like for you because I think you know, something about this, I'd like for you to speak to the idea of saturated fat leads to hardening of the arteries, it'll give you heart disease. Could you speak to that for a minute?

Jim Goetz 20:28
Sure, short words, it's kind of bunk. Saturated fat back in the day was vilified, especially through the seven countries study, Dr. Ancel Keys, put together a study and was able to show that incorporating saturated fat into your body is going to be like pouring fat down your drain? Well, the difference is when you pour fat down the drain of your sink, it hardens right in the middle there, especially because it's got cold water that is coming down along with it, and it will harden and clog things and cause a clog. Our bodies are constant temperature, that fat is not going to harden in there. And it's going to be free flowing more so than when you get into a organic chemistry or biochemical standpoint here. not to get too complex. But when it comes to saturated fats, you have carbon bonds that are bound together by either one or two bonds, the double bond is an unsaturated fat, which is free to bind to other things such as oxygen, that's when it becomes oxidized, and individuals will age a lot quicker. They will have dysfunction with their DNA that can lead to cancers. And yes, even heart diseases. When you have a saturated fat, it's a single bond, therefore, that bond cannot bind to any other molecules such as oxygen, so it's a lot more stable in the long run. Therefore, healthier, if you would know a lot of the unsaturated fats, the vegetable oils are very easily oxidized, they become rancid a lot quicker and easier. And a lot of the vegetable oils people are having are literally leading to all the things that they're trying to prevent. And they think they're preventing with avoiding saturated fat but in really, in reality, they're actually causing it. And it's just due to poor studies, observational studies, I mean, it's like an observational study, say you live to 110 years old and you start eating a pizza day. Therefore, by eating pizza every single day you live to 110. Not necessarily right. Over time we've been able to put together aah we I mean, scientists here, physicians, long term, randomized control trials, systematic reviews on this, which is far better levels of evidence than his observational studies.

David Sandstrom 23:05
Right. Yep. That's excellent. Really, very good explanation. I love it. And you know, one of the things that I like to point out to people is, I believe was Ancel Keys, he used rabbits for his study, and he fed rabbits diets high in fat & cholesterol. Well, a rabbit is a vegetarian. And there's no such thing as a vegetarian source of cholesterol. So when you feed a rabbit, an unnatural diet, you kind of see some bad things happen.

Jim Goetz 23:32
Thousand percent

David Sandstrom 23:32
That research doesn't translate to human beings. It just doesn't.

Jim Goetz 23:36
There's been some further research on those studies as well. And it does seem to be the number one underlying factor was not the saturated fat, it actually came down to sugar. So all the heart disease was actually being caused by sugar, and yes, feeding rabbits food that they shouldn't be eating.

David Sandstrom 23:55
Right, sugar and omega six, omega six fatty acids, those the combination of those two is extraordinarily unhealthy. All right. Well, Jim, I really enjoyed this conversation. Maybe we can do it again, sometime your your wealth of knowledge, and you got a lot of energy. And I really appreciate you coming on the show.

Jim Goetz 24:12
The appreciation is all on this side David, thank you so very much.

David Sandstrom 24:15
All right. Thanks, Jim. Take care.

Jim Goetz 24:17
Thank you.

David Sandstrom 24:19
Well, I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Dr. Jim gets he dropped a lot of value bombs on us. I thought that was a really worthwhile conversation. Don't forget to go to my website,, I always post links to at resources we talked about. And I also post a full transcript of the whole conversation. You can read it there online, or you can download it, put it on your device, take it with you and read it later. Thanks for listening. I enjoyed serving you, and I'll talk with you next week. Take care be blessed.

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