Healthy Eating Tip #3

We’ve all been there: We get invited to a party, and we just know there’s going to be a plethora of junk food, challenging our resolve to eat healthy.

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Or maybe you’re simply going over a friend’s house for dinner. Everyone wants to fit in (and not insult the host). There’s a strong pull and no small amount of temptation to cave in and forget our healthy eating boundaries.

In This Post:

  • How to have more will-power
  • How to stay on your eating plan when leaving the house….

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Defensive Eating

The best defense against falling off the wagon at a party is to have a healthy snack before we leave the house.

It’s amazing how much easier it is to just say “no” to those potato chips and Cheetos when we’re not famished. It’s also easier to at least limit our portions of foods we otherwise would not choose to eat.

Help the Party Host and Yourself

Another proactive step we can take is to offer to bring a dish. This way we can exercise more control over what’s being served.

But if we only eat what we’ve brought, we’re likely to be labeled a zealot. Be social and indulge with the others, but you’ll find it much easier to make better choices and limit portion sizes when you’ve eaten something already and are not starving.

Brown Bag it

When you’re at work, there’s also a pull to be social and forget your healthy eating. The best defense is to already have some healthy food with you. You can still go to lunch with co-workers. After a while, they’ll know you bring your food.

I’ve found people will actually respect you for thinking enough about your health to prepare a meal in advance. They’ll probably be inspired by you, and start doing the same thing. This happens to me at work all the time.

Be intentional: Remember how good you feel when you eat the kind of food that nourishes and fuels your body. Also remember how lousy you feel when you eat junk. With a little planning, you can be the one on the offense and not on the defense.

Getting Started

  • Bring a lunchbox/cooler to work this week with a healthy lunch and snack
  • Be social at your next party/event, but eat something healthy before you go

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