Health in Body

Physical Vitality

We are designed by God with health as our default setting. We are literally wired for health. Our bodies have a God-given, built in intelligence that serves us well.

All of our 75 trillion cells know how to do their jobs. We don't have to teach our cells what to do. For example, if we were to cut our finger with a knife, we don't have to tell our blood how to clot. We don't have to tell our skin how to repair itself. Neither do we instruct our immune system to fight off any infection that may develop as a result microbes entering through the wound. All this, and more takes place automatically, on its own. This concept is called vitalism and it's nothing short of amazing.    

The problem:

Many people believe that if they haven't been to the doctor in a while that they are basically healthy. Real health is far more than the absence of disease. Ignoring our health, waiting until we get sick and delegating responsibility for our health to the doctor is a poor choice indeed. 

The Solution:

Each and every one of us has tremendous health potential. I believe we can maximize our individual, physical health potential by cooperating with God's design for our bodies.

We need to be proactive and build health margin when we're feeling well. We do this by leaning on our God-given, built in intelligence. We must address our lifestyle choices that are limiting our health outcomes.  When we get the obstacles out of the way, we help our bodies to what they already know how to do... heal and thrive.

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