Healthy Eating Tip #2

Prepare Meals In Advance

One of the best ways I know of to help stay on track with healthy eating is to prepare meals in advance.

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We all have busy lives. When we get busy, it’s easy to settle for a trip to the drive through or a frozen, microwave dinner instead of something healthier. The defense against this trap is to have some healthy meals prepared in advance.

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Prepare Meals on the Weekend

I like to take some time on the weekends to shop and prepare meals for a couple of days in advance. We get the kids involved and enjoy some family time in the process. It can actually be a lot of fun.

Sometimes we’ll make a soup or a chili. Other times we’ll make some gluten free pancakes and keep them in the frig for two or three days, ready to go.

We do the same with boiled eggs. I like to cook up a big batch of minimally processed, uncured bacon on Sunday, store it in a mason jar and eat it over the next few days.

Handy Kitchen Tools

There are a handful of kitchen tools that help facilitate this process. Glass Mason jars for food storage are a must.

We have a Tilia FoodSaver vacuum sealer that can remove the air from the Mason jar and seal the lid. This helps keep our prepared food fresh longer.

I also use the vacuum sealer to seal food in plastic, but I wrap the food in parchment paper so as not to leach chemicals from the plastic into the food. Never cook food in plastic either.

A descent food processor is very handy. The slow cooker or crockpot is a great time saver as well.

Throw a whole chicken in the crockpot in the morning along with a little water, a few potatoes, some carrots, celery and onions and “voila”… a great dinner is waiting for you to enjoy that evening.

A good blender is a must. In my opinion, there are only two choices for blenders: Vitamix or Blendtech. You won’t go wrong with either one.

What About Juicing?

Juicing is not a time saving exercise, but it can be a fun, healthy activity for the family.

If you enjoy juicing, the Green Star is the Cadillac of juicers. If that’s not in your price range, the Omega is a good alternative.

Just make sure you get a masticating juicer and not a centrifugal one. The masticating juicers use a screw to gear type mechanism at lower speed and preserve the delicate nutrients better. Of course they cost more, but if you’re going to juice regularly, it’s worth it.

With a little ingenuity you’ll not only eat healthier, but you’ll save time and money in the process.

Getting Started

  • Prepare a few of your favorite meals in bulk this weekend and enjoy some spare time during the week. If you have kids, definitely involve them in the process.
  • Prepare a crockpot meal this week.
  • Have a date-night at home by cooking something new together

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