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Healthy Eating Tip #5

Know your glycemic index. A food’s glycemic index is a measure of how easily that food will raise glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. We all need to keep our blood sugar at stable levels.

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Glucose is important because the body uses it for energy. However, the body needs to keep our glucose levels within a surprisingly narrow range.

When we consume sugary foods, we spike our blood sugar levels. The body must respond by releasing insulin. Consistently high levels of insulin will cause all kinds of physical problems including obesity and type 2 diabetes.

In This Post:

  • Understanding carbohydrates
  • Where there’s hidden sugar even in healthy, natural foods….

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Healthy Eating Tip #4

Fat has gotten a really bad rap from food faddism fueled by misguided science. This began in the 1970s and continues through today.

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We’ve all heard that a low-fat diet is the healthiest way to eat. Proponents have argued that we can reduce our risk of heart disease and stroke if we follow a low-fat regimen.

If that were true, wouldn’t we see people getting healthier by now? It’s time to add some fat and some flavor back into your diet.

In This Post:

  • What are quality fats
  • What fats to stay away from
  • Brands and resources for quality meat, fish, poultry and butter….

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Healthy Eating Tip #3

We’ve all been there: We get invited to a party, and we just know there’s going to be a plethora of junk food, challenging our resolve to eat healthy.

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Or maybe you’re simply going over a friend’s house for dinner. Everyone wants to fit in (and not insult the host). There’s a strong pull and no small amount of temptation to cave in and forget our healthy eating boundaries.

In This Post:

  • How to have more will-power
  • How to stay on your eating plan when leaving the house….

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Healthy Eating Tip #2

One of the best ways I know of to help stay on track with healthy eating is to prepare meals in advance.

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We all have busy lives. When we get busy, it’s easy to settle for a trip to the drive through or a frozen, microwave dinner instead of something healthier. The defense against this trap is to have some healthy meals prepared in advance.

In This Post:

  • How to eat healthier and save time in the process….

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Healthy Eating Tip #1

Everyone should be eating food as close to it’s God-given, natural form as possible.

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The more man gets his hands on our food supply, the less healthy it is for us. Americans consume upwards of 90 percent of their nutrients as processed food. This is a very unhealthy practice.

In This Post:

  • Why food gets processed
  • How to make healthier food choices
  • How to save some serious coin on healthy food….

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