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Not a Vegetarian

5 Reasons Why I’m Not A Vegetarian

When I meet people and they discover that I’m into holistic health, they often assume I’m a vegetarian, or at least abstain from eating red meat.

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Science and the bible agree. Human beings are designed as omnivores, and should consume both animal, and plant-based products. There are a lot of reasons for this conclusion. Let me give you 5 reasons why I’m not a vegetarian…..Continue reading

Thoughts affect our health

How Thoughts Affect Our Health

Our thoughts affect our health because of the mind-brain-body connection. Our minds are in control of our thoughts and our thoughts affect how our brains function. Our brains in turn affect our bodies.

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Our stress response or fight or flight reflex will activate our innate immune system. This is great for an emergency, but also sets off a cascade of harmful effects in the body….

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Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Or License To Sin

In the last post we talked about how some people are stretching the definition of grace to mean that there are no consequences to sin. This is of course untrue.

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As Christians, we should all be very thankful for God’s grace. However, I’ve found there is some confusion surrounding what grace actually is. This confusion may be leading people to use God’s grace as license to sin, and participate in some very unhealthy behaviors. Unhealthy in spirit, soul, and body…..

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Love Heals

Can Sin Cause Disease?

Could it be that our spiritual condition is the most important component of our physical health?

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Can sin cause disease? What if it were true? Could this be the breakthrough many people have been searching for? What if the things we’ve been doing to pursue health such as: eating right, and exercise, were trumped by our spiritual practices?Continue reading

How's Your Energy? part 2

How’s Your Energy? Part 2

In the last post we covered what it looks like to be an energy drainer. If you haven’t read that post click this link: How’s Your Energy? Part 1

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Just as negative energy has the power to compromise our health, positive energy has the potential to dramatically improve our health and well-being. So, let’s focus on becoming energy gainers…..Continue reading

How's Your Energy

How’s Your Energy? (part 1)

We’ve all experienced it. We spend some time with someone and after few minutes we feel drained and depleted. We can’t wait to get away from them. Why is this so?

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I would suggest that these people are energy drainers. Some people are real life energy vampires. No one deliberately becomes an energy drainer. But, somehow they become one. And they’re usually unaware of it. The following are ten characteristics to help you recognize if you’ve slid down this slippery slope…..

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What does the bible say about health

The Spirit-Mind-Body Connection

We have science, and we have the bible. We’ve been told that science is based of observable evidence (the facts). And that the bible is a bunch of old stories that must be taken on blind faith. There is no common ground. We must choose one over the other.

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[callout]Note: If you would like to read the bible references in this post. Make sure you read it on the website. There you can hover your pointer over the verses and read them in their entirety. [/callout]

The only trouble with these conclusions is that they’re false. The bible has stood the test of time and held up to untold scientific scrutiny. It continues to be the number one best selling book of all time. There’s good reason for this. The bible is the inspired word of God, and thus useful for instruction. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Why do I mention this? Because the bible has plenty to say about the spirit-mind-body connection…..Continue reading

Overuse of Antibiotics

Is Overuse Of Antibiotics Weakening Your Immune?


The CDC estimates that over 50 percent of all antibiotics prescribed are unnecessary. According to Martin Blaser, MD, the average child receives between 10 and 20 courses of antibiotics before the age of 18.

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Antibiotics kill bacteria. Aren’t we helping our children? What’s wrong with that? The trouble is, people commonly see their doctors for things such as: soar throat, cough, and upper respiratory infections. These common infections are caused by viruses, and antibiotics don’t kill viruses…..Continue reading